NIKE and Vick in bed again ….

As a pet lover, I’m more than annoyed. As a follower of professional sports, I’m not surprised by NIKE’s decision to get back together with dog-killer quarterback Michael Vick.

At the time, when Vick’s dog fighting hobby came to the surface and he was sent to prison and the National Football League suspended him, NIKE fell itself in a splash of self-righteousness, calling cruelty to animals, “inhumane, abhorrent and unacceptable.’’

The release of Vick’s shoe was stopped.

VICK: Head down, but no shame.

VICK: Head down, but no shame.

However, Vick’s return to the NFL has been met with hardly a whimper, with perhaps most people distracted by the economy. Whatever the reason, there has been no outcry against Vick and the Eagles.

The barometer has been no backlash from the Eagles’ sponsors. NIKE, seeing this, figured it was safe to get back into bed with Vick.

I know this is wishful thinking on my part, but it would have been nice to see Vick donating a portion of his salary, and NIKE making contributions, to animal shelters.

But, we won’t see any of that until there’s some kind of protest against Vick and NIKE. Until then, they will continue on in arrogant bliss.

11 thoughts on “NIKE and Vick in bed again ….

  1. NIKE is denying they have a deal with Michael Vick., just that they are supplying him product as they do with some other players they don’t have contracts with. Sounds like they are dipping their toe in to see what happens. I’d boycott them if I bought their product./nfl/news;_ylt=AuBrMjbnPnPhzgwVTN16KZ9DubYF?slug=ap-vick-nike&prov=ap&type=lgns

  2. He did go to jail for that. Maybe that’s why there’s no outcry. He served his sentence. Do you think he should be barred for life from the NFL?

  3. 3. Even though TMS doesn’t want me to read his posts, I have to agree with him on this one. You break the law, you go to jail, you serve your time, you’ve paid your debt to society. If society doesn’t allow ex cons to make a living then the only sentence you can give is life because society has to support the person for life.

  4. I was never a Michael Vick fan and his heinous treatment of animals ruined any chance of my ever becoming one. Yes, he has served his time in prison and deserves a second chance, forgiveness for his crimes and the ability to make a living.
    Unlike many ex-offenders, though, Vick was able to get re-hired by his previous employer — the National Football League.
    The problem here is that the new endorsement deal with Nike is seen by everyday people largely as a lucrative “reward” to substantially add to a current base salary many could only dream of making.
    That said, Vick is several million dollars in debt and needs income from multiple sources to retire it.
    As far as Nike goes, one can make the argument that it’s already a sleazy company with little regard for humanity, animals or the health of our planet.
    Nike’s running child labor sweatshops in the ’90s in Southeast Asia to manufacture its goods is well documented. And last week Nike pulled out of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because it opposes climate change legislation scheduled to be brought soon to the Senate floor by Sens. John Kerry and Barbara Boxer.
    So perhaps its no surprise that the world’s most famous ex-animal abuser is back in bed with a company like Nike.

  5. TMS (2): He paid his debt in prison, but I’d like to see more contrition from him and doing something for animal rights. But, he shouldn’t be banned for life.-JD

  6. I saw something on HBO Real Sports about Vick. He’s been making speeches at schools etc. about dog-fighting. Not sure if its part of his sentence or not. Also since his arrest, trial etc.. they’ve really been cracking down on it more. The prosecutor thought that Vick’s involvement did more to focus attention and effort on cracking down that anything law enforcement could have done alone.

  7. Well, all the rage against animal abuse is well founded, If you want to know about how Nike and other internatational corporations abuse humans should read “confessions of an international hitman” by John Perkins. You will find out that slavery is alive and well in our world. Soon it well be coming home to roost in our own country. Its already beginning now.

  8. 4. Unlike you, Vick went to jail, someplace you should be in until you croak you anti_American piece of crap. Guantanamo Bay wouldn’t be a nice enough place for someone as disgusting as you are Gil.

  9. There are many issues here.

    1. Vick did a stupid thing. He was an absentee landlord at best which led to him losing everything and going to jail.

    2. He paid his debt in many ways.

    3. Nike is about making money. They will do what makes them money.

    4. Many people believed that Vick was treated unfairly. That it was a witch hunt and some say it was racial.

    5. Like it or not Vick is a role model. If companies reward him for his ability on the field it sends a message to any young athlete that they can do what they want as long as at game time they dominate. This can be about maiming animals, raping women, running over people with your car, etc. You are forgiven because your eye hand coordination happens to be exceptional.

  10. 7. correction. the name of the book is Confessions of an economic hitman by John perkins. As for Vick, he served his time. I believe he deserves a second chance.