16 thoughts on “To the sound of music ….

  1. For Omar: “Yesterday”
    “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away/Now I need a place to hide away…”

  2. For us: “Tomorrow”
    “Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
    I love ya Tomorrow!
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!”

  3. This Used To Be My Playground by Madonna….longing for “Baseball like it oughta be!!!” lol

  4. Omars song: Fool on the hill.

    Jerrys song: Nowhere man (this may be Murphys song next year)

    The fans song: were not gonna take it (the whos version from tommy)

  5. “AT 9:07 ON SEPTEMBER 24th, THE METS HAVE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE EASTERN DIVISION OF THE NATIONAL LEAGUE!!” were the words spoken by Lindsey Nelson in 1969, celebrating the first clinching of a championship by the Mets. There’s some nostalgia for ya!

  6. Sinatra could be out in the parking lot singing “There used to be a ball park right here…”

    But I’d dig up a really obscure track by Neil Young: “For The Turnstiles” from his On The Beach album. The last stanza in particular…

    All the bush league batters
    Are left to die on the diamond
    In the stands the home crowd scatters
    For the turnstiles

  7. Here’s another obscure one:

    Night Game by Paul Simon:

    (Paul Simon)
    There were two men down
    And the score tied
    In the bottom of the eighth
    When the pitcher died

    And they laid his spikes
    On the pitcher’s mound
    And his uniform was torn
    And his number was left on the ground

    Then the night turned cold
    Colder than the moon
    The stars were white as bones
    The stadium was old
    Older than the screams
    Older than the teams

    There were three men down
    And the season lost
    And the tarpaulin was rolled
    Upon the winter frost

  8. I would put gurneys “crawling from the wreckage” as the best post so far. Good job by Delcos to give us a fun outlet to express our feelings on the metsies. the last 2 posts are nice but I dont see how they relate to the mets directly.

  9. Bernie William’s version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”, music only on his classical guitar…

    Sinatra singing “There Used to be a Ballpark”…(Thanks Jeff)

    And “Yesterday” of course, that says it all…