METS CHAT ROOM: The Post Mortem.

It was a busy day today with the firing of several coaches, the announcement Jose Reyes will undergo surgery, and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon’s pronouncement that the Mets will spend this winter.

How much they’ll spend remains to be seen. I’m not convinced how big a player the Mets will be this winter. They need a No. 2 starter, a left-fielder with power, and bullpen and bench depth.

Let’s talk about the Mets and the upcoming playoffs, and then we can talk about the Monday night game between Minnesota and Green Bay.

I hope you’ll join me.

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  1. John (1) Jeff Wilpon, David Howard and Omar Minaya spent the time from 5PM to 6:30PM talking with Francesa today in a very frank discussion about players, Citi Field, the Wilpon finances and expectations. Mike was particularly curious about the medical treatment/care given to the injured players and Jeff said all of that is being ‘re-evaluated’. Positions in need of ‘help’ were lst base, left field, pitchers and possible a catcher. Omar says he is on top of it.

  2. Annie (2): Omar being on top of it and doing something about it are two different things. The Mets’ needs have been well documented, so has most people’s doubts it will get done.-JD

  3. I listened to the show. It sounds like Wilpon knows he has to spend money to keep people coming to the park. Omar said he wanted to make some trades. Mike said you you got to trade?

  4. John (6) OK, Mike spoke to him about various things concerning tickets and the stadium as well. Apparently tickets have been reduced 10% on the average with some seats almost 20%. There were also some minor structure changes made during the All Star Break in an outfield fence area. The Mets are also going to add some more Mets memorabilia, but Jeff wouldn’t say what.

  5. If they can get back something of value, I say trade him. There are already too many brittle players on this team. It sounds like they are going to be bringing in a leftfielder and sticking with Murphy at first.

  6. John (11) Tomorrow, Mike is going to interview Jerry Manuel – don’t know what time, though.

  7. John (13) Jeff said he hopes to be able to go back to being behind the scenes soon, and that owners only have to come out and explain what is going wrong when things are bad. Said they spent almost 150 million this year.

    I don’t recall many players being mentioned by name except for David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Jose Reyes and Jeff Francoeur. No one was mentioned in regard to a specific trade.

  8. Ray (12): Sure, I’d like more power at first, but Murphy ended the season improving and I’m confident he’ll continue. He has an exceptional work ethic.-JD

  9. John – note: They tape almost every interview done at WFAN and put it up on the web page.

  10. John (17) Yes, I know, that’s why I thought of the tape – I don’t remember any particular player being mentioned in a trade situation.

  11. John (19) Mike and Omar are old friends and just to be funny – I think – Mike said that if things didn’t get fixed, maybe Jeff would trade Omar – Omar laughed but Jeff didn’t.

  12. 19. That was francessas point. They dont have anything to trade. I wonder what Murphy would bring back?

  13. John (22) That was very apparent – even Dave Howard was quiet. Omar and Mike talked the most.

  14. Annie (25): What’s Howard going to say? Not much in that situation. … Wilpon’s most important comments were on the payroll and saying Minaya and Manuel would return.-JD

  15. John (26) It will be very interesting to hear what Mike says to Jerry tomorrow after the Big Three today. Mike likes Jerry – has him on every week, (Girardi, too on a different day).

  16. Who do you think the LF will be? My best guess is Bay but maybe Nady is a darkhorse?

  17. John – what’s your plan for the playoffs? will you blog tomorrow’s game between Minn/Detroit?

  18. Ray (28): I’d like for them to get back Bay, but he’s already talking to the Red Sox and indications are he’ll remain in Boston. … Nady would be a darkhorse. … Don’t shoot me, I’m only the piano player. It could Pagan.-JD

  19. At least the Wilpons didn’t take what little money they have left after Madoff and give it to Lenny Dykstra to invest.

  20. 30. I wont shoot you. I like Pagan. In a half year of play he put up 22 doubles 11 triples 14sbs and a 300 avg. Like I said before Omar sounded like he was very high on Murphy. Maybe he wants to be able to say one guy he drafted made it. If Pagans in lf next year I will be surprised.

  21. John (31) Does that mean you won’t blog the game tomorrow, but will start on Wednesday with the Yankee game?

  22. Ray (33): Double those numbers and you’d have a pretty good player. I’d rather have Pagan off the bench, but if they get pitching and increase their power, I could live with him in left.-JD

  23. Hi everyone
    you think the Mets may take a run at Pat Burrell. The Rays may be willing to pick up part of his contract. Burrell may be motivated since he would be playing for a new contract.
    Burrell could useful at 1B and LF.

