METS CHAT ROOM: Game #155; Wright rests.



Good afternoon folks. Sorry to miss you last night. I had an obligation I needed to take care of. I do appreciate those who checked in and posted.

David Wright has the day off. Wright didn’t go all out on Jeff Francoeur’s hit and as a result didn’t get the run as the out was recorded at second before he crossed the plate.

There’s no reason for it and it is rare when Wright doesn’t go full out. Wright, stand up as usual, apologized to his teammates after the game.

The Mets close out their series at Florida today with Pat Misch on the mound. That’s something I don’t understand. Misch, who likely won’t be with the Mets next year, gets a start despite not pitching well, while Bobby Parnell, who is part of the future, was pulled.

Still think that’s odd and Parnell should have started.

The game means something to the Marlins, who are still alive. For the Mets, more of the same. We’ll also check in on the Jets, who are wearing the ugly Titans jersey, against the Titans. Giants are on later.

Here’s the batting order:

Angel Pagan, CF
Anderson Hernandez, 2B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Fernando Tatis, 3B
Josh Thole, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
Pat Misch (1-4, 5.59 ERA), LP

113 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #155; Wright rests.

  1. Was great to see Jim from Baltimore and TMS check in last night. You’ve been missed. Hope you’ll still follow the blog and check in during the offseason.-JD

  2. i agree.

    as the season winds down, you do not give innings to the people who are important to your org.

    parnell has things to work on. if they see him as a potential starter let him start.

    do not understand why you bolster ur pen when the season is done.

    ps. check ur email

  3. i was watchning part of the game yesterday and noticed that omir cant block a ball.

    how can the mets go into next season with 2 defensively challenged catchers and a young staff?

  4. saw a clip of the jets game. uuugly unis. sanchez will not last the season if he is going to be brave like that.

  5. Darling has made a lot of Schneider helping Thole. That stuff can’t go unnoticed. It is very important and shows what a class act Schneider is.-JD

  6. yes.

    also bobby o talks about how schneider is helping the young pitchers of the day.

    I have noticed the announcers or commentators the past few years talk about that.

    when schneider came to the team i think you said the same in ur reporting.

  7. I wonder how the giants wr’s will last this season. they dont have a big receiver for the end zone.

    the talking heads said that till today the giants have not had a red zone td.

  8. dave (13): I did. He’s worked well with pitchers and is good defensively. He upgraded the position in that regard. He just doesn’t hit with any consistency. Honestly, I wouldn’t be adverse to bringing him back in that regard. … When he’s done playing he will be a coach or manager.-JD

  9. dave (15): I wasn’t aware of that stat. They’ll get more with their running game. … The red zone is where they’ll miss Burress. Too bad they couldn’t get a work release program with him.-JD

  10. yeah. i guess it is a cost benefit analysis. there are a lot of holes on this team. an upgrade may cost $$$

  11. Manning just threw it in from the red zone. Steve Smith. I’m not concerned about the Giants. They’ll be fine. They might be the best in the NFC.-JD

  12. the announcers keep saying too easy.

    apparently the bucs d is not that good this year.

    giants up 14

  13. dave (27): Just who excites you in the NFC? The Vikings? Not the Cowboys or Eagles without McNabb. He’s performed in bad weather before. He’ll do it again.-JD

  14. i have noticed that these guys keep talking about power.

    not that i discount it, but if they were a fundamental team they would not be 20 games underwater.

  15. dave (33): Absolutely. They’ve had over 20 runners thrown out at the plate. Fundamentals include not focusing on the mound which accounts for a lot of the walks. Overthrowing the cutoff man. … The baserunning has been horrid. They also give away too many at-bats.

  16. i agree. i hope they dont see that 300 avg and the nice plays in the field and conclude we are done in the OF.

    and jeffy jacks one

  17. (35) Everything you note points to a lack of leadership at the top, a lack of an organizational philosophy. Where’s the strong-willed director of baseball operations, who’s imprinting a “right way” to do it throughout the organization? Hint: He’s not going to be hired by Freddy and Jeffie. Instead, you’re going to be looking at a seemingly endless stream of in-house “loyalists” (Phillips, Minaya, Duquette, Ricco) who lack the vision to fix the organization on the whole.

