METS CHAT ROOM: Game #157; Pelfrey gets the ball.



Mike Pelfrey should get one more start after tonight, and it would be fitting one of the most disappointing Mets would start the final game of this most frustrating and disappointing season.

Pelfrey (10-12, 5.08 ERA) last faced the Nationals, Sept. 18 at Citi Field, and lost, giving up five runs in seven innings. He’s 1-2 in three starts with a 4.12 ERA against Washington this season.

Pelfrey seemed poised for a breakout year after taking a step forward last season, but regressed in so many ways in 2009. He unraveled and was prone to the big inning. He lost focus and concentration numerous times. He was inconsistent with his secondary pitches.

He was anything but a No. 2 starter. Actually, his record indicates he wasn’t even a No. 5 starter. Manager Jerry Manuel said Pelfrey is in next year’s rotation, but that’s because there’s nobody better to replace him with.

Here’s the line-up that will try to give him enough runs to dig Pelfrey out of whatever hole he puts himself into:

Angel Pagan, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

56 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #157; Pelfrey gets the ball.

  1. Annie (2): I’m writing Wright’s season off as just a bad year. I had a lot of expectations for Pelfrey to step up and continue his progress. He was just a bust this year.-JD

  2. John (3) I’m glad you’re giving David the benefit of the doubt, he surely has had a bad year in many ways, but the concussion was too much for him, I believe. David has really been great for the Mets off the field, much like Derek is for the Yankees.
    In fact, the two are friends.

    Pelfrey – is just wasting one oppourtunity after another.

  3. John (5) I know there are all kinds of pitchers, and there are catchers who have to deal with them. Does Pelfrey have a brain?

  4. John (7) I didn’t mean to be cruel. There are some very cerebral pitchers, and others who just get up there and throw – that was my point. Know what I mean?

  5. Wright wasn’t doing that much better before the concussion. His average was higher but still very little power, so I don’t think the concussion is the reason for his disappointing season.

  6. TMS (11): I don’t either. He was a mess before he got plunked. It was as if this season his entire approach was as if he had a concussion. He has been in a fog all season.-JD

  7. TMS (11) Concussions often have mysterious repercussions for the patient. Any brain injury needs to be very carefully watched for abnormal reactions. The Mets went through this with Church – remember?

  8. What we’re seeing now is what has been Pelfrey all season. He’s sailing. Then gives up a hit and now has two on. He’s had problems all year in putting away hitters and innings.-JD

  9. John (13) There could also be family issues or illness etc. Some people don’t carry them onto the playing field – others do.

  10. Annie (17): We likely would have heard of it if that was the case. I just think he’s had a bad year. If he were distracted by something off the field you’d think his average would be impacted, also. That hasn’t been the case. His approach was screwed up from the start. He let hitting in Citi Field get in his head.-JD

  11. John (16) To change the subject a bit – Michael Irvin, former Dallas Cowboy and current Hall of Fame members will be on TV again tonight sometime between 9PM and 10PM on ABC – just in case you want to see him and the others who are ‘dancing’. It’s a very strange program, but very colorful.

  12. I saw a clip from that show of Tom DeLay the former congressman from Texas on The Soup. Pretty funny watcing him dance.

  13. I’m not watching the game. I’m also not watching the dance show. Let me know if anybody scores on either one.

  14. I understand, but I did want you to know that Jim B’more filled me in on Michael Irvin. Incidentally, my brother wanted to know if there was a Manhattan Grille restaurant in Manhattan – I sure don’t know, do you?
    This isn’t a bad Mets game – so far.

  15. TMS (23) He’s lucky he got the gig – he’s under a Congressional indictment and is no longer in the Congress. ‘Dancing’ pays these ‘contestants’ big bucks to appear.

  16. Hi Jeff (24) I’m not watching the game either, I’m listening to it on WFAN, but I am watching the Yankee game.
    How did you make out with the wisdom tooth?

  17. John (28) You know, these past few games have been pretty good…I felt sorry for Figgy yesterday…

  18. I wasn’t watching the game, but I came back and put it on. First thing I see is my “favorite” Green come in. Then I see a leadoff walk. Then I see an error. And I just saw the ball go into the dugout and the lead run score.

    And I was wondering why I hadn’t put this on before?

  19. Annie (27) The antibiotics seem to have taken care of the wisdom tooth problem, at least for now. But thanks for remembering.

  20. Jeff (46)
    You’re welcome.
    It’s a strange evening in the world of baseball, even the Yankees and the Red Sox are losing.
    After this game is over, I think I’ll put the IPod on and finish my trashy novel.

  21. Howie has put this poorly played game “In the Book” where you can re-visit all the mistakes by the Mets who were 3 runs ahead until the 5th inning.

    Final Score: Nats 4, Mets 3

    Game Tomorrow Afternoon 4:35PM

  22. After a good showing in Florida, the Mets now can’t go home with a winning road trip. They lost two to the worst team in baseball. Sometimes, I wonder of the two teams which is really the worst.-JD

  23. bobby o gave a nice critique of pelf.

    he said his arm dropped a little which causes the ball to go flat and hi.

    he also repeated that he needs to throw his other pitches. how it helps to find your main pitch or just to keep the hitters off balance.

    he said he is convinced pelfrey is this close. but he has to throw something other than the fastball.

  24. 49. What that catch showed was a guy who was nothing but trouble showing his team that he’s now a baseball player willing to do anything to win the most meaningless game. How many Mets have shown that attitude down the stretch?

  25. missed the game…read about it..mets play with 0 fundamentals..we and they cant wait for this nightmare to be over