METS CHAT ROOM: Game #158; Limping home.



This afternoon is the season in a nutshell: The Mets will try to salvage something from their series with the Washington Nationals.

Since when does a championship caliber team need to salvage a series with the Nationals? Oh, that’s right, the Mets aren’t that kind of team. After winning two of three in Florida, the Mets could have ended their final road trip of the season on a winning note. Instead, the Mets lost the first two games of this series to the worst team in baseball.

Last night was typified the season as they had breakdowns in all aspects of their game.

This afternoon, Tim Redding gets the honors. Thrust into the rotation with injuries to Johan Santana and Oliver Perez, Redding has made the most of his opportunity to make an impression for next year.

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  1. Weird start time. Reminds me of getting out early on the last day of school. This is the last time the Nats season ticket holders have to watch them so they get out early.

  2. Didn’t the Atlanta Braves have 5:30 start times about 20 years ago on weeknights so they could have the prime time WTBS TV schedule start at 8PM. Anyone remember when a ball game was expected to last 2 1/2 hours? Or when TBS broadcasted 150 games a year of Rick Mahler and Glen Hubbard?

  3. Dan (2): I think you’re right about the TBS start times back then. … TBS also did a weird thing with its primetime schedule in they started at five minutes in front of the hour. The thinking was people wouldn’t switch over after the program started. It was also a way of snagging the channel surfers. …. Of course, the greatest TBS innovation was giving Andy Messersmith the number 17 and the nickname channel. Beautiful. Of course, MLB didn’t see the humor.-JD

  4. Yeah, Redding should be an option for an end of the rotation, long reliever spot. Santana/Pelfrey/Perez/Maine/Niese…a ton of question marks if you ask me.

  5. Steve (4): Of all the guys in the Mets’ patchwork September rotation Redding has been the best. That’s how he started the year, but he didn’t get off to a good start. …. There’s not a pitcher you mentioned that doesn’t have some kind of question mark next to his name. Even Santana, who is coming off surgery. They said it’s minor surgery and he’ll be all right, but they said the same thing about Maine.-JD

  6. Wayne is reporting a missive from the Mets, that Jose Reyes is out until next year, will probably need surgery. (I doubt that it will be minor)

  7. John (8) Now that the season is coming to an end and there is supposedly a big meeting of the Mets management next week, all these loose ends are coming undone. Of course Reyes should have been tended to last May or June when he first had problems. Why didn’t that happen?

  8. Tomorrow Manuel, Minaya and Wilpon will discuss the Mets’ coaching staff. Who goes? Who stays? My belief if Warthen might fall on the sword as the pitching has not gotten better, and it is not just injuries.-jD

  9. Annie (9): How long have you been on this blog? You’re not paying attention. It didn’t happen because these are the Mets. They do things this way.-JD

  10. John (10) When was the last time that the Mets pitching staff was first class – back in the ’80s with Gooden et al, or farther back with Seaver?

  11. Dave (13) I do remember that 2000 was the year they met the Yankees in the series, though…

  12. (17) Dave: you mean it’s good that the Nationals are playing a team on their level, right? 😉

  13. I was wondering if there were any other people bidding to buy the Mets 30 years ago when Linda deRoulet sold them. I think former Mets president nincompoop M Donald Grant was trying to put a group together. Couldn’t some other people have found $20 million and have bought the team instead of Doubleday/Wilpon?

  14. (16) Trachsel gets a bum rap, but he really did pitch fairly well for the team once he got straightened out in the minors.

  15. catching the end of the game before work…its difficult to even watch these two teams..pti is entertaining as well hah

    redding has been quietly solid in some recent starts

  16. (19) Dan: I don’t know how old you are, but the M.Donald Grant/De Roulet era was perhaps theeeee darkest times of being a Met fan. The Wilpons are saints compared to them. And Dan…just remember what you wrote at the Ultimate Mets Database about M. Donald. LOL!

  17. Jim (22) OT – I told my brother about the Manhattan Grille north of Baltimore – he wants to know if there is also one in Manhattan? (I don’t know why, he hasn’t been there in years :)

  18. I liked Trachsel except for that horrible game in the NLCS. I’m not surprised the Mets waited this long to finally decide on surgery for Reyes. It didn’t seem like it was healing with all the setbacks. Now he won’t be ready to go as soon. He could have had a month or two more rehab than he will now.

