Halladay not happening ….

Roy Halladay would make the Mets a better team, but much like Johan Santana, I don’t believe he will put them over the top. Toronto had its chances to trade him last summer but got greedy. Now, the price could go down and it is possible the market could fall back to the Mets.

It’s possible.

However, I still am doubtful the Mets have what it takes to get Halladay in terms of prospects plus the annual salary, which will be in the $20 million range. Hell, he’s better than Sabathia. He’ll cost in prospects and money.

Considering all the Mets’ holes, is he worth it?

I’m saying no, because with what it could cost in just salary, the Mets could fill at least two positions, and maybe more if you throw some of it in the direction of the bullpen and bench.

As far as the prospects are concerned, the Mets have them, but are they willing to part with both the quality and quantity to get such a player as Halladay? I’m thinking, because Halladay by himself won’t put the Mets over the top, that they should spend their resources plugging a variety of holes rather than making the spectacular buy.

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  1. Halladay has given the impression that he wants to test free agency at the end of 2010.
    This could change the picture on what teams may go after him.
    A small market team with a good farm system such as the Marlins could roll the dice and gamble that Halladay could get them to the post season and then be willing to let him go and take the draft picks.

    Halladay controls his own destiny.

  2. This is not the Yankees. There will not be 2 20mil pitchers on this staff. If they want to go outside the box, there is a young cuban defector with a 102mph fastball out there and also an 18 year old phenom in Japan who is lefty and throws 95 mph.

  3. According to published — but disputed — reports, the Jays offered Halladay to the Mets for Parnell, F-Mart, Niese and Tejada.

    Parnell: Great fastball, inconsistent otherwise. Projects to be a reliever or, at best, a #3-4 starter.

    Tejada: Held his own at AA despite being only 19 years old. Looks like a nice prospect, but is likely blocked by Jose Reyes at shortstop.

    Niese: With a little consistency, he might become a solid #3 starter. The problem is a.) they already have $160 million committed to two lefties in their rotation and b.) they really need a #2 starter.

    F-Mart: This is what the deal hinges on — whether you’re willing to trade the 21-yr-old slugger. If you think Ike Davis has blown past him on the prospect chart and you think you want to re-sign Frenchy, then there’s no place left for F-Mart, phenom or not.

    I think the acquisition of Frenchy makes it more likely that the Mets will be willing to part with F-Mart.

    Taking these four into consideration, all are surplus except for Parnell, who figures to be a seventh- or eighth-inning guy in 2010.

    Santana and Halladay would make the Mets instantly competitive in 40% of their games, regardless of who they have in their everyday lineup.

    You make that trade and then find yourself a leftfielder — say, a Pat Burrell salary dump — and you’re right back in the middle of things.

  4. This is what makes the signing of Perez so painful. Its bad enough that Minaya signed him after a 2008 season where he led the league in walks and HBPs. He is an enormous drain on the payroll. As long as hes around, I dont see wilpon paying big bucks to another starting pitcher.

  5. 3. please, not Burrell. there would be so many balls falling in LF it would feel like a hailstorm.

  6. Pagan had a much better year than Burrell and he’s a lot younger. Why does everyone hate Pagan? A few baserunning mistakes don’t erase the way he hit.

    The thing about trading for Halladay is that you’re just getting him for one year after which he’s a free agent. Unless you can sign him to an extension as part of the deal you have to keep in mind you’re only getting one year of him and you have to lower your offer accordingly.

    I’d like to keep Fernando Martinez. I really would. If a package including Martinez can bring a pre-signed Halladay for 5 yrs I think I would support it. Its not my money after all. There’s a chance that Fernando Martinez won’t become anything special but there’s almost no chance that Halladay won’t continue to be one of the best pitchers in the majors.

    Having Santana and Halladay in the rotation? That’s ridiculous. You have to love the idea of that.

  7. 6 TMS- I have been the top cheerleader for pagan on this blog. I dont think the mets will trust him to produce like he did this year over a full season. If they are going to bring in a run producing leftfielder why not bring in Abreu? He will only cost money and he is much much better than Burrell. Imagine an outfield of Abreu, Beltran and Frenchie. 3 guns in the OF.

  8. (6) Pagan had more than a “few” baserunning mistakes. He pretty much had what seemed a mental mistake either on the basepaths or on the field almost every game. For me, that is the kind of player I do not want on the team, and unless he hits 20 to 30 homers, my minds not going to change.

