Delgado leaves team ….

Carlos Delgado has scrapped hopes of returning this season and returned home to Puerto Rico. He obviously doesn’t want to be around this teammates for the concluding days of this lost season, and most likely said good-bye for the last time.

My feeling it the Mets won’t bring back the injury prone Delgado for one more season, believing Daniel Murphy has shown enough to be entrusted with first base for 2010.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Delgado signs with somebody and hits 30 homers next year. It also wouldn’t surprise me if he had a year like 2007 and the first half of 2008 when there were rumblings he should be traded or released.

Delgado is at the point of his career where you can’t realistically rely on him to remain healthy, and if he is, to produce the 30 homers and 100 RBI he generally has over the past decade.

Will Murphy be able to produce healthy Delgado-like numbers? Probably not right away, and maybe not ever, because Delgado was a special player. However, when the Mets can’t expect Delgado-like numbers from Delgado, it is time to cut ties and go younger.

6 thoughts on “Delgado leaves team ….

  1. I think it is odd that he is not with the team. I understand he is hurt and he probably knows they will not pursue him next year, but Schneider is in the same position in terms of the team commitment but he is still with the team.

    As for Murphy, they better make sure they have a backup plan, unlike this year.

  2. Schneider is healthy enough to play, while Delgado isn’t.

    I still put my money on Delgado coming back in 2010. With Ike Davis probably about a year away (give or take a few months) and Daniel Murphy hitting like a shortstop, the Mets have no real options for first base right now. What’s more, if you consider their laundry list of needs this off-season, a clean-up hitter is likely the one position they can fill in house by simply re-upping Delgado.

    Any idea what it might cost them to obtain a clean-up hitter on the open market? It would either cost them prospects they can’t afford to deal or money Freddie might not have any longer. Delgado, meanwhile, wants to get to 500 HRs and, coming off an injury-plagued season, could be amenable to signing a one-year deal in the $10-12-million range. I don’t see how a clean-up hitter becomes more affordable to them than that.

  3. 1. This is pure bull. Comparing a guy out for the year with a guy on the active roster. Gee, have you seen Santana sitting on the bench, or Putz? They show up sometimes in Queens. Something tell you they are in the fish aquarium this wekend? This is just another round in the Delgado haters finding a lame excuse to bash him about nothing.

  4. tiffany,

    the problem with signing him is he has not been healthy the last few years. i wouldnt sign him. too much of a risk.

    for 10 million we can get a pitcher to help the rotation which we desperately need.

  5. 4. And what makes you think he’ll get 10 mil. the guy’s going to get 1-2 mil and incentives. At most…….. Well maybe Minaya would give him 10 mil, if he’s bidding against hiself, but nobody else.

    PS: how many guys out for they year on the bench? Bet the answer is ZERO….