METS CHAT ROOM: Game #156; One more week.



The Mets open their last road series of the season at Washington tonight against the Nationals. Nelson Figueroa does the honors on the mound and he continues his push for a spring training invite.

Figueroa (2-7, 4.88 ERA) pitched a superb game in his last start, September 22 against Atlanta, giving up two runs on two hits in seven innings. Figueroa has had both good and bad moments this season, but he hasn’t blown anybody away with his consistency.

FIGUEROA: Auditioning for 2010.

FIGUEROA: Auditioning for 2010.

I still see him as no better than a long reliever. If one from the patchwork rotation in September emerges as a fifth starter, although none has been lights out, I would say Tim Redding has been the best and Pat Misch has the advantage of being a left hander.

The best-case scenario for the Mets’ rotation next year regarding a fifth starter, would be the acquisition of a solid No. 2, the healthy returns of Oliver Perez and John Maine, and Mike Pelfrey to make a step forward. If one of those three becomes the fifth starter, and everybody pitches to expectations, then the Mets’ pitching would be greatly improved.

Here’s tonight’s line-up against Nationals starter Ross Detweiler (0-6, 5.71 ERA):

Angel Pagan, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Omir Santos, C
Anderson Hernandez, SS
Nelson Figueroa, RP

79 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #156; One more week.

  1. If Murphy can’t start a game against a lefty which is 100% meaningless then you have your answer from the Jerry Manuel on Murphy as the 2010 1st baseman.

    If Jerry Manuel is the manager come opening day 2010 you can expect a team that plays like losers regardless of the moves made by Mr Minaya.

    The rotation isn’t long relief. There are no more long relief men in the bullpen. The rotation is 4A.

  2. Harry (4): You are spot on about Murphy and left-handers. He SHOULD be in the line-up. He needs as much time vs. lefty hitters as possible. … Who cares about what Tatis can do vs. this guy? … But, count on Manuel returning. That’s not going to change.-JD

  3. John (7) Thanks, weather channel shows a string of T-storms up and down the coast. Guess they don’t reach the DC area.

  4. You all keep talking about next year – is that all set in stone? Why keep all the losers on the payroll?

  5. Annie (9): They are limited on how many frontline players and pitchers they can bring in. There will be a turnover, but you’d be surprised as to how many will return. Not an encouraging sign.-JD

  6. John (11) It’s not just the players – I’m also thinking of the management – Omar and Jerry, and the other staff like field coaches etc. Why bring them back? Unless the Wilpons are truly cash stressed – in which case next year will be worse than this one.

  7. John (10) When I hear about David’s problems lately, I think about the concussion and possible after effects.

  8. Annie (13): He’s hitting .220 since coming back from the DL. The play in the field that last inning and not hustling the other day in Florida didn’t have anything to do with the concussion.-JD

  9. Harry (4) OT – I saw a lot of Pittsburgh over the weekend while watching the G-20 meeting there. The place sure looks good.

  10. I remember that story about Bobby Bonilla calling the pressbox to complain about an error called on him. I covered Bonilla when he was in Baltimore. He was for himself first, second and to hell with everybody else.-JD

  11. 17. Annie; Pittsburgh is not the city people who’ve never been there think it is. My sister living in the South told me how shocked her friends were about how noce Pittsburgh looked.
    And they’re building a subway stop right outside PNC Park. Only problem is finding the do re mi to finish the job!!!!!!! And a new hockey place for the 2nd team in Pittsburgh, the Pens…. No more igloo.

  12. Really sad news today about Chad Pennington. His season, and perhaps his career, could be over with a severe shoulder injury. He’s one of the nice guys in the sport.-JD

  13. Harry (20) All I could think of was that Teresa Heinz (Kerry) takes here civic duty seriously and makes things happen.

  14. omir has half a seasonof ab, 7 hr 37 rbi 250
    and spotty d.

    is that good enough to be more than a backup next yr?

  15. John (24) As I recall when he was with the NY team he had several injuries with lengthy convalesences.

  16. John (24) NY still in a rain delay – I’m watching ‘Dancing with the Stars” some football player is involved, but I don’t know his name.

  17. hello all, hope everyone here is doing well.

    mets baseball has certainly not been an enjoyable watch this yr but im not as down on the future as many are.

    any ideas on next yrs squad?
    id love to see carl crawford in citi…a #2 pitcher is a must…and either LF or 1B must be filled by a power threat

  18. The football player on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is named Michael Irvin – anyone know who that is?

  19. jim (32): Nice to hear from you again. You’ve been missed. … Yes, I’d love to see Carl Crawford in left next year, but I don’t see the Mets being aggressive enough. I think he’ll stay in Tampa. … You’re right on the need for a No. 2, but Murphy is the first baseman next year. Count on it.-JD

  20. really JD?… murphy at 1st… i dont hate it but u better get a big bat for LF then…
    come on carlos..2 run bomb here

  21. jim (39): Really. I do see Murphy as their first base choice next season. I don’t see Delgado coming back. Murphy has been serviceable and there are more pressing needs.-JD

  22. hello annie- yes michael irvin was a member of the cowboys in the 90s.. how about my man phil yesterday…good way to end his season

  23. 1. SS Reyes
    2. 2B Castillo
    3. CF- beltran
    4. LF/1b- adam dunn
    5. 3b- david wright
    6. RF- Frenchy (who i am not sold on)
    7. 1B- murphy or LF- marlon byrd or RH power hitter if murphy is 1B?
    8. C- Thole/santos or maybe a barajas type?