  19. It’s pretty amazing that as well as Redding has been pitching lately, he still has an ERA over 5! lol

  20. not as of now annie..boy my it would be a great thing and has been discussed…maybe one next to citi?? if they ever cleaned willets point up there would be a chance…when redding gets outs its a bit suprising…a patient team knows its basic fastball, breaking ball..not a ton of movement

  21. #24 I should have written that better. At the time getting M Donald 2.0 looked like the worse thing in the world. And it would have been. But getting a descendant of Abner Doubleday AND a childhood friend of Sandy Koufax seemed like a dream come true. They have pluses and minueses.
    Joan Payson? She did buy the team and basically kept out of running it except for saying Ed Kranepool would never be traded as he was her favorite. Her personally calling Casey Stengel to get him to manage the team was a PR plus. In the 1960s you had baseball pros like Weiss, Devine and Herzog run the team. But ultimately in the 1970s Grant, who was a financial man by training, was not suited to run a team.
    NY Post is reporting that Jose Reyes suffered a setback in running Tuesday and surgery is more likely. Only the Mets are surprised.

  22. Gary Sheffield..the 40 year old injury prone outfielder that Minaya pulled back from waivers because…..????

  23. (31) Annie: She would have to be ranked at the top IMO…she was an off hands owner, and let the baseball people run it. In the span of 4 years the team appeared in two World Series. It didn’t severely go downhill until she passed away.

  24. You hate to say it but lots of times the sports owners that win are the demanding, often nasty times who really WANT to win: O’Malley, Steinbrenner, Finley. Payson may have been too easy-going and reluctant to push people out if they weren’t doing the job.

  25. Dan(38) Steve (40) Thanks for the information – I’ve always thought of Joan Payson as a heroine for women who love baseball and there are a lot of us who do. I’m not surprised to hear that she was easy going and respectful enough to let the baseball people run the operation. Two World Series appearances in four years is a pretty good accomplishment.

  26. Looks like closer is a position the Mets have to figure out what to do with. The Angels may have known what they were doing last winter when they let K Rod walk (and grand slam).
    Three strsight losses to the Gnats. Let’s hope they can treat the Braves like they treat us.

  27. Annie: You have Joan Payson pretty accurate. Not interfering with capable people if you hit a brief rough patch is surprisingly hard to find. Look at the Mets fellow 1962 expansion team, the Houston Astros (Colt .45s). Their general manager was Paul Richards, a smart if acerbic person who in the 1950s had improved the WShite Sox and Orioles (although they didn’t win a pennant). Houston was better than the Mets early on and Richards had brought in good young talent like Joe Morgan, Rusty Staub, Jimmy Wynn, Larry Dierker, and Jerry Grote. But owner Roy Hofheinz got dissatisfied after four years and got rid of Richards. His successors were not able to bring in enough talent to surround this core (sound familiar?). Also getting rid of Rusty Staub because he refused to play when Senator Bobby Kennedy was murdered despite Commissioner Spike Eckert saying any players who wanted to take off if they wanted is very wrongheaded.

  28. Yes, the ninth-inning meltdown began with an error, but even so Francisco Rodriguez had chances to get out of the inning before giving up the slam. … Let’s face it, for some reason most every outing has been an adventure for K-Rod this season. He has not looked good since the Castillo dropped pop-up game against the Yankees. … Right now, this is not a good signing.-JD

  29. I forgot about the early start, then put the game on in the car as I was heading out to a meeting. 4-2 Met lead in the 9th, and I knew we were in trouble. Got where I was going just as the bases were loaded, switched off the game and came back out a couple of hours later — only to hear yet again the most familiar phrase of this season on the FAN update: “In a season full of horrible losses, tonight’s may have been the worst.” Come on, there’s GOT to be a limit on the number of times in one season you can say that THIS is the worst loss!

    Then, of course, heard that Reyes tore a hamstring while running “last week” and will “probably” need surgery. Uh huh.

    As for the earlier posts, the deRoulet era was definitely the deepest part of the bottom of a dark barrel. Not only did the team disintegrate and attendance fall to nothing, but the stadium itself was falling apart. When Doubleday and Wilpon came in it was like they breathed new life into the place, and the paint job and neon figures didn’t hurt. As has been noted numerous times on this blog, things were much better until Wilpon got Doubleday to sell out. It’s been pretty much downhill without him. Though, with a new stadium and the SNY network, they at least have a better physical and virtual infrastructure than they did in ’79. Now all they need is a team!

  30. I saw the meltdown on a post game show.

    This guy is the best reliever in the game?

    I hope the next two years is not like this.

    Not that it matters because unless he is traded he will not pitch in the WS with this team.