METS CHAT ROOM: Game #153; Where’s the incentive vs. Fish?



Tim Redding is pitching for a job in 2010. What are the other Mets playing for? Redding (3-6, 5.25) is 2-2 with a 2.72 ERA in six outings since returning to the rotation, numbers that add up to effectiveness and worthy for consideration as a long-man or fifth starter. A .500 record makes it as a fifth starter, and that’s what he has been over the past month. He gave up two runs in seven innings last Saturday against Washington in more than a quality start. Actually, those are the numbers the Mets are seeking from Mike Pelfrey.

I like Redding as he’s a no-excuse kind of guy. He’s been stand-up and hasn’t thrown his teammates under the bus, which Mets starters would be justified in doing lately considering the offense. Over the last 16 games, the Mets have scored three or fewer runs 10 times. In that span, they have lost 13 games.

It has been draining, said manager Jerry Manuel, who for now, has a vote of confidence for next season.

“The losing is really difficult. It takes a lot out of you,” Manuel said. “You’re not playing for anything, but there is still a level of pride. You try to still give your fans hope that things will be OK.”

With his start tonight, third baseman David Wright will move ahead of Howard Johnson to set the club record for games at third base with 836. Wright enters the series on a 2-for-15 slide. He has batted .200 in 11 games against the Marlins this year.

The Marlins lead the season series 10-5.

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  1. Delcos: In one of your posts you mentioned Wright flinching on breaking balls. I noticed as well. How does one overcome this. If you can’t you can’t be much of a hitter. Every pitcher will start you off with that big breaking pitch and then fire fastball away.

  2. Harry (8): It’s a hard thing to overcome, and you don’t want to admit it because nobody wants to admit weakness. If you give into the fear you can’t hit. This is something Wright must deal with. If he can’t it will haunt him throughout his career.-JD

  3. dave (11): Very high. I think he might start the season at Triple A, but he’ll be there eventually. They’ll try to find a veteran to platoon with Santos.-JD

  4. 12. Agree, just wanted to hear it from someone else. This is a bigger problem then his lack of power this year. I wonder if the big deal made about the super helmet ended up playing with his brain when he took it off.

  5. Harry (14): I don’t know. He didn’t like the big helmet. To hit for power you have to be able to pull the inside fastball. If you’re flinching you can’t do that. … You made a great point earlier in that if he can’t snap out of it he’ll get that big curve early if not a high and tight fastball. It’s all mental for him.-JD

  6. Francoeur really punished that pitch. I know it has been only half a season and he had been bad with the Braves last year, but I’m optimistic about him for next season. If you have to pick a positive from this season, he’d have to be one of them.-JD

  7. dave (19): A lot of holes. They are hoping for a lot to break right with their rotation. They need to go outside to get a No. 2. … Left field is up for grabs. … They need a catcher. … Help in the bullpen and on the bench.-JD

  8. yeah. i know.

    last year i expected them to fill their holes. they were in perfect position. they didnt get it done.

    i am not optimistic for the offseason.

  9. dave (21): I’m not either about the offseason. It has been widely reported that the Mets aren’t going to be big spenders. Their feeling is if they stay healthy they are good enough to contend. … They not only have to be healthy, but have to produce. In particular I am talking about Maine and Perez.-JD

  10. john,

    have they not had that attitude the past 3 years?

    It has not worked. Is the 4th time the charm?

  11. THIRD INNING: Pagan is up. He’s shown enough to where he’d be all right in a platoon role. Not confident in him as a full time player. Too many mental mistakes on the bases and on defense.-JD

  12. john(25)

    I agree. Unfortunately, if you are right he will be the everyday LF.

    When we lose Delgado the defense we have, the approach at the plate and the pitching staff perhaps we will be a 500 team next year.

  13. Yes. I am not asking that he return. I am just making the point that without a potent bat in the lineup we have a huge problem.

