METS CHAT ROOM: Game #150; season down to a precious few.



It really is hard to believe the season is now down to a Dirty Dozen. Where did the season go?

Braves are at Citi Field tonight. Pat Misch vs. Derek Lowe.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Josh Thole, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
Pat Misch, LP

42 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #150; season down to a precious few.

  1. Great win for the G-Men last night. Defense was horrendous against the run, the sack attack was sleeping for the most part and the running game forgot to show up, yet thanks to Eli and the Manningham and Smith and most thankfully to Tony Romeo we won. You win a game in the NFL you should’ve lost and you are in pretty good shape.

  2. Harry (1): I know where the season went. I was just waxing poetic. We might as well talk about the Giants and Jets with the Mets down four in the first.-JD

  3. Harry, here’s another point. It was a division game they stole on the road. The next one is at home. The Giants can open ground early as the Eagles are without McNabb and the Cowboys don’t look all that good.-JD

  4. 2. I know you were.
    3. Yup. Steal is the right word too. But man, those two kids, Manningham and Smith were terrific.

  5. John (4) So, the enormous scoreboard didn’t fall down, and apparently Eli had a much better night than the much over-rated Tony Romo. Nice that all that wretched excess doesn’t guarantee wins in the new building.

  6. This is for Sadecki. You are not alone in Loving Castillo. Rob Dibble, the Nat color man was raving about him all weekend!

  7. 3 more bombs by the opposition at citydumpfield. Of course, they are all by the away team. Its still the same old story…..
    7. Annie… Eli was great and Romeo was terrible, he obviously misses his ex-girl friend

  8. Harry (9) I like everything about football except watching it – it’s too violent for me. And, like everyone else I am especially fond of quarterbacks – Phil Simms being my all time favorite.
    Eight runs in the first inning is a lot to overcome – anyone think the Mets can do it?

  9. Harry (9) Oh yes, the girlfriend, someone named Simpson (?) I believe – no one important…
    PS – Don’t miss the Prez tonight on Letterman.

  10. 10. Even though I’m a Giant fan Joe Namath was my all time favorite. The bad knees, the mouth, the arm…..

  11. Harry (12) It should be automatic if there is a double figure differential.

    I’m trying to decide between the Red Sox and “Dancing with the Stars”. And I may check in on the Dolphins and Colts in Miami.

  12. 13. LOL! I guess you must have had some moments with Dibble! Just trying to show Sadecki he’s not alone! I’ll say this for Dibble, Unlike a lot oif these team owned analysts, he’s not afraid to knock his own team’s players.

  13. Harry (15) OK, get a hold of yourself, years ago when I was living in Ft. Lauderdale I had dinner with Joe and some friends at his ‘Batchelor’s Three’ restaurant in Lauderhill. Those were the days when he was just another smart ass jock.

  14. 17 chiti. Why should I be alone? even posters here have stopped bashing the man. A .300 plus avg. and a .400 plus obp will do that sometimes.

  15. 18. Annie you are a name dropper. Why dont you drop your real name and give us your bio. I just want to know if you really know Namath, wilpon etc. If you did meet Broadway Joe, give us some a little more info than he was a smart ass jock.

  16. Ray (20) Rpb Dibble grew up in Southington, a neighboring town and his Dad, Walt was the morning man at a Hartford Radio Station for years. However, I don’t know much about Rob’s career, never paid much attention to him.

  17. 23. Well now we know where rob dibble comes from. Hows about you give us the inside on Wilpon and Namath? And how did you get to be Joes dinner guest?

  18. 25. Chiti, Murphy is having a nice finish to the year. He will probably be back at first next year. Dont you wish you had dinner with Joe Namath too? get a hold of yourself before you answer.

  19. Excuse the interruption, because while I’ve been a daily monitor-er, I haven’t felt like posting for a long time. But I just have to remark how great the Mets broadcast teams are on both radio and TV. They’re one of the very, very few people who make a lost game or season worth watching or listening to. Up there with Jon Miller and Vin Scully, although each for very different reasons.

  20. Ray (27): Sorry, not buying. We don’t know how he could have been as a starter. Seven starts is not enough. Of all Jerry’s shortcomings as a manager, his waffling and not sticking with players is his worst. He shows no respect and confidence for the player, then expects him to perform.-JD

  21. 30. Delcos, I saw enough, the kid doesnt have enough pitches to be a starter. Plain and simple. I am no expert, but I know enough about the game to know you cant keep throwing fastballs over a long period of time and win.

  22. Ray (32): Sorry … he might not have enough pitches now, but the idea behind the experiment was to see if he could develop them. Seven starts is not a big enough sample.-JD

  23. I guess Annie will not come back to fill us in on the Namath dinner and all. Too bad. I was looking forward to it.

  24. JD (29): doing fine, considering. If the Marlins can get a World Series or at least playoff-contending team lit from kindling every few years, why can’t the Mets use a similar formula to get a flame started and then keep throwing their money-logs on the fire to turn it into a bonfire? Is it a farm system thing? Like, have the Marlins had that much better of a farm system since 1997?

  25. Shucks… Annie never answered any questions about her Dinner with Joe, and JD never answered the Marlins vs. Mets question. All these mysteries remain. Tune in tomorrow…

  26. i tuned in to watch the post game and found a pitcher who was spotted an 8 run lead and goes 4 innings got the save.

    I say if a guy starts the game but cannot finish the first inning but leaves with the lead deserves to get the win because well it’s the stats that matter.

  27. If the Mets are thinking that Parnell has a shot at the rotation next year, he deserves to be in the rotation for the next two weeks.

    He needs to prove to himself that throwing hard, harder, hardest will not win.

    He knows that if he does that for one or two batters he can get by. That he has proven.

    How does Jerry’s managing for clueless idiots method work in developing players?

    What he really needs is a few more years in the minors working on location, controlling the plate and learning to trust your stuff.

    Omar would never allow that because he builds teams full of holes so he can rush everyone to the majors to be the little boy who sticks his thumb in the wall.

  28. *sigh* 11-3. wow.
    I think the team as a whole is shaken up.
    Randolph was unceremoniously fired for far less than what Jerry achieved. With Willie defeat was snatched from the jaws of victory. and because we lost he was let go.
    There has been zero done with this team to try to pull any sort of miracle. Omar and Jerry did nothing!

    Jerry has not been a consistent manager. There was no rewarding good players.
    Players were benched with no rhyme or reason. Oh yeah sorry under the guise of righty/lefty nonsense. Those days proved the worse. Because he would take a player out of the rotation that was on a great hitting streak. real smart that!
    I will not be happy until there is a rebuild. I will not be happy if beltran and wright are let go, but if the team is rebuilt and they are rewarded and nurtured better then there ya have it.
    Bobby V may not have been the worlds greatest manager, but he defended his players! And Davy Johnson has a stellar team to manage.
    So the question is, who can manage the Mets? Do we petition Keith to leave the Booth and save the mets 😉
    We need someone that will be the voice of the TEAM! not the voice of management..

  29. Again the problem with Parnell starting which has been repeated over and over, is that the guy has a nice fastball and nothing really else. Just having a fastball doesn’t make you a starter. To be a sucessful starter IMO, you need at least 3 pitches to become top notch or at the very worst two if one of them is so outrageously good. And also, I can’t ignore his minor league starting pitcher stats which were pretty bad considering the competition he was throwing to.