Please join me

The Mets’ season mercifully ends this weekend. I’ll be around to live blog as I’ve been all season and I hope you’ll join me and add your comments.

I’ll do the postseason as I did last year. Next week will also include season wraps and looking ahead to the Hot Stove Season.

I hope you’ll join me and spread the word.



11 thoughts on “Please join me

  1. Congrats to the Rockies…..In the playoffs 2 out of 3 years. And congrats to ex Met Bob Apodaca, the rockies pitching coach. That team can pitch, first time in Rockie history. And to Pelfrey. Watch tapes of Cook. He doesn’t throw nearly as fast as you do but he throws a sinking pitch and says hit it, and he’s a heck of alot more successful than you are. Maybe the fact that he’s not afraid of a hitter making contact has something to with it big Pelf. Most of em hit 250 for a reason.
    Congrats to the Tigers… dumping a 14 million dollar pain in the neck and getting a heck of a lot better.
    Congrats to the Braves… (Yuch) Turning a team around really quickly, must have a GM with some planning.
    Congrats to the Angels, picking up a guy who everybody said was about done, really cheap and lo and behld Bobby Abreu gives you another 100 RBI season. We didn’t need that because we had the big plan to pick up somebody cheap when cut……
    Congrats to the NY Mets for making that big mid season trade picking up Anderson Hernandez…. Wait, forget that one!!!! And thanks to the NYMETS once again for the continual lies about the core coming back in June, July, August, September…..

  2. I love the Mets and I love this blog. John does a terrific job and this past season was no exception. He knows his stuff and writes better than most sportswriters. He also makes us better, by that example, and I thank him for inviting me in at the start in April 2006.

    Just a few words about the current Mets organization …

    As the Mets players leave this season, many of them will be playing elsewhere next year. We can only hope that somehow, the Mets management will change their way of doing business.

    It started last May, when Jose Reyes was injured and even today, as there is still no clear report about his condition now.

    Mets fans are loyal, but families who have been regulars at Shea, now Citi, for generations are not renewing their season tickets due to the outrageous prices being charged for them.

    There’s a line from a movie that applies here, and I hope the Wilpons take it to heart.

    “Just tell the truth, Loretta, they find out anyway.”

    Let’s go Mets.

  3. I look forward to improving on our great 2009 record with a few more wins which will bring us up to 20 games under 500.

  4. John, I have been to some of your live Chats and enjoyed them. Especially the one you had with the Gotham news guy, Healey. He has a lot of insight to the inner workings of the Mets. In his blog, if you go back to his archives from july of this year, he gives a very interesting view to Wilpons nonsense since he became a full partner with doubleday after the 1986 season. He instructed Cashen to get rid of the troublemakers starting with kevin mitchel. If you get another chat with him I hope you will bring this up.

  5. If you want to read a shocking story, go to todays daily news and see what they have been doing to ted williams frozen head here in Arizona. Dont let anybody freeze your head!!

  6. I’m actually going to Sunday’s game. I’ve had the tickets all year. To be honest I’m looking forward to it, I always enjoy a ballgame. I just hope the weather is nice.

  7. 6 Yes Chiti, I live in Arizona but I have not been using teddy ballgames frozen head for batting practice!