  14. dave (28): With the exception of Santana, is there any one pitcher you were confident would give you six? Maybe Livan Hernandez, and that wasn’t a good sign.-JD

  15. dave (29): They should add a big bat. My thinking is they’ll make up the power with a healthy Beltran, a return to normal by Wright, and a full season from Francoeur. Should all that happen they will hit for more power. But, will it be enough? It certainly won’t match what the Phillies have to offer.-JD

  16. Yeah. Livan was good for a few months.

    I like Pelf, but he has not pitched well. I think he needs to work on his secondary pitches and confidence. He can be good.

    Right now he is a 4/5.

    I have no hope for anyone else. Not sure about Santana. 2 injuries in a row. Is this just chance or is he breaking down?

  17. john(31)

    I disagree. Let us say all that happens. Will any of those players step up?

    I do not trust carlos or david. If jeff steps up maybe he can shoulder the load, but the other two need to prove to me they can be the man. Delgado was the man. he did not flinch.

  18. dave (34): Going into this season the Mets didn’t know which Delgado they’d get, the first-half disaster from 2008 and the second-half slugger. He had also been slowed by injuries the past two years. There is room for doubt.-JD

  19. oh,

    no doubt. I am just saying that when healthy he produced. he put the team on his shoulders and hit and drove in runs from the middle of the order. i dont see carlos or david doing that.

  20. Let me clarify.

    Let us say Delgado, Wright, Beltran, Franceour are all healthy.

    with a man on second in a one run game who would you rather have at the plate?

  21. dave (36): I don’t know, Beltran has always been streaky. He could carry a team for a couple of weeks. But, I know what you mean about Delgado.-JD

  22. Delgado is a lot like Pedro.

    We got one good year from both. The other years were marred by injury.

    Both can deal with pressure, both know how to play the game. Both are old and their bodies cannot deal anymore.

  23. John(40)

    I remember the 2006 playoffs. Delgado was scorching. Beltran had issues with the inside breaking ball.

    Still does.

  24. I also remember that Beltran was criticized after he came here. I think it was pressure. Perhaps it was the contract. Perhaps it was NY.

    He seemed to relax and play better after we traded for the other Carlos.

  25. dave (41): I can picture Delgado having a good year in 2010 as an encore to his career. But, he’s been breaking down, and he even had additional problems while on rehab. I believe the Mets have seen enough of Murphy for him to hold the position for next year, which will make it easier to buy out Delgado’s contract.-JD

  26. John(44)

    Please do not mistake this line. I am not saying I want Delgado back. I think he is like Pedro. Past his time.

    It is time to move on. Perhaps he has a good year next year. But he has been injured every year since 2006.

    Time to move on. This team needs to get younger. Problem is we have nothing in the feeder system and not much in FA.

  27. dave (43): There were a variety of reasons why Beltran struggled in his first season, and it wasn’t horrid year. Some are the reasons you mentioned. … I don’t know how much you can credit Delgado’s presence for taking pressure off Beltran and Reyes. There’s some. To what degree, I’m skeptical, because the other player still has to do it himself.-JD

  28. it was only a matter of time.

    tim was escaping injury but against a dangerous team like this it had to happen.

  29. john(46)

    Beltran has always played well for us. But he had his share of criticism the first year. It was a big contract. this is ny.

    many players cannot handle new york.

  30. 47. Murphy’s late season surge is actually dangerous for planning. September drives are most often not followede up the next year. They counted on Murphy once before based on a late season surge. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me…….
    But he’d certainly be a better choice than this fish FA Nick Johnson. He’s the Castillo of first basemen without speed. Walks and singles and no power for a guy who looks like he should have some.

  31. pressure is a funny thing.

    you can be very talented, but there is a difference between being part of the crew and being the face of the production.

    it only takes a little thing to distract you. as you know baseball is a difficult game. as they say, it is a game of inches.

  32. 51. Good question. How will the new Met hero handle pressure? He came to NY with no expectations and no pressure. If he’s here next year the pressure will be enormous on him. He couldn’t handle it in Atlanta…. TRADE him while his stock his high……

  33. Harry (52): Don’t judge a player in April in September. They overestimated Murphy going into this year. It is encouraging Murphy is closing strong. It somewhat justifies the confidence.-JD

  34. john(53)

    not really. not a yankee fan, but i know what you mean. there was another pitcher who did well away from ny but not here.