  18. Tiffany (38): It starts at the top. Jerry was suppose to be all about fundamentals, but the lack of them has been apparent all season. There’s no excuse for that. If Jerry had gone to the whip earlier then maybe the season wouldn’t have gone down the toilet this badly.-JD

  19. John – What is wrong with David Wright – yesterday he was flinching at the plate and today he is not playing?

  20. (39) And when Jerry cracks the whip, the players go to Tony B., who, in turn, goes around Omar and directly to Jeffie. Who’s in charge here? This dysfunction has characterized the entire Wilpon Era, and I can’t blame Jerry for something that has existed before him and will likely continue after he’s gone.

  21. i read something the other day where they are firing various organizational guys.

    are they finally going to clean house and get scouts and other baseball people to make decisions in the adminstration or will they continue to let non baseball people make decisions on who to keep, who to promote and who to draft?

  22. Annie,

    yes, but it took a public relations nightmare for the Wilpons to get rid of him.

    The same thing happened to Willie. He played the race card which embarrassed them.

    Does a person need to publicly humiliate the owners before they act?

  23. dan,

    dont know. i only watch the mets.

    i do know that a fundamentally sound good pitching good defense team beat the superior yankees in the ws some years ago.

  24. Dave (47) You’re right about that – it was a horrible few days. I’m not sure the Wilpons are suited to be owners of a baseball team – their main business is real estate. Nelson Doubleday was the Wilpons former partner, and a real baseball man.

  25. (44) Does the name of the person really matter? As long as the Wilpons have created a framework by which any player can go around the manager and have the ear of the owner, what’s the point of having a manager?

  26. (50) Doubleday was a publisher, not a baseball man. But he at least had a sense of organizational structure. The Wilpons, on the other hand, run this team like a family business.

  27. annie

    i know real estate is about location, location, location. that and payoffs.

    there a a handful of big real estate firms in ny that control the market. huge barriers to new competition.

    baseball is about correctly evaluating talent. picking a strategy to win and following through. money comes in when you need to make choices.

    most of the choices the mets make are bad.

    omar is 4 years into his tenure. he went out and got some big name free agents which got us excited, but since he is supposed to be a scout i would think that the AAA affiliate at this point would not be bone dry. it is.

    the top prospects now were drafted a year ago.

  28. Dave (53) It’s obvious that this team is sinking further each of the past 3 years. Now, with the economy in the tank and the Wilpons’ family problem with Bernie, who knows what will happen when the season is finally over?
    Where is Bobby V when you need him? Here in CT at ESPN.

  29. Wow, Joey Logano in the NASCAR race in Dover is just in an accident where his car rolls over sideways 8 times before stopping. The 20 year old kid climbs out and immediately puts on his baseball cap so people can see his sponsor’s name! If only he could have taken a swallow of his soft drink’s co-sponsor!

  30. i think john is right.

    com may what you see on the field today is what you will see then. minus putz/delgado.

  31. Whether it be Steve Phillips or Omar, the Wilpons have always sought to hire the guy who will bring them the “quick fix.” Phillips had a competitive run with a team built on players other teams couldn’t afford, while Omar’s plan seemed to fizzle out with two horrible collapses followed by an amazing string of injuries. Both fulfilled the Wilpons’ edict of winning now, but neither built anything beyond the current team. I don’t see the Wilpons recognizing and appreciating the need for organizational building. They only seem to see the quick fix.

  32. Tiffany (52) One of the most successful baseball team in MLB is run like a family business – the Yankees.

  33. Just wanted to pop in and say hello.
    Hope to have more time later this week.

    The Mets farm system is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
    The thing is the impact talent will not be major league ready till late 2010 or 2011.

    Buffalo and Binghamton will be much better next year.

    Unfortuneately I don’t see the Mets being much better than a 500 team next year.

  34. 57 Tiffany
    Building through the farm system would mean not signing any over the hill players or ones that have injury history’s to long term contracts this winter.

    It would mean taking some lumps in 2010 and build to 2011.

    How do you think fans would react to this.

  35. Scott

    yes thole who was a surprise will be in AAA. Niese hopefully will be healthy and the long awaited FMart might as well.

    there are other pitchers and a 1b we drafted a year ago that will be in AAA/AA.

    but we have many potential stars who are 19/20 and years away and i dont know of an OF who might come up and help in case of injuries.

    I am ignoring FMart until I can see him actaully finish a year. He has holes in his game.

  36. Tiffany (59): The difference between how the Mets and Yankees run is night and day. The Yankees are all about winning, and winning now. The Mets are about trying to be competitive.-JD

  37. Howie has put this sweet game “In the Books” in sunny, warm Florida where views of the beach this afternoon were quite welcome.

    Kudos to Pat Misch for a complete game shut out.

