METS CHAT ROOM: Game #152; Pelfrey hopes to salvage something.



Mike Pelfrey gets the ball once more after tonight, so that gives him two opportunities to attempt to wash the sour taste that is the 2009 season out of his mouth and from our memories. Maybe it is possible for him to leave for winter on a positive note, but this is a guy who concerns me.

After last season’s positive big step, Pelfrey has slid back. Maybe not to square one, but not that much better. You’ll hear talk about him losing concentration because of his marriage and child, but that’s only a weak excuse.

Pelfrey still throws the ball hard and injuries aren’t an issue. However, much like Oliver Perez, his pitch selection and execution wander. He loses focus and can’t close out hitters or an inning. He’s prone to giving up runs in bunches. He easily gets rattled. How else can you explain all the balks, including three in one game?

Maddening, is he has these moments where you think he’s coming around, but he has far too many of the other kind. He can be dominant for four innings and lose it in the fifth. He can throw seven scoreless in one start and not make it out of the second in his next.

Pelfrey (10-11, 5.10) has a mind-boggling 7.04 ERA in his last five starts, and has lost four of his last six games. He has been particularly brutal lately, giving up a pair of two-run homers last Friday against Washington to Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Bard. Pelfrey also had the worst start of his career in his last start against the Braves, July 17, when he gave up nine runs in 1/3 innings.

Lifetime, he is 2-4 with a 6.36 ERA in eight starts against the Braves. The Mets have lost 12 of their past 15 games.

Just a reminder, I don’t know what kind of Internet access I’ll have tonight, but will do my best.

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  1. One plus one equals two? How about 39 equals Parnell and 34 equals Pelfrey?

    By the way, we don’t know whether injuries are an issue for Pelf. He had some type of forearm issue earlier in the year, which is sometimes a precursor to an elbow problem (the pitcher changes his motion to favor the ailing elbow and ends up putting extra stress on the forearm).

    Also, there is anecdotal evidence about young pitchers increasing their previous workload by more than 50 innings in one season (as Pelfrey did from 2007 to 2008) having fall-off years the following season. If this theory can be believed, his downfall in 2009 was forecasted by his usage patterns in 2008.

  2. Tiffany (1): That is very possible. He only missed one start and hasn’t complained about anything since. I am inclined to think Pelfrey’s problems are more mental thank physical.-JD

  3. Glad to see that Pelfrey has his personal catcher again tonite. Way to go Schnieder, if it weren’t for you who knows how many runs Pelfrey would be giving up. Guess you’ll be back next year keeping big Pelf’s ERA under 6 or 7.

  4. 5 JD, The way I understand it, its the pitches he threw last year that effect him now. He went over 50 IP from the yr before. The year after is when you have the down year. Verlander is a good example. Look at his 05,06 and 07 stats. Then a bounceback in 08. 2006 was the 50 Plus innings jump.

  5. 7. Chiti, your constant negativity is really getting old. You know Schnieder wont be here next year. Go back to picking on Wright.

  6. Do these “increase innings by more than 50″ take into account innings pitched in the minors? Because his increase from 2007 to 2008 was about 50 if you count majors and minors equally. Maybe Bats’s problem is he is a big guy at 6’7” and pitchers that size have problems getting the body coordinated

  7. 9. Don’t bet on it buddy. Persoanl catcher’s have a way of keeping jobs a lot longer than managers and GM do.
    I can’t pick on Wright any more. After all he’s going to spend 2 weeks with HOJO learning how to hit with power again. Why couldn’t they do that over the last 20 or so weeks.

    10. Maybe Pelfrey’s problem is that he changed something mechanically and his lousy pitching coach doesn’t have a clue how to help him.

  8. So back to the other day talking about who would be a good manager for this bunch, cross off Cox. One more year with Bravos and then retiring from the field and going to be a Bravo consultant.

  9. 11. You are wrong. Pelfry is not exactly Steve Carlton. Schnieders a goner and he knows it. you are wasting you viatrol on him.

  10. 12. I didnt really think Cox was coming over. The question was posed who has the authority of a torre or larussa? who has the rings? I dont think there is a more respected manager in baseball. I hate him as an opponent, but would love him to manage my team.

  11. From what I hear, Cox is retiring so he can spend more time at home beating his wife.

    You’ve been a wonderful audience; please drive safely.

  12. And, by the way, Delcos, the 39 equals Parnell and 34 equals Pelfrey was in reference to your mislabeled photo. They all look the same on the mound, don’t they?

  13. 15. tiffany, are you Jerry Seinfeld in drag? now thats a picture. Speaking of comedians whose careers are over, did anybody catch pee wee last night on Leno?

  14. 14. Yeah, one thing about Cox, he’s everything Jerry the clown isn’t.

    13. No kidding. I’m not ragging Schnieder I’m ragging the clown for playing him. Sorry you didn’t catch on.

  15. Big opportunity in DC next week. go to the very crucial Mets/Nats game and get a poster and a 2010 Nat schedule. Should draw hundreds of thousands…..

