They said it ….

“The only difference between the Mets and the Titanic is the Mets had a better organist.” – late sports columnist Jim Murray.

Do you remember Jane Jarvis?

JARVIS: She could tickle the keys and your fancy.

JARVIS: She could tickle the keys and your fancy.

Once a child prodigy, Jarvis’ sounds on the keyboard became the sound track of the Mets for a generation. Unlike the “noise” that goes on at Citi Field these days and went on at Shea after she left, her creativity was welcomed and appreciated by all. Like the sign man, she made a trip to Shea unique and special.

The other day SNY had an inning without announcers. Could we once have a game without being visually and musically assaulted? It would be nice for the Met to go back to when the music was subtle and witty, and at times soothing. There’s just relentless sound now before every hitter and between every inning.

Right, I’m old school, but it is overwhelming with the rap and the Spanish which more than half the crowd doesn’t understand, and the signature songs of every player.

When there is music, it should appeal to the majority, not segment the crowd. It should be soft enough so most of the time you can talk to who you came to the game with. A baseball game shouldn’t be like AM radio where there’s panic with a little dead air.

Do you know what it tells me when the time at the park is like a day at an arcade? With all the distractions on the video board and with the music and with the 900 varieties of food, it tells me ownership doesn’t want you to really pay attention to what is happening on the field.

It’s not just that way with the Mets. It’s like that with the Yankees, too. Hell, the Colorado Rockies sell 17 different varieties of hot dogs. I didn’t know there were that many. Is all that really necessary?

Just play ball.

7 thoughts on “They said it ….

  1. Hey Grandpa — When you put your dentures in the glass on the nightstand, is it half full or half empty?

  2. I agree with John on this one. When I was at a game 2 weeks ago, It was so loud between innings that I had to shout at the guy in the next seat to be heard. The only time you could be heard was when the game was being played.

  3. Somewhere in my cassette tapes I have some Jane Jarvis playing the organ that Howie Rose broadcast on WFAN years ago.

  4. I agree. I’d extend that to the sports highlight shows. ESPN SportsCenter most of all. Its all bells and whistles and the hosts trying to be slick. I miss when they just went through all the games and showed highlights. Now its like a competition of who is coolest describing the plays and the plays themselves are secondary to the hosts putting on a show and trying to be cool.

    There is a lot of noise at Mets games. I think that a lot of people there aren’t really avid baseball fans and the noise keeps them entertained. For me the game is enough. In fact the noise distracts my attention from the game sometimes. If it works and brings in fans that wouldn’t otherwise go I can’t blame the owners too much for doing it. I don’t like it but I understand it. Still there is nothing better than a close game where the Mets pull out a win at the end. Its a high leaving the game. I was at Fenway for the Santos HR off of Papelbon. That was fun.

  5. (3,4,5) — I agree, too. It’s a sideshow spectacle of sights and sounds designed to make a ballgame a multi-media experience for the non-fan. (The real fan, it stands to reason, will sit through anything, anyway.) I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tweak Delcos.