Thank You Friends ….

I received a note yesterday thanking me for the blog and providing a place to hang out and enjoy the Mets’ games.

The truth is I should be thanking you. This has been the hardest year of my life after being laid off, going through a relationship break-up and coping with death of a cherished pet.

I am grateful for your support.

I am grateful for your support.

I didn’t have a great year at the blog early, as a I mostly went through the motions and mostly posted the Mets Chat Rooms, which is the only interactive live blogging during the games done by any New York sportswriter. I am proud of that and have it on my resume.

During periods of frustration and depression, the blog was something I could count on for several hours to take me out of my doldrums. I thank you guys for that.

At the urging of several of you, I believe I did more writing the last two months and also added little tidbits that were common when I blogged for the newspaper.

It is my pledge to you to keep up the blog, which includes the playoffs and World Series, and comprehensive features and analysis with the Hot Stove League.

I am also talking with someone about design changes and the addition of a football blog. I write, that’s what I do, and the blog is a vehicle I hope to ride into another full time position.

Again, I am grateful for your support, as it drives me.

Thank you, friends.

4 thoughts on “Thank You Friends ….

  1. You deserve all the credit. Its not easy doing something every day and dealing with the highs and lows with so many people who are really no more than anonymous entities. The fact that you got so many posts each night down the stretch of this season is all a plus to your work Delcos.

  2. John, Frankly, I almost left this blog early in the year (probably would have made some people happy) I saw the site was being neglected. Chiti stuck with you, so i gave it another chance. Im glad I did. It seems as if this is something you really enjoy now and it shows in your writing. That being said, I would caution you to refrain from calling people who disagree with your point of view clueless or something similar which you have done twice in the last two days.

  3. John

    I am glad you have this site. The extra work you put in the past 2 months is noticed.

    I hope advertisers or other media types notice too and are willing to pay for your efforts.

    How is the book going?