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This Day in Mets History

This Day in Mets History

It was a sweet memory and it wasn’t too long ago. On this day in 2006, the Mets defeated the, 9-5, to sweep their NLDS.

The Mets would lose to the Cardinals in the NLCS, and their window of opportunity has closed in the following three years, being slammed shut this season.

I covered the 2006 team, it was my first year on the Mets beat after long time with the Yankees. I was impressed with how the Mets played that season. They were sharp, aggressive, fundamentally sound. They had some pitching injuries, but the bullpen was deep and strong.

Times sure have changed.


They Said It

They Said It

The Yankees won their season series over Minnesota, 7-0, but these are the playoffs.

The Twins might be exhausted, but they are hot and playing sharp, crisp baseball right now. They are the underdog, but they are a fundamentally sound team with good pitching. They always seem to find a way to stay in a game.

Said outfielder Denard Span: “We just feel like we have nothing to lose.”

The Twins are dangerous and they know it. The Yankees better know it, too.


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  1. “The Twins are dangerous and they know it. The Yankees better know it, too.”

    How true – the Twins are coming off a high that will not collapse soon. The Yankees are involved in a pitcher/catcher/manager situation that may be trouble.

    However, today there will be all the pomp and circumstance that goes with the Yankee Post Season, this year in a new stadium.
    It’s what they do.

    Yet, baseball games take on a life of their own, each and every one. That’s why we watch – every single minute.

  2. The Twins don’t have a shot in this series. The guy pitching tonight has a 13.00 ERA this year against the Yanks, and I think Pavano is the #2 starter. The Yanks are well rested and loaded. Plus ask the 86 Mets what kind of carryover effect a grueling and emotional series has on the early games. The Twins might have had a shot if this was a best 4 of 7. But in a 3 of 5, by the time they wake up the series will be over.

  3. I had forgotten that 2006 was your first year.

    That team just seamed to be working all phases of the game. When we had some injuries we pulled off a minor trade or brought someone up and we moved on.

    For the Twins vs. Yanks series, how is it that they Yanks get to pick when the series starts?

  4. 2. Maybe the Twins should just forfeit. How manypeople said the 73 Mets had no chance against the Big Red Machine? People also said the Mets of 99 had no chance against the D-Backs because the Mets were tired and the D Backs rested and had big Randy.
    Delcos; In ’07 people panned Randolph for not using his bullpen well. Isn’t it funny how nobody had that ciriticsm in ’06 when he had guys who could get outs!!!!

  5. (4) Harry, are you going to compare Seaver, Koosman, and Matlack to the pitchers of the Twins? That is why the Mets had a chance to beat the Reds. Now, I don’t recall what the experts said about the D-Back Met Series, but with the Met offense and defense that year, it was not unexpected to win. The Yanks have too much firepower and the Twins don’t have enough. Not to mention the Yanks have owned them pretty much for the last few years.

  6. No Steve i’m not comaparing staffs. Hoewever, to make a comment that basically says forfeit is to ignore history, giants over Indians, Knicks (without Willis) over Lakers, Giants over Pats, Jets over Colts, Fish over Yankees, Dodgers over A’s, even 69 Mets over Orioles. Teams predetermined to be totally overwhelmed can win a short series. Otherwise, lets just let Vegas tell us the champ and save all the timne and effort.