METS CHAT ROOM: Game #160; The last weekend in a lost season.



It all comes to a close this weekend. One of the most disappointing seasons in recent memory ends with a three-game series against the Houston Astros, a team that had its own problems this year.

It’s John Maine going for the Mets against Wandy Rodriguez.

Here’s the line-up for the Mets (67-92):

Angel Pagan, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
John Maine (6-6, 4.72 ERA), RP

143 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #160; The last weekend in a lost season.

  1. I just bought a quart of milk and the missing person on the side panel looks an awful lot like Nick Evans.

  2. Hi John – This is the last Mets game televised by WPIX this season – I’ll be checking in as we go along.

  3. Ralph Kiner is in the PIX booth with Keith and Gary for a while. I love to listen to him tell his stories about the franchise – I believe he was there from the start.

  4. ralph was just saying they sent you down if you k’d 100 times.

    mentioned some guy hitting 300 who was sent down.

    how times has changed..

  5. dave (8): Of all the things that concerned me this year about Wright, it was his striking out more than his drop in power that was most alarming.-JD

  6. Maine is off to a good start. It was important that he come back. The Mets still have pitching issues and Maine is one of them. But, there’s some room for optimism that wasn’t there a month ago.-JD

  7. I’ll bet the ranch that the closed-door meeting between Jerry and Sheff after the whole waiver-wire fiasco basically amounted to an agreement by which Sheff would not play for the rest of the year in exchange for not complaining any more.

  8. Tiffany (16): I was opposed to getting Sheffield in the first place for several reasons, one of which was his penchant for being a clubhouse distraction. … Not dealing him when they had the chance was just stupid as I don’t see him coming back. Just dumb.-JD

  9. FIFTH INNING: Beautiful bunt by Matsui. He’s definitely a player who couldn’t handle New York. He admitted it was getting to him and once that happened he had no chance. The fans were brutal to him, and not all of it was fair.-JD

  10. John (19) It’s always interesting to see which players thrive in the Big City here and those who don’t. Seems to me it’s mainly pitchers who are very sensitive…

  11. john(19)

    Well they pushed jose to 2b for him because he was such a great ss. Of course he couldnt go to his right.

  12. Interesting that only one pitcher has more wins than losses on this team.

    they showed a graphic of our 2-4 pitchers and not one had an era below 4.5.

    I wonder why our record is worse than 20 games below 500?

  13. they are talking about the bush league proposal to move the fences in.

    I remember some time ago ralph was asked about the fences and if they are too far away. he replied they are if you compare them to the walk in closet that is philadelphia.

  14. so maine has done something few met pitchers have this year.

    Make it out of the 6th.

    I say jerry pulls him. He is almost at 100 pitches. His arm may fall off and the rotation for 2010 will be in danger.

  15. what a sad comment on the team.

    I player who has been with the team a month will lead them in hr’s

  16. The Mets are a championship caliber team! David Wright is 3 for 3! Jeff Francoeur hit a 2-run homer! They’re going to win the pennant!

    This would be much more fun if I was drinking.

  17. 32
    yeah i know. artistic license.

    still. 10 hr’s is tied for 2nd on the team.

    the leader is a player who was benched for a time and in search of a position.

    not that hr’s are everything, but there is not one player who has 15 hr’s.

    keith used to do 12-15 hr’s every year and he was a line drive hitter.

  18. Ralph said goodbye for the year and is heading straight for Florida. Hope he’s back next season…

  19. John (30) At least there has been one happy camper at Citi Field – Francoeur seems as though he’s been turned loose from whatever was bothering him in Atlanta. Look at him getting a smile out of Sheffield – not easy to do :)

  20. You can’t stop Jeff Francouer, you can only hope to contain him!

    Hey 7 Ks for Maine, not bad.

  21. why is maine out there?

    what is jerry thinking?

    john needs to be save for the post season.

    why waste him on a meaningless game?

    all year long he has been pulling players after the 6th because we all know every major league pitcher is just a bullpen guy.

    why is he changing his strategy now?

  22. Jeff (36) I’ll bet Keith has got his car loaded up and ready to go south, too – there are those residency requirements you know….

  23. (43,45) I drank it cold. And no, it’s not fermented. I suppose I could drink it hot, but I didn’t. It is good with a cinnamon stick.

    This is what the season has come down to.

  24. Jeff (47): Of all the injured Mets who had a chance to return this year, seeing Maine pitch again was the most important. It gives some answers.-JD

  25. SEVENTH INNING: Tiffany, we have a NIck Evans sighting. He just tripled. I wonder if he had to introduce himself to Shines when he got there.-JD

  26. The Mets tie their club record for triples in a season? If Maine wins he ties a club record set by Sid Fernandez for 6 consecutive home wins?

    This is all the evidence I need that many records are totally meaningless.

