About Yesterday ….

Pat Misch threw the Mets second complete game of the season, shutting out the Florida Marlins, 4-0. The other was by Livan Hernandez in May against Washington. File that under the “Go Figure” category.

Nobody could even put the odds on what that would be entering the season.

MISCH: Congratulated by Thole after masterful performance.

MISCH: Congratulated by Thole after masterful performance.

Misch had been hit hard in his previous three starts, but did have some good moments this season. Will Misch be in the Mets’ rotation next season? Doubtful, but he pitched well enough to merit a spring training invite.

Let’s face it, the Mets have pitching holes and don’t have the luxury of dumping a guy who just threw a shutout for him. If the Mets don’t make any off-season pitching acquisitions, or if Oliver Perez and John Maine have health issues, Misch could get a chance to compete for the fifth starter role or as a long-reliever. That he is left-handed works in his favor.

In addition, Jeff Francoeur homered again, and the Mets are expected to offer a contract extension. The Mets have enough off-season wants on their shopping list, and signing Francoeur would shorten it.

WRIGHT: Sets example both ways.

WRIGHT: Sets example both ways.

Lastly, David Wright did not start yesterday. He did not hustle on a ball hit by Francoeur, and consequently didn’t cross the plate before the final out was made so his run did not count. Wright met with manager Jerry Manuel in a closed-door meeting after the game and apologized to his teammates.

If the Mets are to name a team captain, Wright would be the logical choice, afterall, he is the face of the franchise. He’s had a miserable year and the one thing the Mets can’t have is for their leader not to hustle.

In a season such as this, examples are being set all the time. That Wright did not hustle can’t be tolerated. However, that he was stand-up and took accountability is also a powerful example to his teammates.

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  1. The easiest thing to do is to say wow this guy can help us next year when he is playing for a NY team that nobody is paying any attention to. That goes for Misch, Redding, Francouer, Murphy and anybody else who helped this team beat out the Nationals when everyone in NY is watching the Yankees, Jets and Giants. If these guys who supposedlyare developing strategy look at meaningless production as what will happen in crunch time then the recipe will be Omar’s 6th season of failure.
    And for David Wright to be even thought of as a Captain coming off a totally mediocre season when a true leader would have stepped up and found a way to excel thru all the injuries and failures would say to the players that mediocrity is the standard. Captains have to be stars and David wright has become anything but one, offensively and defensively.

  2. Yesterday will be my memory of the Mets 2009 season.

    A day where a young pitcher, Pat Misch and his catcher John Thole gave us a complete game shut out, in a sunny stadium with a ‘crowd’ that seemed to be just family and friends.

    Towards the end of the game, Jeff Francoeur made a catch for which he was to be rewarded with dinner and drinks by Pat.

    The TV announcers were Gary Thorne and Ron Darling and we all know their strengths.

    I’m just happy I saw it.

  3. About David Wright –

    I’m taking David’s side here.

    Unless you have been hit in the head by a 90+mph baseball, you cannot understand what David went through and will not be able to forget for a long time.

    Hopefully over the winter he will be able to put the event in perspective, but if not, I hope he gets some help from a professional.

  4. If they can get Frenchy for 3yrs 15 Mil. I think that would be a good investment. I think of him as Nady with a better glove.

  5. As for Lf, I see rosenthal reporting the mets called the cubs about Milton Bradley. I dont think Milton will like NY very much. He says cubs fans are too critical.

  6. This whole hullabaloo about David Wright not scoring on that single has me very frustrated. People don’t seem to understand what happened at all. They characterize the play as loafing. That is just wrong. In most cases when a player is heading home and he realizes that there will not be a play at the plate he will slow down and coast across the plate. This is normal. Its not loafing because there is nothing to be gained by scoring the run a little bit sooner. The one exception is if your teammate makes a bone-headed baserunning play and gets tagged out on the bases. Of course this is very rare and it has never happened to most players. Yes it was a mistake for Wright not to realize that but let’s be clear here. That was his mistake. Not realizing that the batter may try to stretch and be tagged out for the 3rd out and that he would need to score before the out. The error is that this did not occur to him. But be realistic here. Its a very rare play. In 99.9999% of cases where there is no play at the plate there is no reason to try to score a little bit sooner. The next time he’s on base with 2 outs he’ll be aware of that possibility and he’ll hurry up and score. The misunderstanding and mischaracterization of the play are really frustrating to me.

    Also, in case anyone still thinks so, he didn’t forget how many outs there were. He broke back to his left to avoid being hit by the ball, which would have been an out.

  7. 5. Sadecki…. The guy isn’t a free agent. He’s owned by the Mets for two more years. Why would anyone give a guy who was terrible for 75% of the last two years a three year deal, which would make him undumpable if he reverts to his Braves form?
    7. The guy aplogizes to his teamates for playing like he did, and apologists like you still feel the need to come up with whiny excuses for him. If he apologized obviously you don’t have a clue.. And how in the world do you know if he forgot the outs or not. Are you his brain as well as his apologist? And how do you know what he will do next time. You are an aplogists, his brain and a fortune teller. Wow…. You must be a rich dude living in Vegas with all that knowledge of what the future will bring.

  8. 8Chiti- How much will he get in arbitration? more than 5mil, I bet. If he has a full season next year like hes had since he became a Met, He gets even more in arbitration and is entering his walk year. Hes only 25 years old. I think he will get better. Sometimes you gotta take a risk. At least this time will be on a young guy.

  9. 9. All your ifs are about what if he’s a star. But he has been a bum as much as he’s been a star. There’s no reason to give him a long term deal. This ain’t a risk. You own him for two years….. (And He’s not the face of a fracnhise. You lock in stars, not this type of guy.

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