They Said It ….

Rodriguez stands up.

Rodriguez stands up.

Mets reliever Francisco Rodriguez has thrown a few of his teammates under the bus this season after a blown save opportunity, notably Daniel Murphy.

Yesterday afternoon, Rodriguez gave up five runs in the ninth inning, including a game-winning grand slam to Justin Maxwell. Rodriguez hasn’t had too many save opportunities this month, but refused to accept rust as the easy way out.

“No, if I suck I suck, I don’t make excuses,’’ Rodriguez said. “To all those fans out there watching that poor effort today, I apologize. I’m really embarrassed. I just have to suck it up and keep working hard and make sure that doesn’t happen again.’’

4 thoughts on “They Said It ….

  1. The latest Met fad is issuing apologies. Wright to his team, Rodriguez to the fans. How about just going out and playing the game the right way! I guess an apology is a lot easier.

  2. Harry (1): No kidding. It’s much like the lame apologies we hear from politicians. … If they played the game the right way there would be no need to apologize.-JD

  3. Regardless. He sat in his locker and took the questions and answered them and took the blame.

    He did not sneak out the back door or refuse to state the obvious.

    In this day and age. It is something.

  4. Remember the traditional “thank you” to the fans at the end of the last game of the season at Shea, when the players would all come out of the dugout and have their own signs or banners? Do they even still do that? Will they come out with a big WE’RE SORRY sign this year?