  27. If Pagan could play smarter on the bases and in the field, I could live with him as the everyday left fielder. But, I think the Mets need more from that position in terms of power.-JD

  28. If Maine wants to set that record, he’d better fight tooth and nail to pitch a complete game. The minute Sean Green and K-Rod get a chance they will give up at least three runs.

  29. Re : 55 What it tells me is that speed is overrated. The Mets also lead the league in steals.

  30. Jeff (55) These triples are the home runs that didn’t quite make it over the fences.

  31. john(56)

    pagan is not rookie. nice backup player. he has tools but does not play smart.

    as you say, esp for this team, not enuf power.

  32. we have our team leader with man on third and 2 outs.

    i think he is hitting a buck fifty in this situation.

  33. I think it’s going to be fine here at Citi – the Bronx is where the problems are tonight – CC is gone in the 4th – he was behind 9 – 1.

  34. John(68)

    he has not been clutch at all this year. in fact in his career i dont think he has shown the nerves to hit to his avg and talent with the game on the line.

  35. Gary gets so offended when players don’t do the things the he thinks they should do. Its kind of funny. It even bothers him when its the other team.

  36. I thought he was safe at second. I don’t think Hernandez was on the bag. … Replays say he wasn’t. This pisses me off no end about the umps. If he’s not on the bag, he’s safe. There should be no such thing as a neighborhood play. But, don’t get me going about the umps. They had a horrible year. I just hope the World Series isn’t decided by a bad call.-JD

  37. TMS (73): I agree with him. I like the game played cleanly and crisply. It’s a beautiful sport to watch. When it is butchered it is so ugly.-JD

  38. So Parnell appears to be much more comfortable back in the bullpen. Guess we discovered the Parnell Rules.

  39. John (71) I’ve seen it happen just as you have. In the post season it’s pitching, pitching that counts and the Yankees are weak in that department, not sure if CC and AJ have ever even played a post season game. Also in the first inning, the TB pitcher hit Tiexiera in the shoulder and Girardi has taken him out of the game despite his plea to stay in.

    It’s baseball.

  40. Can we have a poll about the top ten things wrong with jerry?

    can we fire him now?

    is it too late?

  41. Annie (78): The Tigers knocked the Yankees out in the first round a couple of years ago. … Wouldn’t shock me to see it happen. One thing for sure, they don’t want to play the Angels.-JD

  42. dave (79):
    * I don’t like how Manuel handled Parnell.
    * I think he yanked Church and Murphy.
    * There was no reason to give Sheffield at-bats over Church and Murphy.
    * I don’t like how he buried players on the bench or in the bullpen.
    * For a manager who harped on fundamentals in spring training, this was a fundamentally poor team.
    * I don’t like how he juggled the line-up. I understand the injuries, but there was too much inconsistency.
    * Not crazy about how he handled the bullpen.

    What have I missed?-JD

  43. John (80) Nothing shocks me with baseball any more – but I still love the game.

    I don’t know what happened tonight to the Yankees during those early innings – they are way behind the Mets, timewise and shouldn’t be.

    I was happily enjoying the Kiner Korner again and hearing Ralph’s stories and I’m glad I did.

    I’ll catch up with them after I say goodnight to Howie and Wayne. Hope the current 4-1 score holds.

  44. john(83)

    not much.

    I can only think of favoritism. calling out players for bonehead mistakes and excusing his pets for the same.

  45. dave (87): Agreed. I will never understand why he disliked Church so much. Church wasn’t a great player, but he had his moments. … Jerry just didn’t like him.-JD

  46. I can’t help but think part of Murphy’s early problems at the plate stemmed from playing an unfamiliar position. … If they stick with him, I can see .280 with 20 homers and 85 RBI. They need to leave him alone and keep him in one slot in the order.-JD

  47. Annie (86) Sorry to disappoint; you wanted the 4-1 score to hold, and now it’s 7-1. Goldarn Mets!

  48. So, who will it be? Heard him say Sean Green was warming up before. Let’s see… how many grand slams would he have to give up with a 6-run lead…

  49. Murphy got buried by one of the radio talk show hosts this week. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, he’s improving and the Mets can live with him at first if they get power elsewhere.-JD

  50. john(91)

    I am not as sold on him as you. however, considering they need to do something with 4 positions, I agree. He has played a passable 1B. He is hitting better and there are worse things than having a cheap, young 1B who has the numbers you describe. They can always platoon him with Evans.

  51. dave (96): Sure, they could do better. I’d rather have Adam Dunn. But, considering all their holes, he’s not at the top of the priority list.-JD

  52. They need a veteran defensive catcher who is not on the DL all the time. The staff needs that.

  53. Howie and Wayne have put this game “In The Books” and it’s a delightful one. Mets players were actually seen laughing and talking with each other in the dugout – imagine that. Ralph Kiner entertained Keith Hernandez and Gary Thorne with some of his tamer stories. I saw families with babies in the stands. Nice.