    Final Score Mets 4 Marlins O

    Next Game Tomorrow at the Nationals 7:10PM

  38. only cg for the mets goes to a trash bin pickup.

    omar has saved the season again and shown his genius.

  39. The Mets never rehired Davey Johnson after 20 years of trying the Art Howe/Jeff Torborg’s of the world so I can’t see them bringing back Bobby V.
    Wow..these New York Titan uniforms are as ugly as the Mercury Mets unis.

  40. john(75)

    i thought so too. but i was on the mets site and sorted by cg and didnt find anything,

    i see that he is not on the list. i guess they erased his met numbers

  41. Dan (78): They might be the ugliest I’ve ever seen by a professional sports team. Other bad ones: the all yellow Pirates and all red Indians. … The throwback Steelers were bad. … Any other suggestions?-JD

  42. i gotta complain to the mlb site. they did a 1984 and erased his met records.

    at one point he was an important part of the rotation. now he doesnt exist.

  43. john(83)

    i have seen many ugly uni’s

    speaking of which. why do the mets wear black when that is not part of their color scheme?

  44. #85 Black is one of the hot colors for selling uniforms to gangsta rap loving 18 year old males.

  45. dave (94): That’s important for his development, too. … Misch pitched a great game against a team that needed to win. Give him a lot of credit. He’s had other good moments, too. Enough to think he’ll come to spring training.-JD

  46. The Jets are running out the clock. It is obvious that Rex Ryan has changed the culture there. He changed the attitude. That’s what the Mets need.-JD

  47. john(97)

    i agree. dont know if he will make the team, but he should get to spring. there is not a strong FA pitching class and Niese/Parnell are not guaranteed to make the club.

  48. john(101)

    yeah. Livan looked done when they released him.

    I am not saying they should have kept him because it would not have mattered.

    They could have given him a week off to just rest.

  49. Maybe Rex Ryan has changed the culture of the Jets around. I had him pegged as a loudmouth coach, son of another loudmouth braggart who never won a playoff game. So what do I know?
    But is is the III week of the NFL. Going back to May 9th when baseball had finished a similar percentage of game, the division leaders were Toronto, Kansas City, Texas, New York Mets, St Louis and Dodgers. Only the latter two gt to play meaningful games in October. Red Sox and Detroit were a game out, Anaheim was half game behind. But the Yankees were 14-16 and the Rockies were 11-18.

  50. Dan (106): I think a lot of people did. Afterall, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Buddy was pretty loud. To me, today was more impressive than the win over New England. For one, the Jets were on an emotional high when they faced the Patriots. Playing at home, and with the Pats having a short week, springing the upset wasn’t shocking. How they dominated the Patriots was. After last week, who wouldn’t have been surprised to have the Titans, a team desperate for a win and looking for revenge after last year, win today because the Jets had an emotional letdown?-JD

  51. Speaking of emotional letdown, how will the Mets do tomorrow tonight against the Gnats after taking two of three from the Marlins and severely damaging their faint playoff hopes? The excitement will be unbearable both in the stands and on tv.

  52. Should we overcome our petty jealous sides and congratulate the Yankees on successfully buying the AL East/best rcord in baseball? Okay, just this once..Congrats Yankees. And what happens if Hal Steinbrenner decides to let the baseball people run it with a mandate of “we want a winner and I won’t be overbearing and change my mind every month on what we should do like my papa George did”? A repeat of the 1950s when Webb and Topping let George Weiss and Casey Stengel run the them to countless pennants and world series? And avoid the mistakes of being slow to sign minority talent and not to enter the “bonus babies” wars”?

  53. Ah, I see we have another September hero. Awesome. September stars are just a tad more believable than our best March star Butch Huskey was. PS: I’m actually glad Thole stopped hitting. Now the very short sided Met front office and manager might give him the time he needs to develop before he become a real big leaguer. Smar move Thole, maybe they’ll have real manager in Buffalo next year. Sure as heck there wasn’t one in Queens this year.

    109. Dan…. If we were Yankee fans we wouldn’t give a rat’s you know what about buying first place. If the Wilpons bought Texeira, CC etc we’d be talking about how they get their money back on post season play, high SNY ratings etc, and Omar would be our favorite GM.

  54. PS: The Jet game was originally to be at 4 but was moved to accomodate the Jewish fans attending the game since the high holy day begins at sunset.

  55. Harry (110): You’re probably right in the long run on Thole. They overestimated Murphy and could have done the same with Thole.

    (111): Thanks for the clarification on the Jets’ starting time.-JD