  24. should got done last yr…crawford in LF would be nice but still need power..this team has zip of it

    left or 1B needs to be a power bat

  25. Hi Jim (41) How’s the restaurant going? Thanks for identifying Michael Irvin for me – I really don’t like the violence in football and rarely watch it. However, your man Phil was a star yesterday 65!!! Too bad that Fed Ex system works so strangely. Phil gets the score and the money and Tiger gets the title. Who thought that one up??

  26. questionable system in golf for sure.

    restaurant is solid…economy isnt the easiest right now but we are doing ok thank goodness…Manhattan Grill is the name..waiting to get my d wright jersey signed and framed to put over my booth

  27. unfortunately not. tonight would have been the only night i was not working but i did not make it down to DC.

    what are your feelings for next yr Annie..who can we bring in

  28. marquis does seem like a classic met pick up though…off 1 great season in a contract yr..but he is a steady arm..if they get him for #4 money yes, but i know better… i dont see that many attractive options out there in the #2 pitchers market and a rotation of

    sure isnt good enough

  29. Personally, I’d love to see the Braves get in as the wild card. Considering there doesn’t appear to be a dominant NL team, if they get in they could run the table with their pitching.-JD

  30. jim (54): The rotation you describe is definitely not good enough. I don’t even know if Niese will be ready for the start of the season. … The Mets don’t figure to spend a lot this winter. What they should spend on is pitching.-JD

  31. Jim (43) I’m not up to date on who is available, but I do like the addition of Francouer to the team. Did you see yesterday’s game? Where he made a great catch to save the complete shut out that Pat Misch was pitching?

  32. i read about the catch but did not see it…i love his attitude and “grit” but i worry about his reckloose hitting style.

  33. Jim (59) He’s still pretty young 24/25. I agree with you about his attitude, all he needs is some ‘fine tuning’.
    I think the Mets need some changes in management. i.e. Minaya, Manuel, but everyone else says that the Wilpons are keeping them, so…..
    I have a brother in Columbia, MD. I’m going to mention your restaurant to him – OK? He was an Oriole fan – adored Cal Ripken and saw him play for his whole career.

  34. jim (59): Francoeur has that grit the Mets have long accused of not having. He’s been one of the few bright spots of this season. I think it is safe to say they won that trade.-JD

  35. annie- columbia is about a 35 minute ride away from my location in Perry Hall, MD but by all means go ahead. We are located about 14 miles north of Bmore. My father opened the business five years ago and with me just graduating college its now my show to run. Its going ok so far. We’ll see if its my long term career but it is good to help the Pops now as he has grown tired of the day to operations and put me in charge (hipeuflly im more competent than Jeff Wilpon) I grew up an avid Orioles fan being born here but as I grew older I began to follow my Poppy (grandfather) and his love for the Mets and have been hooked ever since around 1997/1998.

  36. Howie and Wayne have put this game ‘In the Books’ and it is the first MLB win for Ross Detweiler. They are giving an honorable mention award to Nelson Figueroa for his effort.

    Final Score Nats 2, Mets 1

    Tomorrow’s game at 7:10 PM.

  37. another loss for our mets…waiting to turn the page on a disgusting season..hope to stop in more as i am getting grounded in the new job

    JD- thanks for the site..always loved it and will continue to stove season is almost with us

    be well to all

  38. JIm (64) I think it’s great that you are going into the family business, and I am sure you are more competent than Jeff Wilpon :). I can also understand your choice of the Mets if it was your grandfather’s team. My Dad was a Yankee fan and had me there as a toddler, but I lived on LI for a while and hence – the Mets.
    Keep in touch..

  39. the season sadly ended when i returned from europe…the night castillo dropped the pop up…a kick to the teeth as a return..that was the beginning of the end (except for the never-ending injuries)

  40. wow..the church play was brutal. when beltran went down injured that was the true end…too much for wright to shoulder

    will his power return next yr with some lineup protection?..i know the #s dont say its necessary but lowering that LF fence would be a psychological boost

  41. jim (72): I have to believe Wright will hit with more power next season. As of now, there are no plans to alter the dimensions or fence for next season.-JD

  42. i hope… i really think the mets need at least one big power hitter added to the roster..i doubt delgado so i dunno…a lot of the names are not appealing and the mets dont have a lot to offer off their own roster

  43. jim (74): The Mets have little, if anything, on the minor league level to trade. There is also not much indication they will be big spenders. The apparent off-season plan is to hope they’ll get healthy, and with a little tinkering they should be competitive again. That’s asking a lot.-JD

  44. Cheer up Mets fans..our ownership group has apparently diagnosed the cause of our malaise. According to report in the New York Post, the Mets will be changing
    c)owner’s son

    That’s right D (as in dumb) uniforms. They appear to be dropping the pinstripes that have been part of the uniform since the team was founded in 1962 to use a cream color jersey similar to the Giants (they couldn’t make it look like the Dodgers??).

    Amazing how franchises who know what they are doing (Dodgers, Yankees) seem to do alright by not messing with new uniform designs. At least it’s not the Mercury Mets or the clam digger shorts Bill Veeck had the White Sox wear for one game.

  45. Thanks for the good news Dan. I always suspected the unis as the cause of all the injuries and the lack of fundamentals. Look out Yankees. The Mets are ready to take over the town!!!!!!

  46. They’re really going to change the uniforms — again? Why am I not surprised, but dumbfounded just the same…