About Last Night …. Ugly

Just another microcosm of the season in nine fitful innings. Mike Pelfrey pitched great at the start retiring the first seven hitters, but who didn’t have a nagging feeling he would implode?

Pelfrey blew a 3-0 lead as the Mets lost at Washington, with David Wright being robbed by Elijah Dukes for the final out. It’s way too easy to say that play cost the Mets as the night was another example of creative losing.

The Mets had the bases loaded with nobody out in the first and eighth innings and came away with one run. You should come away with more by accident. I’ve lost track of how many times the Mets have kicked away bases-loaded opportunities.

“We had some opportunities,” manager Jerry Manuel said. “That’s been the story of the season.”

Pelfrey, as usual, unraveled. He again had hitters sitting on his fastball, with this time Ian Desmond unloading for a homer in the fifth.

Defensively, Anderson Hernandez and Luis Castillo butchered double-play opportunities, which enabled the eventual winning run to score.

2 thoughts on “About Last Night …. Ugly

  1. Two comments for you Delcos… First, the problem of Desmond hitting one out in and of itself isn’t a big deal to me. That happens. It how things got set up. With a 3 run lead and a guy on first Pelfrey went into his fog and got so into the guy on first he wouldn’t pitch. Even a September call up, regardless of prospect status would be sitting on a fastball at that point. Manuel played personal catcher Schneider to help Pelfrey. Why didn’t a guy with all that time in the bigs get Pelfrey to throw something else at that point?
    Second point is that these mistakes occur on defense, on the bases, at the plate, and on the mound. They happened all year, not just with the AAAA players who were called up. If it were a couple guys guys, you could easily say dump them, but it has been a team effort. This can draw one to the conclusion that the environment in the Met clubhouse is not conducive to being prepared to play. Players make what look like dumb plays because they aren’t thinking. Why? Had Jerry lost his players in the Spring? Has Jerry’s daily comments turned the players off, or have them worrying about negative comments from the manager rather than be thinking about the possible plays that could come their way? Whatever it is, if you don’t replace the man in charge, you should expect the samt type of play no matter who the new players are, next season.

  2. Harry (1): I would guess Pelfrey threw the fastball because, 1) Schneider called for the pitch and it was a bad location, or 2) Pelfrey missed the sign and threw a fastball when something else was called, or 3) neither Pelfrey not Schneider had confidence in any of his secondary pitches.

    And, you’re preaching to the choir on the fundamental lapses.-JD