Mets to give fans a break on 2010 tickets ….

The Mets sent the following letter to season ticket holders:

“Everyone at the Mets – our Ownership, GM Omar Minaya, Manager Jerry Manuel, the coaches, players, front office and staff – shares your disappointment with the 2009 season. You soon will hear from Ownership and Omar about how we plan to improve the ball club through a combination of player signings, trades, enhanced player development and continued commitment to one of the highest player payrolls in MLB.

“We are currently finalizing our ticket pricing for 2010. Season Ticket prices will be reduced by an average of more than 10 percent, with several seating areas being adjusted by more than 20 percent. Every Season Ticket Holder invoice for 2010 will be less than 2009.”

Well, I would hope so. There was a lot of promise for this season, from the expectations on the field to Citi Field itself, that went unrealized. It was a terribly disappointing season and it wouldn’t be unrealistic to think this might not be a one-year thing, that the Mets are on a downward spiral they won’t be able to pull themselves out of.

What the Mets are doing is thank the public for its support. This is a good gesture, one which should dispel some of the talk of the team being in financial distress because of the Ponzi scam. Let’s face it, if the Mets were really hurting financially they wouldn’t cut prices.

6 thoughts on “Mets to give fans a break on 2010 tickets ….

  1. I disagree. They have to do this.

    In 2009, they gouged their fans. For the 3rd year in a row they collapsed. This time it happened at the all star break rather than mid September.

    Many fans have already told them they will not renew.

    They have to throw the fans a bone. That is all they are doing.

  2. I am always grateful for any crumbs our corporate and government masters throw us. Now let’s see these trades and free agent signings they also tslked about.

  3. I want to know about the “enhanced player development.” Sounds like the tagline for a bad porn flick.

  4. It’s still a lot of money just for admission to the food court and the store selling Mets merchandise, which you can gain access to at a mall for free. Plus the music is usually better in the mall, and they play the songs in their entirety.

    Will there be anything else going on within the Citi Field confines worth watching? I mean, besides the bad porn flick Tiffany anticipates. (It’s not even a GOOD porn flick?)

  5. This morning i read in the ny rags that 2 weeks ago the bronx team reduced next years tix.

    so if the premier team in the league has already done it why ae the mets any different.

    plus they have clinched their division where we will be lucky to win 70 games.