  35. harry(52)

    yes. playing well with no pressure is easier than when there are expectations.

    however, i have heard keith say that murphy has adjusted to the inside fastball.

    55 – not sure who that is.

  36. Harry (55): Just how high is Francoeur’s stock? He will have a lot more pressure next year, but some of it could be off-set with Beltran and Reyes back, and Wright maybe returning to form. … I don’t believe this is Wright’s form. I am writing this off as a bad season.-JD

  37. dave (60): Castillo has to be given credit for his season. There was a lot of pressure on him and he lived up to the challenge. This shouldn’t be interpreted as lobbying for a contract extension.-JD

  38. 58. Francouer….
    59. I don’t know how high his stock is but Minaya ain’t the only bad GM. I’d trust Cox’ judgement any day over Minaya and Manuel. Cox dumped him for a platoon player. If someone bites he’d be gone.

  39. john(61)

    yes. i have been his biggest critic. he has had a nice year. not great, but nice. he still has his moments in the field where he flubs it.

    I still do not think he is worth the contract. last year he came in out of shape. if he was hurt he should have said so. I am glad he was embarrassed. I am glad he had something to prove.

    I do not think the next few years will be as good as this one. perhaps i am wrong. i hope so. it would be good for the team.

  40. dave (64): That’s why I’ve been saying for weeks that the Mets would unload him if they could. The Mets are in for $12 million for the next two years. I don’t think Castillo will have as good a year in 2010. I hope I am wrong, too.-JD

  41. dave (67): Castillo lost 17 pounds and came into camp in good shape. He didn’t get off to a good start, in fact he had a big game in Florida before the Mets returned for Opening Day. He was not booed out of the gate, which had to have helped him.-JD

  42. 63. I actually don’t have a problem with him, but he is not a guy you can count on. He can be much better than Church and he can be much worse than Church. He has proven both. On a team that will be filled with question marks, all I’m saying if you can get decent payback from a GM like Omar you take it.
    70. no dave, you’re joshing aren’t you. He’s not catcher ready and he isn’t offense ready. This is a good cup of coffee for him and now let him develop the rest of the way so he’s ready on both ends when he gets a proper chance.

  43. EIGHTH INNING: We shouldn’t forget the offense took the night off after the Francoeur homer. We’ve seen that more than a few times this season.-JD

  44. Harry (80): Let’s put it this way, with the way things went this year any topic to take our minds off what’s happening on the field is welcome.-JD

  45. Harry (82): We really have. Their average with RISP is pretty high, but it’s bogus because they are down in runs scored. Last I checked, they’ve had 21 runners thrown out at the plate. Countless others at needlessly out at third.-JD

  46. 85. did you think as poorly of Wally Backman? Maybe you want dan uggla at 2nd next year. He’s the Dick Stuart of second basemen.

  47. i am sorry i am teling the truth about your favorite player, but he missed a routine play to his position and although he is hitting about 300 he has zero power.

  48. 90
    Yes he has no power. Why should he. He is a table setter.. Unlike prince david louie does his job. his job is to get on base so the heart of the lineup starting with the prince drive him in. If you want to rag on soemone for being a failure its Wright not Castillo. And as for his error, first in 33 games. Hoew lomng was the prince’s longest errorless streak?

  49. Two things. Don’t send the runners as that could mean a triple play. We’ve seen that. … The other, is don’t load the bases because that never works.-JD

  50. How about that? The Mets rally to win, 6-5. Devastating loss for the Marlins. They needed this badly. Francoeur hit a three-run homer and Redding pitched well to make another strong statement about coming back next year. Fun to watch the comeback and Sullivan deliver off the bench.-JD

  51. metsies fooled all of us tonite. looks like sullivan will be the clean up hittr next year. he erned it more than the big money boys.

  52. Dave (109)
    Thanks for your post – I was away and got back too late for posting – and they won!
    See you tonight.