About Last Night: Another head scratcher from Pelfrey.

Well, at least Mike Pelfrey hung around for six innings. However, with 116 pitches he has to go longer than. By definition, it was not a quality start for Big Pelf, which is another way saying Big Disappointment.

Pelfrey gave up nine hits and walked three, and 12 runners in six innings is constantly living on the edge. His problem in last night’s loss to Atlanta was what it has been all season in that he wasn’t able to minimize the damage and his command was off.

If spring training were to start next month, by default Pelfrey would be in the rotation. But, he wouldn’t be based on merit. The Mets simply don’t have anybody they could plug in to replace Pelfrey, and the expectations are they won’t sign somebody, either. At least, not somebody at the No. 2 level.

If Pelfrey were the only issue, the Mets might be able to cope, but Oliver Perez and John Maine are concerns of the physical variety. Pelfrey had forearm issues earlier that forced him to miss one start, but they haven’t resurfaced. I wouldn’t be shocked if it came out he had been pitching hurt. These hidden injuries always seem to be a part of the Mets’ winter landscape.

If Pelfrey is hurt, it would at least explain his bad season to some degree. If he’s fine, all the more maddening. He took a positive step last year and this summer was primed for a breakthrough. But, he doesn’t seem to have grasped the mental aspects of pitching with his pitch selection. He tends to lose focus and is unable to put away hitters and is vulnerable to the big inning.

No, that wasn’t a cut-and-paste of an earlier post about Perez.

This guy, despite his physical tools, has not developed like Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum, but then again, those are special pitchers. I would like to believe Pelfrey will develop as it is not uncommon for pitchers to develop later in their careers.

Still, the expectations were high for Pelfrey and we were singing his praises after a good start. They just haven’t been reached. If he duplicates this season in 2010, the Mets might have to start thinking this is as good as it gets for Pelfrey.

5 thoughts on “About Last Night: Another head scratcher from Pelfrey.

  1. I heard Bobby O say he liked that Pelf was throwing his secondary pitches and in particular complimented his curve which I think Peterson banished. He also mentioned his fastball was flat but that he was able to manage the game to some extent in large part due to his catcher.

    In the past several years I have heard the pitchers compliment Schneider’s handling of the staff. Since the Mets have no plans for him, it seems they should get a solid veteran to handle the staff not named Johan.

  2. Benjie molina will be out there again. Remember when Omar low balled him a few years ago? The other big name catcher is Irod who might make more sense If they think Thole will be ready to take over in 2011.

  3. 3/2. Delcos: Are you being serious????? Schneider did well with those 2 guys???? See that Sadecki, the movement to return the Schneid is growing by leaps and bounds. Now he’s the personal catcher for two guys both of whom have been getting flunking grades. I can see the new 4 year deal coming along in a hurry before everyone else can steal him.
    The only difference in these guys with Schneider and someone else catching is the uni # behind the plate.