Reyes news gets worse ….

The diagnosis on Jose Reyes is a torn right hamstring, which happened when he was running the bases earlier this week. I wrote several times letting Reyes run would only make matters worse. I’m not the only one with that opinion.

Surgery seems inevitable, even though the team made no such announcement. How can it not be? Every time Reyes tested his hamstring he had a setback, which means there was a slight tear that gradually got worse until it was a full blown rip job from the bone.

REYES: Has complete hammy tear.

REYES: Has complete hammy tear.

By not completely shutting him down, and not having surgery earlier, Reyes and the Mets wasted at least two months of what could have been valuable recovering time. There’s no telling when he’ll have surgery now and now long it will take to recover, so there’s no guarantee he’ll be ready for spring training.

The Mets could now be faced with the prospect of needing a shortstop for next season. Alex Cora should be re-signed, but he’s not enough. The team with countless holes likely has another.

4 thoughts on “Reyes news gets worse ….

  1. The tweets I’ve seen say it’s a new injury: a torn hamstring muscle. The previous injury was a torn hamstring tendon. Just freaking great. Wasn’t it Shea that was suppose to have a bad field for casuing injuries (Elliott Maddox)?

  2. Unfortunately, when I think of a guy with multiple hammy problems I think of Griffey Jr. A star whose hammies turned him into a slightly better than average player. I hope this isn’t the case.

  3. Add one more problem to the list.

    Why were they trying to get him on the field this year for anyway?

    John, you are exactly right.

    The amazing rash of injuries the past few years can not be just coincidence.