  16. I was gonna sayCastillo looked just like David Wright on that DP but I said I wouldn’t rag on DWright anymore so Castillo looked like a typical Metsie hitting in the clutch.

  17. 22. Tell that to Delcos, he says the only reason Looie will be back is because the Mets cant unload his contract. Thats his story and hes sticking to it.

  18. 23. What’s wrong with having him back. Patient hitter in the 2 hole. Can get on base more than most for the power of the lineup, its not his fault their ain;t no power to drive him in. All the guys who love Backman…. Backman wasn’t half as good as Castillo.

  19. 25. Wally was good for a platoon player. Btw Castillo is moving toward 20 SBs. Of course the haters now say he will never be this good again. Its hard for some people to admit they were wrong, Chiti.

  20. And hows the wonderous Odog doing these days? Cooled down quite a bit from his big start, I see. Havent heard much about him on the board lately.

  21. You mean I got OP wrong!!!!!!! If i was the GM and gave him that deal I’d fire me.

    I thought the gNats were going after Hudson but now I hear they might move Guzman to 2nd because they have a kid ready to play SS.

  22. 25. Backman and Castillo classic # 2 guys. But Castillo is a better hitter, and a better base stealer. I don;t remember Wally’s glove. I remember Teufel was a very mediocre fielder in that platoon.

  23. It was nice to see those new banners and posters of Mets history that they’ve finally put up at the Field. It’s understandable how they neglected to do it until the end of the season; they were way too busy putting together a championship team.

  24. Hey Chiti, I guess we have the board all to ourselves tonight. Backman had trouble turning the DP. I have an article in my scrapbook from 82 talks about that. that why they gave giles (REMEMBER HIM?) the job in 83. Backman couldnt hit lefties thats why they paired him first with chapman and then Timmy Tuff after that.

  25. 31. You never forget about your prodigal son.
    32. Chapman had a very good year in 84. you can look it up.

  26. My son just shut off the Mets game with the pronouncement, “You can’t watch the Mets! They’re losing! I want to watch Futurama where they make fun of the Mets.”

    Can’t really argue with that.

  27. 33. I did. He did have a good year but then hit worse than Schnedier in 85 and that was the end of the road for Kelvin.
    Milledge…. They’re loving him here in PA. Somebody even taught him how to take the right angles on balls. And they say he learned how to come to the park early!!!!…

  28. Delcos: Do you think Castillo is a better player than Backman was? How about Kelvin Chapman?

  29. 38. Maybe somebody got it into his head that this his last stop before palokaville. Lets see if he can keep it up.

  30. 39. There was an article in the Post-Gazette a couple days ago quoting Milledge as basically saying what you just did. He siad he has to play hard because the Pirates gave him another chance.

  31. Ray … Castillo probably is the Mets’ MVP. He’s been consistent the whole season. But, I’m telling you, if the Mets could unload his contract they would in a heartbeat.-JD

  32. The Pirate game tomorrow might be played in front of nobody. Most of downtown is off limit to cars, a lot of buildings are boarded up banks are barricaded and cops are evereywhere, as the G-20 meets at the convention center and the anarchists try to do their destructive thing.

  33. 46. Pittsburgh is really an OK place. It also, in case you haven’t noticed is the owner of the current Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Champions.

  34. 44. Do you have inside info, or are you just guessing. Who would they replace him with? Hows Joe Namath doing?

  35. Ray (44): Sure, Casitllo had a good season. He worked hard, came into camp in shape and silenced the critics. However, who is to say he’ll have the same year in 2010? There’s some feeling this could be a last gasp for him. There are also two more years on his contract. I don’t know who they would replace him with. Certainly nobody is ready in the major leagues. But, saving $12 million is something they wouldn’t balk at.-JD

  36. 54. Your logic is flawed. You don’t know any player will have another good season. You don’t know that Wright will ever have power again. You don’t know if Beltran or Reyes will bounce back completely. Or Santana …
    If the Mets trade him to save 12 million then I say lets go root for someone else. Most teams trade a vet at the point he’s coming down in the career because they have a replacement. Not the Mets. They son’t have a replacement ready anywhere. Why is it their firing all of Omar’s aides but they are too chiocken to fire him. He’s the culprit.

  37. 54. JD, You are consistent, I will give you that. You admit there are no replacements who can do near the job he is doing. 6m a yr for this production is a value. If you have in insight to thier braintrust as you imply, that is something we would all like to hear. And please tell us how broadway joe is doing. We want to hear from the insiders. If you dont know, There is a person who stopped posting here who may pass us that info.

  38. Forgot about the football and hockey championships. It just seems insane that the same city that can support champions in those sports is perennially nothing more than a minor-league baseball town. What happened to the days of Ralph Kiner, Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell?

  39. 52. I only saw the end of the Steeler game so I can’t answer your questions about scoring more than 14. The field goal kicker missed 2 kicks in the 4th quarter and then the Bears scored at the end. That’s all i saw. Remember Sunday was a day of celebration with the Mets on a 2 game winning streak!!!

