About Last Night ….

Last night was another puzzling and unfulfilling game for the Mets, who lost 2-1 at Washington. They faced a pitcher, Ross Detweiler, who started the game with a 0-6 record and 5.71, one you would have thought they could handle.

They didn’t, getting only seven hits.

FIGUEROA: Hard luck loser.

FIGUEROA: Hard luck loser.

And, you don’t often read this, but the Mets wasted a strong start by Nelson Figueroa, who is now 0-5 for the month of September. He could have won at least two of those games with a little offensive support. Figueroa has given up four runs in 13 innings in his last two starts, losing both.

It also wasn’t a good night for David Wright, who continues to struggle at the plate. He also committed an error and should have had two. Wright is hitting less than .220 since returning from the disabled list after he was beaned by Matt Cain.

Last night was the 90th loss of the season by the Mets, who were projected to get to, and win, the World Series by Sports Illustrated.

5 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. a… Bad noight for David. what about thatbig hit with nobody on base in the first…
    b. No mention of Tatis earning a spot next year with those 2 big hits and his totally hideous fielding at first.
    c…. Francouer showed last night why you don’tgive him multi year deal. Those 2 whiffs were classic Francouer. when a pitcher pays attention and throws him junk out of the zone he is a minor leaguer.
    c… zimmerman and dunn each have 100+ RBI with no table setters. Wright has 70 rbi with two guys who have gotten on a lot in front of him. By accident he should be close to 100.
    d…what a season for the Braves, whether they make the playoffs or not…..

  2. Here’s a bittersweet comment from Bobby Valentine (AP)

    Valentine said it was difficult to follow American baseball closely while managing in Japan, but he offered this when asked about the 2009 Mets:

    “I followed it from afar and I have some friends there that I’ve shared tears with, because I think it’s been a tragedy.

    “It’s been disappointment after disappointment, and I don’t think anybody could have fixed it as the season was going on. As soon as it seemed like things were getting better, they seemed to get worse.

    “I was kind of a fan that was really disappointed and upset by the outcome.”

  3. Annie… It may have been a Met tragedy but the rest of baseball seemed very happy with the ’09 Mets season.

  4. Harry (3) Sure, they were happy that they didn’t have to deal with the Mets (who were supposed to be contenders)