Trade who?

One of the most interesting comments from yesterday’s damage control afternoon at Citi Field was GM Omar Minaya’s proclamation he would improve the team through the trade route.

Sounded good except for one thing.

Who will the Mets deal?

The same farm system that couldn’t produce a quality trade this summer is now being asked to come up with the chips now. To me that signals a willingness to deal players the club wanted to hold onto. That could spell that the Mets are growing frustrated with Mike Pelfrey and might listen to offers they previously would have ignored.

Also ignored in the past were overtures for Francisco Martinez.

I’m not saying it is imminent either will go, just that it wouldn’t be surprising if it did.

16 thoughts on “Trade who?

  1. If you want to trade Pelf or Martinez then you’re like a guy who goes nuts on the stock market and panics and sells low and buys high.
    The only guys who outperformed are Pagan and Francouer. I don’t buy Pagan as a regular and I don’t triust Francoer to not revert to his last season and a half in Atlanta. I’d trade both in a heartbeat. I’d also trade Frankie Rodriguez. A guy with 7 blown saves. They are all over the place. Feleiciano also is on top value but how much can you get for a lefty specialist middle reliever? Keep him.
    Everybody else was down or hurt and all you’ll probably get is bad contracts and other guys who were damaged like Putz was last year.

  2. How about Ike Davis and Brad Holt for Pat Burrell? You like Burrell dont you John? 😀

  3. Seriously, Wilpon and Omar are telling us they are not bringing in any big free agents. You can read between the lines when they say its better to trade because there isnt much talent in the free agent pool this year. Get Lackey !!

  4. They need pitching most of all. Starting pitching especially. They can live with Pagan, Beltran, Francouer, Sullivan in the OF and they can live with Castillo at 2nd base and even a Murphy/Tatis platoon at 1st base. What they can’t live with is lousy starting pitching. I say Lackey is the best bet. Get Lackey, and then you have Sanatana, Lackey, Perez, Maine, Pelfrey and either Niese Nieve or Figueroa as your 6th/emergency starter.

  5. Harry (2): Not disagreeing with you in theory. He’s the qualifier. By themselves, I’m not sure what you could get for Pelfrey, Martinez, Francoeur, Pagan or Feliciano. One-on-one, I think your returns would be low. However, a combination of two or more of those guys could get something of value in return. My biggest concern on a trade is not to get somebody who’ll become a free agent after one year.=JD

  6. Ray (3): I liked Burrell when he was with the Phillies, but he had an off year with the Rays. Would I take him? Sure, depending what I had to give up. I wouldn’t give up those two.-JD

  7. 8. Your idea would have value if you had a farm with guys ready to replace all the mediocre pieces you would deal for one good guy. But this team doesn’t have any of them. They are now paying the price for the win now mentality, that never did win now.

  8. 3. That’s the type of deal this GM is gonna make. He has to win now and he’ll tell about all the HRs Burrell hit in Shea Stadium and how he’ll come back from his hideous year…blah blah blah….
    A GM on the hot seat is very dangerous to prospects.

  9. There are deals where you get a top player for less than market value because of what he makes. Think Johann Santana for Carlos Gomes, Phil Humber, Mulvey and Guerra. Gomez as a defensive replacement is the best of the lot. The Wilpons keep telling us Bernie Madoff hasn’t hurt them, prove it.
    As far as Fernando Martinez goes, I’m no expert, but you can never fall in love with prospects blindly. I came across a “2001 Lindy’s Baseball Scouting Report” earlier today. In their top 50 prospects Alex Escobar was number 10 (Corey Patterson was number 1). They talk about his 5 tools (Alex Ochoa’s middle name) and
    how his aggressive swing draws comparisons to Vlad Guerrero. But it does note questions about his makeup and desire have cropped up. F Mart got off on the wrong foot by not hustling in his second game. Maybe he will be alright. But let’s not say “No way can they trade him”.
    By the way, in the Lindy’s Josh Hamilton was #3, CC Sabathia was #5, Josh Beckett #7, Albert Pujols #33 and Adam Dunn #48.

  10. (7) Fernando Martinez, I might trade. But, Francisco? Never. Wouldn’t happen on my watch.

  11. Someone like Burrell should come very cheap, considering how much money is he owed. I might take a chance on him if I didn’t have to give up more than, say, a second-rate prospect. I certainly wouldn’t give up any of my top prospects for him.

    There aren’t too many players for whom I would consider dealing Ike Davis right now. Based on his pedigree and performance this year, he could easily project to be this team’s clean-up hitter in the near future. While some might believe F-Mart has more raw power, Davis, I think, is the more finished product at this point.

    This is where Frenchy comes into the mix. I’m not a big fan of Frenchy, as I think OBP is not something many players develop with age and he hasn’t consistently performed as well during his career as he did during his short stint in New York. But if you keep Frenchy and sign him to a multi-year deal, that means you only have two possible positions — 1B and LF — for F-Mart and Davis. So, if you’re thinking about trading for either a LF or a 1B, then it would follow that either F-Mart or Davis would be part of that trade package.

    As for Brad Holt, he’s another of these on-the-bubble pitchers the Mets seem to specialize in producing. Right now, he’s got a dominant fastball but is inconsistent with his secondary pitches. If he gets no better, he’s another Parnell (which means one of the two could be expendable in a trade); if he improves, he could be a front-end starter.

  12. Actually the Mets weren’t really in contention so I’m not sure how willing Omar was to deal any actual prospects. If they had been closer you may have seen a trade this summer.