Help is not coming ….

By all reported accounts, the Mets don’t expect to be big players in the off-season FA market. Read that as follows: No John Lackey, no big name power bat, no dramatic improvement.

The Mets front office will continue to say things like “we’ll look for the best fit,” and “if it makes sense, we’ll do something,” but essentially, not much will change from this year’s team and the one the team will throw out there next year.

Mets likely to go minimum wage in getting help.

Mets likely to go minimum wage in getting help.

So, here’s the strategy the best I can see:

Catcher: A Josh Thole and Omir Santos platoon.

First base: Daniel Murphy with Carlos Delgado not returning.

Second base: Luis Castillo because the team won’t be able to unload his contract.

Shortstop: Hoping for a healthy return by Jose Reyes.

Third base: Hoping for David Wright to rediscover his power stroke.

Left field: Here’s where they might attempt to sign a middle-tier player, but don’t be surprised if Angel Pagan is out there.

Center field: Hoping for a full and healthy season from Carlos Beltran.

Right field: Jeff Francoeur could amount to their biggest signing.

No. 1 starter: The return of a healthy Johan Santana.

No. 2 starter: Hoping Mike Pelfrey rebounds.

No. 3 starter: Hoping for a healthy return of Oliver Perez.

No. 4 starter: Hoping for a healthy return of John Maine.

No. 5 starter: Wide open. Bobby Parnell could get another chance. Don’t be surprised if they go for a middle-of-the-road starter and slot him in at No. 3 and move everybody back.

Set-up reliever: I was probably wrong about Putz. With his option they won’t bite on him. Could go with Parnell if he doesn’t start.

Other relievers: Will bring back Pedro Feliciano. I can see them bringing back Sean Green.

Bench: Should re-sign Alex Cora and will likely bring back Fernando Tatis.

So, essentially, the Mets will take the approach injuries were the primary cause for this season’s blowout and they’ll hope for the best in everybody coming back healthy. Pitching is a concern, so that’s where they’ll spend their attention in the FA market. However, they aren’t likely to splurge.

9 thoughts on “Help is not coming ….

  1. The Mets will be changing their theme song from “Meet the Mets” to Dusty Springfield’s “Wishin’ and Hopin'”.

  2. JD, What makes you think they are bringing back Putz? His option is around 10m next year. They could get a legitimate bat for that amount. Or add 5m and a few years to get Lackey.

  3. There was some good news today. They fired their top latin scout, who in 5 years has given us nothing. Other scouting shakeups are coming.

  4. Perhaps I should not revisit this blog or any other Met related sites till 365 days from now.

    This way I can pick up where we left off.

  5. Just kidding.

    I will come with my usual dour disposition and sarcasm.

    Wondering why the team has no clue.

    Perhaps the Mets can find a Russian Angel investor like the Nets?

  6. 8. So what you’re saying Delcos is next year 5th place…. Hey Wilpons you ain’t selling 37,000 seats ahead of time next year with the team Delcos projects.

  7. Dan (1) That’s for sure. Or even “Livin’ On A Prayer” — at least Bon Jovi is still alive. Might even be able to get them to appear. Why not a concert to honor New Jersey in the stadium that honors Brooklyn?