    I think Nady would be more risky no position player has every come back from two Tommy John surgeries. I bet Nady stays in the AL as a DH.

  24. Hey, everyone. Don’t know about the rest of you, but the Mets inaction today has me THIS close to cancelling Extra Innings next season. The axe should’ve fallen today on many culprits and instead, the ineffectual owenshership decides to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  25. Hey guys if you’re still there. They gotta keep Murphy at first. No big bat FA. Biggest bopper is LaRoche who seems to excel only in Atlanta. Fielder would cost the whole farm plus. Lft Field, don’t get Bay. He can hit but Pittsburgh has a big left field and he was too slow for it. They should bring back Church for left when the Braves nonteneder him!!!! How’s that curve ball Sadecki?

  26. 41. Burrell is an interesting thought. He might be rejunevated being so close to Philly where he can hear the booing…. And he was a first baseman moved to left because there was no home for him at first.

  27. Harry (43): Just keeping the blog warm for you. … I’m guessing some sarcasm on your part (not hard to do). But, I can’t see Church. Remember, Manuel doesn’t like him.-JD

  28. Murphy should be given another shot a 1B but it does bother me during the last month of the season Murphy had 100 AB’s and only walked 3 times. Murphy needs to work on this.

    43 HC
    Agree on Bay because he also suffered leg and groin problems this year but were hidden by playing at Fenway.

  29. 45 How in the world can they justify keeping Warthen? And Razor Shines’s judgment somehow is going to improve by being appointed to bench coach? And Randy Niemann keeps his job as bad as the bullpen was?
    Minaya’s head should’ve rolled, as should Manuel’s and the training staff.
    Could you believe Jeff Wilpon’s idiotic comment today that because the Mets’ injuries occurred on the road that the players were at the mercy of other clubs’ physicians??!!
    Where’s Joe Wilson when we need him to confront a real liar like Jeff Wilpon?
    Jose Reyes first hurt himself at Citi Field, running from second to third in a game against Atlanta. When Carlos Delgado was first rested for hip problems, it was after a game at Citi Field. David Wright was beaned in a game at Citi Field. Carlos Beltran’s knee issues first surfaced where? You guessed it, Citi Field.
    Mets ownership needed to press a reset button today and like everything else this year, they blew it.

  30. From what I have read John Lackey is looking for a contract similar to A J Burnett.
    When Lackey is healthy he is very good but do you take that risk after all the problems with injuries this year.

  31. Scott (53): He’s just as good as Burnett, maybe better. But, he’s also been injured the past two years. I don’t think he’ll get as much as he wants.-JD

  32. 50.51: Murphy is truly an intersting guy. He came with patience and was placed in the 2 hole in April if you remember becauseof it and now he swings like Francouer. But the Mets don’t have options at first.

    And they were locked in to Warthen by circumstances beyond their control If they don’t keep all you’d here for a month is the guy from the Cards who they couldn’t even talk to until the Cards got done playing. It would have been another circus that they’d screw up.

  33. No mention here of the retention of the training staff? One would think after this season, they would have a better sacrificial lamb than Luis Alicea?

    Just saw #52 pop up after I started typing. Agree 100%. Problem is, unfortunately, deeper than Jerry and Omar and Warthen, it is Jeff Wilpon himself. That was realized the year they traded Kazmir and then hired Omar. Jeff Wilpon is our equivalent of James Dolan. Wealthy son who grew up in a rich family never having to make it on his own. He has no idea how to run a baseball organization.

    Best scene of the day is on NY Times blog site – a small child at Citifield yesterday holding up an orange and blue sign saying “Thank God Its Over”. Worst Mets season since 1977. Pure pain. And they are all coming back (minus Alicea). Wow

  34. Hi Gil (52) –
    A Joe Wilson mention – very good.

    Have to keep an eye on the Vikings tonight, Mom’s Norwegian.

  35. Gil (52): Warthen was a surprise to me, also. Over 600 walks. Pelfrey took a step back. So did Perez, and it had nothing to do with being injury. He also had to have some play in the Parnell experiment. …. Shines will stay, but not at third (over 20 runners nailed at the plate).-JD

  36. Warthen keeping his job is the biggest surprise.
    If the Padres new GM (when hired )were to fire Bud Black I wonder if the Mets might change their mind on Warthen.

