About Last Night ….

For one game, at least, the Mets played the way they promised during spring training as they rallied in the eighth and ninth innings to severely damage the Florida Marlins’ pennant aspirations.

Three players stood out: Tim Redding, Jeff Francoeur and Cory Sullivan.

* Redding has pitched well since joining the Mets’ depleted rotation, good to the point where he should be brought back to compete for the fifth-starter or long-relief role. Of all the throw-ins into the rotation, he has outpitched Bobby Parnell, Nelson Figueroa and Pat Misch. He also has a strong track record against Philly.

* Francoeur has been a joy to watch since coming over from Atlanta. He clearly likes playing in New York and hustles all the time. He should be rewarded with an extension. Given a full season, he could hit 20 to 25 homers next year.

* Sullivan is an absolute professional. Teams need role players such as him and the Mets would be wise to bring him back, as well as Alex Cora.

5 thoughts on “About Last Night ….

  1. I was away for a couple of days and got back too late last night for the blog.

    See you all tonight.

    (Francoeur is my favorite ‘new Met’)

  2. I predict that if we give Francouer the starting job in RF we’ll come to hate him. He has played 8 games shy of a full season and he has 13hr is batting about .270 and has a measly .302 OBP. This is not starting corner outfielder production. Sorry but Francouer is not the solution but part of the problem.

  3. 2. Thank you……
    1. An extension…. This guy ain’t no buddinf superstar whose gonna get 15 mil in arbitration. Your falling into the same trap. First a love affair with Church, then a love affair with Murphy and now a love affair with Franceur.

  4. John

    I agree.

    With regards to our new RF, regardless of what you think of him the team has a lot of work to do.

    Getting a C, 1B, LF and 2 pitchers is a tall order. Plus a deeper bench. Getting a RF should be put off.

  5. Average NL Batting Average During Frenchy’s Career: .268

    Frenchy’s Career Batting Average: .271

    Average NL On-Base Percentage During Frenchy’s Career: .339

    Frenchy’s Career On-Base Percentage: .311

    Average NL Slugging Percentage During Frenchy’s Career: .430

    Frenchy’s Career Slugging Percentage: .430

    He has looked like an improved player during his three months in blue and orange, but his career stats suggest he’s, at best, league average.

    Question: Do you want league-average production from a corner outfield position?