11 thoughts on “Big staff meeting today ….

  1. If Manuel stays, the team will under achieve next year regardless of any moves made by the GM, Minaya or a new guy. This guy has obviously lost his team. Everyone plays tight even when the games mean nothing. If he isn’t given the blame then it doesn’t matter who else comes or goes. I read where Parnell just dropped winter ball because of the physical and mental stress of the season. That’s entirely on the lousy manager. A rookie should be so high from his first full year that he’ll do anything to improve in year 2. But this guy wants to get away from baseball. That is very sad.

  2. Like Harry said, Manuel should look in the mirror and resign. That would be the ultimate show of the man. Leaving 3/4 of a mil on the table will never make that happen.

  3. I’m of 2 minds about this. The first thing is that I think that coaching and managing are way overrated. Its mostly how good the players are that determines how good the team is.

    Having said that I don’t think Manuel is a great manager. I think he does a good job of motivating players but I don’t like his strategy. He bunts too much and uses the hit and run too much for my taste. I’m an advocate of the sabermetric philosophy of don’t waste outs.

    Also I think he has a tendency to ride his top bullpen guys too hard. I think some of the problem in 2008 was that the pen was too tired to perform at high level down the stretch.

  4. It should be all of them…but you know that isn’t going to happen. The entire front office and coaches should be gone.

  5. It’ll be the coaching staff plus they will hire a pack of Boy Scouts to improve the medical staff.

  6. Harry (1): I agree with you completely on Parnell. He’s somebody who should be counting the minutes until spring training. I would hate to think they lost him. There’s just too much potential there. … And, how they are finishing the season is an indictment of Manuel. If this last month was about next year, very few players stood out in their performances. There was a lot of going through the motions and mailing it in.-JD

  7. TMS (3): I’m not sure I agree with you that managers and coaches are overrated. There is an importance to what they do. … I don’t see where Manuel is a great motivator. If that were the case they would have played with more intensity and hustle down the stretch. They finished in a malaise, as if they couldn’t wait for this season to end. … I do agree with you on his handling of the bullpen. He does tend to overwork relievers, but part of that could be because he doesn’t trust some of his pitchers. The Catch-22 is Manuel needs to inspire and give players a chance to gain his trust. I look at Parnell now and wonder how he could trust Manuel with handing his career.-JD

  8. Jerry sucks.

    He killed Murphy and Church at the beginning of the season. He sat them to accomodate an over the hill power hitter who can only play 2 of every 5 days.

    He has constantly undermined players he doesnt like and apologizes for his pets.

    The team sucks. Has no motivation, no fundamentals. I dont care if there are massive injuries. The players on the team need to know how to play the game to the best of their ability. They should not play like little leaguers which is what they are.

  9. Any chance Jeffie himself will step down? Maybe someone has a dogfighting video with him in it? It doesn’t hurt to dream, you know…

  10. A video of Jeff Wilpon fighting with a dog? I don’t know why that would be any more embarrassing than the season’s highlight reel.