    Final Score: Mets 7 – Astros 1

    Tomorrow’s Game is at 1:10PM

  54. dave (99): Agree with you on the veteran catcher. They also need a No. 2 starter and maybe another; a left-fielder, and bullpen help.-JD

  55. Annie, are you sure Ralph was entertaining Gary Thorne? Did he travel back to the 80s?

  56. Jeff

    Green has good movement on his pitches.

    The problem with him and I noticed it in the spring is he has no control.

    I was hoping it was a spring thing as I saw more than one pitch miss the plate by more than a foot.

    As we know now, he is wild and not to be relied on.

  57. John (95) I agree on Murphy. But the key is leaving him alone. How likely is Jerry to ever do that?

  58. Jeff (93) Check out my post #100, I’ve made the correction. Now I’ve got to see what’s happening across town.

  59. One advantage of having Murphy at first base next year is that he’s cheap. It will save them from having to sign a free agent for 1st base and let them spend that money elsewhere. I don’t think his bat will be an asset at 1b even if he improves quite a bit though.

  60. I would also like to see FMart healthy for one whole season, but I don’t think that will happen.

  61. dave (114): Right. Until then, there’s Murphy. If Beltran plays a full season, having Francoeur for a full year, Wright bounces back, and maybe they get somebody to play left, their power numbers should be greatly improved.-JD

  62. My 2010 Wish & Question List:
    -Get a bigtime thumper in LF
    -Keep Francoeur happy in RF
    -Healthy Beltran in CF
    -Leave Murphy alone at 1B
    -Make sure Castillo doesn’t gain ANY weight over the winter
    -Wright works on redeveloping his power swing
    -Reyes gets titanium hamstrings
    -A veteran, but not broken down, catcher would be nice
    -#2 starter is crucial; is that enough?
    -Absolutely no players named S. Green

  63. John(115)

    Unfortunately you are right.

    Can we fire the owner?

    The Nets got lucky and had a new one come in. Why can’t we?

    Is there a Russian former baseball player who is a billionaire waiting to buy a MLB franchise?

  64. re 117 : They gotta get a big bat to play left, especially if they stick with Murphy at 1B.

  65. Jeff(118)

    Castillo was only motivated because he got booed all year.

    He had a good year. Expect him to take a well deserved rest and roll into Port St. Lucie at about 300 pounds.

  66. Re 125 : I don’t know – I have a feeling they’ll be pretty aggressive in the free agent market. Just a hunch – they’ll want to win back the fans BEFORE next season starts.

  67. The big thing to take away from tonight’s game was John Maine’s performance. They needed to go into the offseason on a positive note. It doesn’t mean all the pitching questions are answered, but this does help. He seems healthy.-JD

  68. TMS (127): I keep hearing they don’t want to spend a lot. We shall see. Toronto will try to deal Halladay, but that means a lot of prospects and plenty of bucks. I don’t see the Mets doing that. However, I can see him going to the Phillies.-JD

  69. I think more than a big bat, they need to work on knowing how to play the game right and get some good pitching.

    John’s game tonight was encouraging, but it is only one game.

    If John and Ollie can come back and pitch like they did a few years ago and Pelf can learn to trust and use a pitch other than his big sinking fastball they will be on their way, but I would still like to get a pitcher who can give us a plus won loss record and a 3.5 or so era with 200 ip.

  70. dave (126): Castillo is a prideful guy. I see him coming into camp in good shape. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t have as good a season.-JD

  71. John(150)

    but the Mets say they will make the team better.

    They promised.

    They promised they will get a new player named S. Green to make us forget the nightmares.

  72. Going into the offseason on a positive note depends on a lot more than Maine having a good outing tonight. If they totally blow the next two games, bye-bye positive note. They’ve had a number of really nice wins like this one during the season, only to then revert to their pathetic form. The key to putting ANY kind of positive spin on the season would be if they can actually maintain tonight’s level of play for TWO MORE FRIGGING GAMES! Otherwise they are just the same old inconsistent mess.

  73. John(132)

    He may be a prideful guy and he has played well this year.

    I would dump him if I thought I could. We are stuck with him and I do not think he will play this well for us ever again.

    I expect to see the same mental lapses where he just drops the ball or throws it away.

    I also see him reverting to having his bat on his shoulder much more next season hoping the pitcher is hopelessly pathetic so he gets walked.

    I was pleasantly surprised that his bat was not nailed to his shoulder this year.

  74. Jeff (136): The positive is only in Maine’s outing. They could sweep the series, but doesn’t put a lot of sugar on this sour season.-JD

  75. John(134)

    that has been the one constant about minaya.

    Moises will be healthy and give us about 100 games. Pedro will be healthy and give us about 165 innings. Ollie will not have his head up his ass and pitch to his talent. Delgado will be healthy and give us 30/100.

    Can I go on?

  76. nite guys. its been fun.

    nice to see them win, but really, who cares?

    this season was over in july.