Did you see the game?

Yesterday was one of those days when baseball can be a magical sport. The tension was so thick in the Metrodome because of the finality of it. Somebody has to go home.

The Tigers took the lead and the Twins’ luck had run out. But, they regrouped and with the Metrodome as loud as only that place can be, the Tigers came back. It was one of those games where there was tension on every pitch.

If you weren’t a baseball fan then, you would have been later. The game was over four hours, but would anybody have complained about the length. When the game is that good, nobody cares about the time of game. Save overtime, you know when football and basketball will end. The clock tells you so. But, there is no clock in baseball. That’s why it is a timeless sport and always will be.

Just play the game right, and people will watch.

I know I will, and I hope you’ll join me as I blog throughout the playoffs.

4 thoughts on “Did you see the game?

  1. John –
    Yes I did and this game will go down in my history book as one of the best games I’ve ever seen – I saw the whole game.

    Two crafty and capable managers led their teams in a game which would not end. As they went into extra innings the drama intensified while it changed from day into night outside my window.

    All baseball fans dream of games like this one – one that stays in your memory bank forever. Some day in the future someone will mention ‘the Metrodome Game 163’ and guess what – the memories will come right back.

    That’s why I will always love baseball.

  2. One of the greatest baseball games ever played IMO. And to all the people who think watching baseball is boring, just go watch that game yesterday and you’ll see that it is not.

  3. I was not able to catch most of the game, and in fact missed a large part of the post 9th inning, but it was exciting and well played for the most part.

    You mention sudden death. That is what the post season used to be. There was one team for each division. That made the trading deadline interesting.

    Now many teams feel they have a shot, it allows more fans to stay interested longer, but it also changes the dynamics of how the team is built and what you are willing to do at the deadline. It also changes the last few weeks for close divisions.

  4. It was a super game, unlike the Phils game today.
    3. I don’t understand your point. Before the playoffs added teams the trade deadline was June 15. Hardly anybody was eliminated that early.