Reyes and the knife ….

After months of delaying the inevitable, the Mets finally announced Jose Reyes will have surgery to clean out scar tissue around the accessory hamstring tendon behind the right knee. However, Reyes will not require surgery for the separate hamstring muscle tear.

No date has been set, but the surgery will be performed by Dallas Cowboys team doctor Dr. Daniel E. Cooper.

Cooper is one of the leading expert in the country on hamstring injuries.

Of course, the Mets said Reyes would be ready for spring training.

They always say that, but what if he isn’t? The Mets have to be thinking of a replacement in case he his not.

7 thoughts on “Reyes and the knife ….

  1. Hey, you guys. Watching the Twins — as I have for the last week — take on the Tigers. You know there’s a silver lining to the comments made by Jeff “I’m Not a Doctor, But I’m Going To Personally Oversee the New Medical Protocols” Wilpon. At least he’s not an elected Congressional official weighing in or voting an upcoming health reform legislation.

  2. In the book Allen writes “the score rose steadily to 13-1 in the seventh inning,but Stengel showed no faith in Fisher and kept the bullpen open.” Allen mentions after several innings he and George Vecsey of “Newsday” left the press box early and went down to sit near the Mets bullpen. Utility player Rod Kanehl saw them and they asked “Is it a laugher, yet?”. Kanehl kept saying no until the bottom of the ninth. Said Cubs manager Bob Kennedy afterwards when losing so bad hurt “Any loss to the Mets hurts.”