  37. In defense of Shines, when you know the chances of your team having two chances in a row to drive in a runner is slim and none, and none is leading, you just keep the arm waving ’em around.

  38. Harry (55): You made a good point about Murphy. A hitter’s approach does change depending where he hits in the order. I think if they leave him in one slot he’d be better.-JD

  39. Hey, Annie. Believe me, the earlier post is probably the only time I’ll ever have any use for Joe Wilson! :)
    pgershon: You’re right, we have a Jeff Wilson as James Dolan problem.
    Count me as being one in the “Bring Back Bobby V” camp. No, he alone couldn’t have fixed this mess, but I trust him, his methods and his results better than Jerry Manuel’s.
    It was mentioned elsewhere that Bobby V wasn’t well-liked by his players. Neither was Dick Williams in the 1970s and still he successfully skippered MLB’s last three-peat dynatsy with the ’72’-74 Oakland A’s.

  40. 63. Sure does. Once a manager made a mistake and batted Chiti 7th instead of 8th and that was the end for the poor late not so great Harry Chiti!

  41. Gil (64) I’m with you on Bobby V…but it all has to wait until some other shoes – Minaya’s?, Manuel’s? drop.

  42. pgershon (56): The medical staff is intact, but their protocol will change. Doesn’t that suggest to you management/manager didn’t always pay attention to the training staff? Or, paid too much attention to the players?

  43. 65. I have to take the minority position on this one. Dumping Warthen and Shines were so obvious that its no fun criticizing their retention!

    Plus there is no joy in big blue land as Eli has a sore painful heel…. Carr can beat Oakland next week, but I’m sure we have to play good teams some time in the season

  44. Gil (64): Sorry, not with you on this one about Bobby V. Read today’s post this morning. …. Valentine is a quick fix solution, but the Mets have long range problems. He’s also has a way of dividing a clubhouse.-JD

  45. 64 Both of those shoes should’ve dropped immediately after yesterday’s game.
    No way Minaya should still be GM after steering the Mets ship into a sandbar after almost getting to the World Series.
    I was really hoping that the Padres firing Kevin Towers was clearing the path for Wilpon to fire Minaya and hire Towers.
    Manuel could’ve been jettisoned in favor of Towers bringing in his own manager.
    If I’m Towers or J.P. Ricciardi, no way I take a job with the Mets under Minaya. If I’m them, I’m pulling a Rush Limbaugh and hoping Omar fails, so the Mets could then hire me.

  46. Gil (73): Don’t agree with you on this one, either. If you’re offered a job with a team you take it. If you fail, people will always blame Minaya. Actually, it is a no lose situation.-JD

  47. 72. Agree. but since my man Omar has his job and my man Jerry has hisjob, there’s no reason why anyone but Alicea should get the axe. did you see the terrible way Aliciea would take the equipment from the guys after a hit? No wnder they played so bad. It was all his fault at first base.

  48. Harry (76): Just like it was Tom Nieto’s fault when Willie Randolph was fired. … Sackings like that make no sense. Shines is a longtime friend of Manuel’s. They are rewarding him by putting him elsewhere.-JD

  49. 74 JD: All the more reason for Minaya not to hire either Towers, Ricciardi, or both. It’d be all too easy for one or both of those guys to undermine Minaya, pin the blame on him and then end up taking his job. It’s not like Towers or Ricciardi will starve — they made plenty of money in their old jobs to take a year off and bide their time ’til the right gig comes along.

  50. Also, coming out of today was news Jose Reyes would have surgery. That should’ve been done over two months ago. Wilpon can’t re-evaluate the medical protocol soon enough.-JD

  51. Harry (80): After doing some digging, I learned Nieto used to slap the players on the ass with his left hand instead of his right. Shameful.-JD

  52. 81 Jeff Wilpon “re-evaluating the medical protocol” sounds like typical BS corporatespeak. Who is he to re-evaluate it, anyway? Shouldn’t he be leaving that to qualified medical personnel? No. Instead, he plays doctor instead of opening up the process to interview and hire a more capable group.

  53. What I found hard to believe was Manuel’s comment that Pelfrey pitched his best under Warthen. Ditto for Perez. Boom or bust? Can’t imagine what he’s thinking.-JD

  54. Gil (84): Supposedly, the doctors are going to evaluate the rehabbing procedures. Whatever happens, it can’t get much worse. Could it?-JD

  55. 87 Wasn’t the 2008 fiasco with Ryan Church enough of an impetus to reevaluate the rehab procedcures? And the Mets medical staff and everyone else knew as far back as 2007 that Carlos Delgado had hip issues. So they just rested him for a few games, then crossed their fingers that the injury would get better and look what happened.

