METS CHAT ROOM: Game #151; Nelson, oh boy.



Wouldn’t it be nice to see a real major league pitcher on the mound for the Mets? I hope ownership realizes a patchwork rotation won’t cut it next year.

We have, now don’t all scream at once, Nelson Figueroa going for the Mets tonight. I liked talking with Figueroa. A nice guy. I admire his determination and perseverance. I just don’t think he’s anything more than a No. 5 at best, and most likely, a long guy and spot starter. He does deserve a chance in spring training for those slots. If they are going into spring training with anything more than that, it won’t be a good sign.

Figueroa hopes to avoid losing his fourth straight start, and second in a row to the Braves. He gave up six runs in five innings last Thursday in Atlanta. Figueroa is 0-3 with a 6.61 ERA in September.

Overall, the Mets have lost 12 of their last 16 games.

MURPHY: Getting better.

MURPHY: Getting better.

One thing that has become apparent, is with the news Carlos Delgado is done for the year, that the Mets must be looking at Daniel Murphy as their first baseman for 2010. Murphy had two more hits last night, including a homer. Over the past 14 games, Murphy is batting .358 with three homers and 12 RBI.

“I like the way Daniel Murphy is swinging the bat,” manager Jerry Manuel said. “He’s really coming on.”

Murphy is showing more signs of pop as he gets to learn the NL pitchers better, and that’s encouraging. If he could reach 20 homers next year that would be a positive development. I believe he’ll continue to improve with the knowledge of the pitching and the more comfortable he becomes. He might never hit for awesome power numbers, but that’s not currently the Mets’ primary need.

As his average increases, and if he stays in one spot in the batting order, his run production should spike.

16 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #151; Nelson, oh boy.

  1. Murphys late surge has been one of the few encouraging signs this year along with Thole coming out of nowhere. Murph can be a serviceable starter at first, but when Davis is ready he will be looking for a position again.

  2. Do you think that we can go into next year with 7 #5 pitchers in our rotation? I think that would be sweet!

  3. One thing I will say about Murph is he works.

    He worked last year when he was in the OF. The offseason had him play anywhere but OF which I will never understand.

    Now at 1B it seems over time he has gotten smoother. Not something you want for a team wanting to go to the post season, but OK for a team going nowhere.

  4. Looks to be a real slow night. In a perfect 2010, Davis is ready to take over first base and Murphy is trade bait for mid season help wherever it is most needed.

  5. Unless he starts drawing walks again, Murphy is destined to become a lefty version of Francoeur — but without a true defensive position.

  6. 5. That would be correct if you had a good GM. However, with this guy and his buddy Jerry, if Murphy is going good they’ll keep him and mess with him and Davis. If he’s going bad and has no value Omar will Sell sell sell…..

  7. 8. I hope they don’t let David Wright teach him how to hit singles to the opposite field…..

  8. back to the game, Mets strand runners at second and third one out in the bot seven. Figgy leaves on the losing side 3-1.