This Day in Baseball History …. Bucky Clears the Wall.

Yanks beat Sox in playoff game.

Yanks beat Sox in playoff game.

I knew exactly where I was on this day in 1978. I cut classes that day and was in my college apartment where I watched the Yankees complete their overtaking of the Boston Red Sox when Bucky Dent cleared the Green Monster in a one-game playoff at Fenway Park.

What a lot of people forget, is the Yankees not only erased a 14-game deficit, but actually moved ahead of Boston and it was the Red Sox who needed to come back to force the playoff. That only happened on the last day of the season when Cleveland’s Rick Waits beat New York at Yankee Stadium.

Dent’s homer came off Mike Torrez and Ron Guidry won his 25th game of the season. The game ends when Goose Gossage gets Carl Yastrzemski to pop out to third with two on.

Does anybody remember watching that game and what they were feeling that day?

6 thoughts on “This Day in Baseball History …. Bucky Clears the Wall.

  1. Hi John – It seems like only yesterday.

    I was in Ft Lauderdale near where the Yankees used to have their Spring Training. I had just finished playing golf and TVs were on in the locker rooms and the lounge where my foursome was playing gin rummy.

    When Bucky was rounding the bases it was as though I were in Connecticut, there were so many cheers and smiles.

  2. I was working in a gas station (Back when the attendants actually pumped the gas!) and was running in and out of the office to hear parts of the game. I don’t think I actually heard Dent’s 313 foot home run live. I rememeber early in the game Frank Messer and Phil Rizzuto (I think it was those two) saying the National League format of best 2 out of 3 was better than the American League’s one game.

  3. Those were the days when it really sucked to be a mets fan in ny. Arrogant yankee fans couldnt shut up and lots of bandwagon fans jumped to the Bankees.

  4. I was in a bar with a die hard Red Sox fan. Until 2004, RedSox fans were very much like Mets fans.