Would you extend Beltran’s contract now?

One of the core wants to stay. Carlos Beltran, 32, who returned from the disabled list earlier this month in an attempt to salvage part of his season, said he wants to finish his career with the Mets and told his agent to approach the team for an extension after the season.

That would be Scott Boras, who prefers to test the FA market.

Beltran, although not a great crowd favorite, has more than done his job with the Mets. He’s been productive and played hurt. He’s also performed in the clutch and has been an All-Star, Gold Glover and Silver Slugger winner.

BELTRAN: Plenty of expectations with his contract.

BELTRAN: Plenty of expectations with his contract.

His best season, by far, was 2006, when he finished fourth in the MVP voting. Beltran tied a club record with 41 homers, including walk-offs against the Phillies and Cardinals. Beltran also homered three times in the NLCS against the Cardinals, but will always be remembered for taking a third strike from Adam Wainwright to end the series.

That strikeout could be why he’s never been as appreciated as he should be.

What I like about Beltran, is with the season over from a competitive standpoint, he worked hard to come back from the DLwhen it would have been easy to shut down.

“Why not?’’ Beltran said. “I don’t feel obligated. This is my job.’’

Beltran is at an age where an extension wouldn’t be a terrible idea, because by the end of his current deal he’d be 34, and still a productive player.

BELTRAN: He's produced.

BELTRAN: He's produced.

However, if the Mets do this, I see it happening after next season and not this year.

My thinking is the Mets should be wary because of Beltran’s injury history the past two years. In addition, the Mets have so many holes to fill that their attention will be elsewhere.

However, there’s another reason why I see the Mets waiting, and that’s because they really don’t know what direction they are heading. Do they need a tweaking or an overhaul?

The story of this season has been the injuries, and if they return healthy and productive next year, then a case can be made that the Mets are not as bad as they appear. In that case, they’d be wise to bring back Beltran.

Of course, that includes Beltran having a good and healthy season.

However, if the Mets continue their downward spiral, and Beltran has another off-year, then it would be time to start over.

I like Beltran, but I’m not extending him this winter. There are too many variables.

8 thoughts on “Would you extend Beltran’s contract now?

  1. Boras always claims he does nothing that his client doesn’t want him to do. This makes for an interesting scenario. You make decent points about not signing but if he wants an extension and he is an outstanding player, and you don’t and instead give an unnecessary package to a much lesser player like Francouer then he could easily say screw the Mets. Then Omar and co. will be stuck trying to trade a guy with a no trade contract or having an unhappy guy on the team for 2 years.
    You should try to make the stars as happy as possible, not the average guys because they talk to the press.

  2. I think you have to wait. Beltran has hit pretty well since coming back 302/393/453. But Nomar Garciaparra had some years when he hit well in brief periods after coming back from injuries. Yet his last decent year was in 2006 at age 33 and you have to remind yourself he was once spoken in the same breath as Jeter and A Fraud. Wait at least a year..Boras don’t give no discounts. He will also lie about players injuries (Brien Taylor).

  3. Beltran is not my favorite player. I do not know why. Perhaps it is the contract and expectations.

    He is very good at what he does and as you say he has played hurt and done everything you would like except lead.

    He has had his share of injuries and as you say is getting up there.

    From a loyalty standpoint you can say the team owes him. From a pure cost/benefit I say wait. Most likely he will not be worth an extension they would give him. Not that I would not like to have him for more years, but he won’t be the all-star CF.

  4. Beltran had a rough start with the Mets. Then grew into them.. He plays hard and does what he thinks is best for the team. Unlike the others he only plays hurt when he can physically do so, he knows his limitations and knows when to pull himself. Unlike others on the team. You have to give that to him. depending on the contract I say wait and see..
    he’s earned his money for the most part. More so than Delgado which everyone keeps wanting to keep. I find that odd.

  5. Of course not – who knows what the Mets finances and organization is going to be like in this off season?? Plus with Boras as his agent, you never know what will happen.
    If I were his agent :) I’d tell him to hang on until the wreckage clears and the future is spelled out for this team.

  6. Its nice to see that Beltran wants to stay a Met. He is making 18.5 mil the next 2 years. Do you think Boras is going take a paycut? Chiti, yes he a star. Is he worth 4 times as much as Francuer? He has 2 bad knees, and will be 35 the first year of his extension. In the post madoff world freddies not going to anybody 20mil a year so this is just blowing smoke anyway. Boras is smart. He knows his clients knees could go at anytime and he is trying to get security for his client. It never hurts to ask. By the way do you remember Tommy Agee? Bad Knees ended his career at a young age.

  7. 5steve. I have posted they should sign Delgado. But it would be a one year deal with little guaranteed money. What Beltran/Boras would want would be at least 3 more years guaranteed with a no trade clause. totally different situation.