Reaching out ….

Sure, on the surface Mets GM Omar Minaya could be reaching out for his successor, but if it happens they will be a better team.

Minaya contacted recently disposed general managers Kevin Towers (Padres) and J.P. Ricciardi (Blue Jays), both of whom have excellent credentials in player development, and let’s face it, that’s a huge hole with the Mets.

Yes, this team was crippled by injuries this season, but that revealed a glaring weakness of a barren farm system that could produce immediate help or enough chips to trade for major league fill-ins.

The Mets, also accused of ignoring their past, reached out to Mookie Wilson and Wally Backman, two of the sparkplugs from the 1986 championship teams.

6 thoughts on “Reaching out ….

  1. I am listening to the Francessa interview. Jeffy shows his lack of knowledge by holding up the Mets 41-40 record at home as proof the team played well at home. Hmm, Jeffy, how many 41040 records have translated into post season play??

  2. It would be nice if any or all of the above would happen.

    Mookie esp. deserves some sort of role on the team.

  3. (1) I sometimes can’t stand Francessa and his pompus attitude, but boy did he hit a grand slam with his interview yesterday. He left no stone unturned and pretty much asked every question that you would want to ask of Wilpon and Omar.