  9. There’s not a lot in Pagan’s background to suggest he will slug enough to warrant a corner OF position. That said, the contours of Citifield seemed to help him, particularly in terms of triples.

    Re Abreu, sounds like a good match. I just threw out Burrell as an example of someone who might be readily available on the cheap (at least in terms of prospects) and could easily hit 30 homers and slug around .500. My greater point was, if you’re going to keep Frenchy and Ike Davis, then F-Mart likely becomes expendable. I can’t see the Mets entering next year with F-Mart in left, Frenchy in right and Davis at first. But I’ve seen stranger things in my day.

  10. 9 tiffany- Abreu only hits 15-20 Hrs now but has 7 straight 100 rbi years and 8 of the last 9. He stole 30 bases this year. They could sign him for 2 yrs and keep Fmart in the minors and see if he pans out. He is 35 years old but it looks like he has plenty left. Speaking of Davis, I have read they may try him in the outfield. He is an ex pitcher and has a very strong arm.

  11. Great pitchers overcome a lot of flaws elsewhewre. You have two aces you need less power, you don’t lean on your pen so much etc.
    Pat Burrell?? you better have a lot of ground ball pitchers. The Philly bandbox was too big for him!
    Bobby Abreu…. They wouldn’t nibble last year…..
    Pagan/Murphy…. Met fans seem to love to beat up on their own…..

  12. I am a little confused.
    Everyone rips Omar and then starts making the same type of deals that you say are bad.

    Abreu will be a Type A FA
    So lets give up the future for an old guy and on top of that make him switch positions.
    Does that make sense.

    Burrell is owed 9 million next year.
    I bet the Mets could get him for Corey Sullivan if they paid his whole contract.

    Harry is correct that Burrell would be exposed in LF but he could also play 1B.

    While were at it lets give up on 20 yr old F-Mart.
    That makes so much sense.

    Also who knows if Reyes will ever play again. Why do you want to trade Tejada.

    Have I missed something.

  13. 12 Scott, Yes you have missed something. The Mets will not lose a pick if they sign a type a free agent this year because of thier poor record.

  14. Halladay would be great, but this team sucks.

    Having two very good pitchers at the top is great, but there is nothing behind them.

    There is also no catcher, not first baseman, no left fielder, a light hitting stone handed second baseman and possibly no shortstop.

    Did I mention lack of depth?

    If you trade all your major league ready talent, the first injury blows up your team. This is a very fragile team with no bench and some skilled players and then nothing. Oh yes, most of your skilled players were hurt this year..

    We need to keep our prospects because we will need them next year. Pagan is a bench player. It will be nice to plug him in to give someone a rest or a spot injury starter. He has too many flaws to start, even on this team.

    Ike Davis is supposed to be an interesting player who should be ready by 2011 if we are lucky. FMart may never be ready, but he is still young. However he has been injured every year we have had him.

    This team needs to build a plan. If we sign type A free agents that means we should win in 2010. If not, then keep the picks and actually draft someone who can help. Build the minor league system and teach your kids how to play the game.

    This team lacks fundamentals at almost every position except CF. That is really sad.

  15. Did I forget to mention we need 2 pitchers not one?

    That Ollie is a complete waste of space and money? He is a career long relief guy who got real good money in a down market.

    This year our 2-5 pitching slots proved that our staff is made up of relievers. Last year I was saying we need a solid starter who can give us innings and win games. We have needed this for 4 years now. This offseason is no different. The only problem is we need 2 solid starters and we will be lucky to get one.

    Why do I see this and the guy paid to make these decisions does not?

  16. Dave, If you think Ollie will be pitching out of the bullpen next year you are saying Omar is willing to admit a gigantic, Humungus mistake. no way. Ollie will be starting if he can stand up.

  17. No.

    What I am saying is that with the exception of Johan, every pitcher in the rotation is in reality a pullpen pitcher.

    Name one pitcher for us in 2009 that regularly finished 6 ( forget about 7/8 ) and had an era under 5.

    A truly pathetic staff.

    As for Ollie. He has had his moments. Particularly the end of 2006 and a few years ago when he won 15 games.

    As a major leaguer, he has yet to prove that he is a dependable starter who understands what his strengths and weaknesses are and pitches to them.

    All his defenders say he is young. I remember looking him up some time ago. He has been a major league player for about 10 years now. If he hasn’t gotten it by now he never will.

    My vote is he never will.

    Lot’s of talent. No clue. That is Ollie.