  56. Gil (89): Church should have been the last straw. The franchise has long handled injuries poorly. … Reyes this year is another example. I am curious as to what the re-evaluation procedures will entail.-JD

  57. 90 JD
    I guess you don’t believe the story about Reyes switching shoe companies and that Reyes was using standard off the shelf shoes because Under Armour did not have his custom shoes ready till after he went on the DL.

    I also read that Reyes was reluctant to have surgery something about being afraid of knives.

  58. 90 I’d bank on Wilpon’s “reevaluating” ultimately meaning nothing. The policy of the last few years has been this: Wait ’til a guy is too hurt to start and pronounce him as day-to-day. Then, play shorthanded beyond the 15 days of the diasbled list, then rush him back to pinch-hit, ahve him re-aggravate the injury, THEN put him on the DL and bring up an unqualified replacement for him.

  59. Scott (92): I heard about the shoe company story a couple of weeks ago. Wasn’t buying it then and I’m not buying it now. It’s a stretch.-JD

  60. 92. I read the article. Shoes definitely make a difference. I can only wear one company’s stuff and if I switch I am very sorry. but for Reyes’ problems nobody will ever prove if it were a shoe or not. I’m sure Under Armour would like to sue about that article but it wasn’t saying it was a definite cause. Just speculation.

  61. I guess we will have to wait till next spring and see how the Mets handle Santana.
    Will the Mets keep him in Florida for a couple of extra weeks or let him pitch in cold weather in early April in NY.

  62. Rangers won…. Thank you HD. I like hockey a lot better in HD.
    97. I was for the Twinkies but Sadecki rightly reminded me that the Yankees own them so now I’m for the Tigers.

  63. 97 JD
    Rooting for the Twins.
    Gardenhire is one of the best managers in baseball and an ex Met. Really wish he was managing the Mets.

  64. So Annie do you like any of the winter sports? I know you like UCONN and Calhoun. UCONN plays PITT in football Saturday but its not the same intensity as the basketball games are.

  65. Harry (103) I cheer for the UCONN Women – have ever since Rebecca Lobo. Geno Auriemma coaches the women and is a better – and nicer – coach than Calhoun.

  66. 104. From what I’ve heard about Calhoun Anniue, I believe you 100%. The women were certainly an awesome team last year. Lobo had her careeer cut short by injury in the pros. She’s an announcer now.

  67. 97 Go TWINS! They had a very moving ceremony in closing the Metrodome yesterday and had the 10 Top Metrodome moments. In a really classy gesture, they had the franchise’s three biggest living stars in their history — Harmon Killebrew, Rod Carew and Tony Oliva — all at the new Target Field, where they eached raised flags. Aside from that, I love how they play a very NL style of ball under ex-Met Ron Gardenhire, like the Angels, under Mike Scioscia.

  68. John (105) Calhoun is a nasty man, and greedy – has recently built a new McMansion down at the shore, and now wants to extend his contract for another few million.

  69. Harry (106) Rebecca Lobo is revered here in Connecticut and always will be – I believe she’s married to a sportswriter and has a couple of children now. She was always a good sport – UCONN was lucky to have her.

  70. 111. She helped the women’s NBA also Annie. She played for the NY Liberty and was a great PR person for the league in its infancy. Another UCONN woman Diana Tirasi(???) was the MVP this year I think.

  71. 111. The Big East tourney. One thing I miss a lot. The best 4 days in college hoops. I guess its 5 days now!

  72. Gil (107): Of all the stadiums I’ve worked in, the Metrodome and KC were the most media friendly. … the clubhouses were right next to the press box. Just a short flight of stairs.-JD

  73. 110 Annie, knowing you’re a WNBA fan, you may want to pick up Lisa Leslie’s new book, “Don’t Let the Lipstick Fool You.” And speaking of the WNBA, I have to say Candace Parker, in addition to being a great athlete is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

  74. 114: The one and only time I was in KC’s stadium was in ’91. I had media credentials for a game that summer against the Milwaukee Brewers. The highlight for me wasn’t the game — it was unexpectedly getting to talk baseball for a half-hour with the great Buck O’Neil.