  40. Is it a coincidence the Mets had a 2-game winning streak on the two days of Rosh Hashanah?

    Well, yeah, it probably is. But just wait until the Day of Atonement — we’ll see if Omar actually atones for all his sins.

  41. Harry (56): You are right I don’t know how a player will do, I can only speculate based on past performance. I never would have guessed Wright would have this kind of season. However, since he has a track record of production, I have a sense of confidence he would bounce back. I just don’t have that feeling with Castillo. I don’t know if this season was him trying to save his career or that he has turned things around. If he reports to spring training in good shape I would be inclined to thing he would have a good season. I just don’t know about him with any certainty. … Harry, the Mets would trade a player to save a lot less than $12 million. We all know that. … The farm system isn’t a strong part of the team and Minaya does bear some responsibility.-JD

  42. 58. Why should we forge tthose championships?? Because big NYC can’t get them? The hapless state of the Pirates has nothing to do with the city. It has to do with ownership that was making a profit on losing teams and was very satisfied with that. They have new guys running the club and they claim they arew rebuilding for real. We’ll see next year if its the smae old story. I’ll tell you this. They’ve spent a ton on the amateur draft the last 2 years, and have a relaly good looking kid in CF now named McCutcheon.
    And the days of Ralph kiner?????? Do you know how bad the Pirates were when they had Kiner? Did you here his story of winning the HR title and getting a pay cut. When he complained to the owner, the owner said, Kid, I finished last with you and i can finish last without you! Ralph told that story a billion times over the years.

  43. Ray (57): I do have some insight and I believe the Mets are more comfortable with Castillo now than they were last year at this time. I also believe that if they could swing a deal for him they would.-JD

  44. Regarding Castillo, he’s been the top tablesetter in the league. The only guys with higher OBPs are middle-of-the-order sluggers. He’s played everyday, he’s been very consistent. Yet, I loathe the idea of giving the team MVP award to the guy who, symbolically at least, cost them the season by doing his Buckner imitation on a pop-up.

    I think they’ll keep him around in 2010.

  45. Tiffany (66): Yes, they’ll keep him around. Truth is, that play will come to symbolize this season for the Mets. Can you really have a most valuable player for a team this bad?-JD

  46. Harry (63) I didn’t say we should forget those championships — I said I had forgotten about them.

    Yeah, I’ve heard that Kiner story a million times, too. But at least he was a big star. They haven’t had one of those since the days of the Killer B’s… oops, we know how THAT turned out.

  47. 64. Castillo has been one of the steadiest players in baseball. Last year he was coming off surgery on both legs and he played bad. This year is 9 out of 10 years of being steady. A track record a lot longer than prince david’s. And he’s 34, he’s not over the hill age like most of Omar’s signings.

  48. 66. tiff, how can you compare the two. Mets were going nowhere anyway, buckner did his in game six of the ws. Looie has been consisent in his career with two ws rings to show it. I like what chiti says, If the twelve mil is an issue, its time to find another team. this sure aint pittsburgh.

  49. Harry, I remember driving from Cleveland to Pittsburgh to get Pirates playoff tickets. Has the city ever had the bond with the Pirates that it does with the Steelers after they started winning all those Super Bowls. … Personally, I don’t buy into this small market stuff. To me, it is an excuse not to pay.-JD

  50. That exciting game is over. The Mets take 11 hits and 4 walks and turn it into two runs. Time for a day off and the action resumes Friday in Miami where there will be more people on the field than in the stands (much like Shea was 30 years ago).

  51. Tiffany, how can you say Castillo “cost them the season”, even symbolically? He also probably kept them IN the season longer than they deserved to be.

    Who says there has to be an MVP? How about just a Played Better Than Everybody Around Him Most Of The Time Except When He Dropped That Fly Ball award?

  52. Ray (72): I’ve covered baseball for a long time and it is a feeling I have about the Mets and Castillo. It was a bad contract from the beginning, but Castillo justified it this summer. Even so, if given the chance the Mets would bail if they could. They would also bail on the Perez contract.-JD

  53. If the Mets are going to do that much bailing, they should move to Atlanta. They could use the help down there.

  54. 77. In his best horseshack voice. Ooo, ooh, Lee Mazzilli in 1980. forget castillo, they better get some pitching and a LF at least.

  55. Jeff (81): Good point. They stopped coming in Baltimore, and that park is the best in the major leagues. Sooner or later they’ll find out they don’t have to drive to Queens for BBQ and different varieties of beer.

  56. 73. Since I’ve been here, the Pirates are a place togo for fireworks, a night out with friends, bobbleheads for the kids. From what the old timers tell me, even in the best of times, Pittsburgh was a Steeler city first and foremost. The Pirates are now the fourth team in the city behind the Steelers, Penguins and Pitt basketball.
    Their attendance is fine considering 17 years of losing. How many people were in Shea in the lean years? How many people would be in the citydump field after 17 years of losing. But they can draw… The other 3 teams are sold out for every game. They have an awesome ballpark, second to none.