Run away from this guy ….

BRADLEY: First class jerk.

BRADLEY: Defines being a jerk.

There are jerks, first-class jerks and Milton Bradley. One of the all-time bad guys in sport, Bradley has been suspended for the remainder of the season by the Chicago Cubs for his conduct.

He has two more years left on his contract – that the Cubs would give him three seasons just goes to show how clueless that organization is – but has already worn out his welcome. So, with not much in the way of pennant races to write about, the Hot Stove season has already started for some writers, Jon Heyman for example, who wonders it the Mets and Cubs will discuss an exchange at two seemingly worthless properties: Bradley for Oliver Perez.

I couldn’t believe it when I first read it, and still think there’s no merit to the concept. For one thing, Perez is a young, left-handed pitcher with potential, but has remained an uncashed check. While it seems hopeless at times, there is a chance he could be turned around with the right pitching coach. Perhaps a change of scenery would do it, but not if it meant getting Bradley in return.

Bradley, and I don’t really like saying this, is simply a bad guy. He’s a psychopath. He’s like Barry Bonds, Albert Belle and Carl Everett. He’s simply a powder keg in search of a spark. He’s ready to go off at any time.

Here’s how bad he is: He hit .321 last year for Texas and the Rangers couldn’t wait to see him go.

Here’s the most important stat you need to know about Bradley: This is his ninth major league season and he’s been with six teams already. Undoubtedly, there will be a team stupid enough to become the seventh.

Let’s hope it isn’t the Mets.

Say what you will about Perez, who might not ever make it in New York. But, he’s not a bad guy. Bradley has $20 million left over the next two years which is a lot of money to shell out for bad will.

9 thoughts on “Run away from this guy ….

  1. I can’t believe with the Mets, with their public relations and the fiasco of this year, would EVER have any interest in bringing in Bradley. Not to mention…he isn’t that good. Plus the reason why he said he doesn’t like Chicago is because their fans aren’t supportive! lol. How do you think he would fair in NY? lol

  2. The stats guys (and I am kinda on eof them) will point to numbers and say Board Games is someone the Mets should get.
    Sorry. No way. Like you said John, too much trouble.
    Guy can’t handle Chicago, and they think he will be OK in NY?

    In terms of the Rangers, I thought the issue there was more one of length of deal as opposed to them wanting him gone? They probably would have wanted him back, but on a shorter term deal for less cash. IIRC, they made him a couple of offers.

  3. Dont want MB but, if the cubbies want to unload Zambranos contract, I might be willing to part with ollie. A change of scenery might do wonders for both pitchers.

  4. Unfortunately, when you say “there will be a team stupid enough” — that spells M-E-T-S to me. Just imagine what a great combo we could have — Milton Bradley and Gary Sheffield — if Omar decides to bring Shef back. After this season, don’t tell me it could never happen!

  5. As much as I rag on Ollie, I don’t want this guy.

    Ollie has a better chance of winning 15 games with us next year than this guy being a productive bat for us.

    Just like Sheff is a one and done type of player, this guy seems to be a one month and done type.

  6. You get Ollie the right pitching coach, he might win you 15 games. Don’t know what kind of coach would be needed for Bradley.