  75. Good nite Delcos and Annie and Scott from Pelham, Westchester County if memory holds….

  76. Is Lisa Leslie still complaining about the high school game where she wasn’t allowed to break the scoring record against an overmatched team?
    Favre doesn’t look too washed up to me.

  77. Gil (115)
    I only watch them on TV, and not as much as I used to.

    Currently reading The Complete Game by Ron Darling – an all time favorite guy of mine. He will be doing the Yankees for TBS.

  78. 119 I was disappointed in “The Complete Game” and liked Darryl Strawberry’s book a lot more. Just finished reading Khaled Hosseini’s heartbreaker, “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” I’d caution anyone supporting an immediate U.S. military pullout from Afghanistan to read that book and its more famous predecessor, “The Kite Runner” and then re-think their position.

  79. #107: Its been a tough season and a tough day after today’s non-announcements. Please dont bring up Scioscia/Gooden (88) or Molina/Heilman(06) or Pendelton/McDowell (87) today. Memories of what might have been.

  80. pgershon: Guess you don’t want to re-live Glavine vs. Marlins in ’07 or Scott Schoeneweis and Luis Ayala vs. Marlins in ’08 either, huh? :)

  81. 07 and 08 were lost causes. Felt like seasons had slipped both times (other than the Maine tease Sat in 07 and Johan tease Sat 08). In 1987 we still had the memory of 86 to believe. In 1988, Goode was cruising and game seemed over. Gooden was up 0-2 on John Shelby with 2 run lead in 9th. Shelby worked out a walk on a tough call, and Scioscia crushed the next pitch and all of Met-dom was deflated. In 06, Endy made the catch and that game should have been won. I was at Shea and felt it rock like it had not rocked since game six of 86. Again, Heilman had the previous batter (Rolen) but lost him to a single. Molina crushed the next pitch – a hanging slider. Nothing has been the same since then.

    Picture the guy in fever pitch watching the Buckner play again and again. That is me with Scioscia and Molina.

  82. i just hear little jeff speak.

    what i heard was he was going to personally oversee the medical communication to the press and fans. i did not hear him say the medical procedures.

    so basically he will condition how the information gets out, not the procedures on how decisions are made.

    can we fire him and his dad now?

  83. (125) I also heard little Jeff — the Mets sent out a video message with excerpts from the press conference, which is on their website. You’re right, he said he was taking responsibility for not communicating the medical information. Which makes no sense, because him communicating it to the press or to fans doesn’t change the way the situations were (mis)handled.

    The bottom line is, Jeff Wilpon appears to be a man of little brain. He had to stand there and keep referring to his notes in order to say absolutely nothing other than that they were disappointed, expect the team to do better — AND expect it to do better under Omar and Jerry because they have confidence in their abilities.

    Maybe he had to keep referring to his notes because he couldn’t quite believe he was saying that himself.

  84. (126) I believe you’ve hit the nail on the head with the suggestion that Jeffie didn’t believe what he was saying.

    From my vantage point, the Wilpons feed their own insecurities by hiring second-rate people they can boss around. And if they were to fire these second-rate talents, they would face the dilemma of either finding more of it or, worse, having to deal with professionals who would actually relegate them to signing checks instead of quasi-management of the team.

    The crux of the injury issue is that the Mets keep treating their multi-million-dollar investments like car tires: Ride ’em till their bald and plug and patch as necessary. Yet, Jeffie tried to spin it as merely an issue of poor communication. Do you think high-profile free agents are going to think twice about coming to the Mets, based on how they’re treating their players?

    The other takeaway I got from the WFAN interview is that they’re looking to make trades. Omar, in particular, brought up the trade route and then characteristically dissembled his way through the rest of the topic. If accurate, that likely means they’re looking at moving a significant piece (there really isn’t much else of value to deal). I’m putting my money on Pelfrey and Fernando Martinez.

    Which leads me to the scariest thought of the day: Omar being given a win-now-or-die edict. He got one of these in Montreal, back when that franchise faced contraction. Tell me, do you think the Nationals would be a better team now with Cliff Lee, Grady Sizemore and Brandon Phillips?

  85. 127/128. Omar has proven in two organizations that has greatest ability is to destroy a franchise’s farm syatem.

  86. John(128)

    I thought they are better than the Mets.

    I was looking for an all in one record comparison, but I believe they beat us head to head.

  87. Well it’s not like Omar has destroyed the farm system by trading away players, it’s getting players to replace those guys is where he has failed miserably.