Quotebook: Then and now.

They Said It

They Said It

Last night was just another fundamentally poor exhibition by the Mets. Just miserable in all aspects. Pitching, situational hitting and defense.

“You can’t make those kinds of mistakes. It’s kind of embarrassing.” – Mets manager Jerry Manuel.

Kind of?

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  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.
    This organization needs to place a premium on fundamentals. The coaching staff up and down the organization at all levels needs to drill the players incessantly.
    You’ve got players playing out of position.
    You’ve got guys who have come into the organization with little in the way of organized baseball in their background, and little in the way of fundamentals as we know it.
    I’m not saying going the route of the Latin America market is bad, I think it is important to get talent from wherever you can. But once they get these players, they need to do a better job of grooming them.
    Also, we see this problem with guys who have come from the US (Murphy) or are no longer rookies (Pagan).
    Top to bottom review of how player development is handled. Tony B is not here to kick around anymore. Get a new person in that role. (Not Adam Rubin though. The guy should know where all the affiliates are located.)

  2. I can’t believe this guy is going to be back as manager next year. What a joke he is.

    Ed: ALL organizations should put a premium on fundamentals…Too bad this team seems to treat it as a joke. Going back to the days of trying to play HoJo and Keith Miller in Center, converting Jim Fregosi into a 3bman, this team has had a history of putting round pegs into square holes.

  3. If they really want to clean it up they need to fire the coach.

    They should also trade or cut a player or two who is valuable but does not play the right way.

    Too many players just screw up and it is ok. No sense of urgency. The team needs a shake up.

  4. Ed (1): It really is inexcusable on the absence of fundamentals. I’m willing to go lightly on Murphy defensively because he’s playing a new position, but his baserunning has been poor. … Pagan is just an instinctive or smart player, take your choice. … Even the veterans have had their brain cramps. Don’t forget, twice this year Beltran didn’t slide.-JD

  5. Steve (2): It does have a history of trying to improvise. They did the same with Reyes early in his career. … Truth is, have the Mets ever had a good feeder system from the minor leagues? No.-JD

  6. dave (3): One would have thought this year was a wake-up call. The puzzling thing is Manuel went to spring training with the idea of improving the fundamentals.-JD

  7. (5) JD: You’d have to go back to the 60’s when I believe Whitey Herzog was the farm director when the Mets had a farm system that turned out a number of stars and acceptable major leaguers. Seaver, Koosman, Matlack, Ryan, McGraw, Harrelson, Jones, Milner to name a few.

  8. John(6)

    They have been trying to improve fundamentals for at least 5 years? Each year they get worse.