First things first, a lunch of crow ….

Yours truly posted this several days ago about the weekend’s football match-ups.

John Delcos September 17, 2009 11:20 pm

Jeff (110): The Mets are getting closer to winter. That’s about it. … By the way, I’m betting Pats and Cowboys this weekend against the NY teams.-JD

And, I was thinking blowout in the Jets game. I thought the Patriots would really take it to them for all their talking during the week. I flipped between the Mets and Jets, and the green guys played a very inspired game. But, even in the end, Tom Brady was driving late in the fourth with a chance to force overtime.

Still, the defense played well and went after Brady with the blitz.

The Giants won a shootout in Dallas, but wasn’t the game really decided in how the defense went after Tony Romo?

Of the two teams, I believe the Giants have a much better chance of reaching the Super Bowl because, 1) they’ve been there before and won, 2) the NFC is a weaker conference, 3) Eli Manning is a tested successful quarterback, and 4) they have a solid defense.

With both teams off to 2-0 starts, undoubtedly the newspapers will be writing this week about an all New York Super Bowl. Don’t think it would happen, but it would be interesting. It is odd, but the Subway Series is such a big deal around here during the season. A much bigger deal than a Jets-Giants game. However, the Subway Series in 2000 was a dud nationally as much of the country doesn’t give a damn about New York.

The Super Bowl, however, is a national holiday, and I’m willing to bet a Giants-Jets Super Bowl could be dynamite.

It has been suggested several times I write a football blog. I started last year, but it collapsed much like the Mets in Septembers past. I will put football posts in here and see the response and go from there.

I am toying with a number of ideas and formats, but not sure.

1) Do I have a separate site from this one or add the Jets and Giants here?
2) Do I do just the Jets, just the Giants, both, or the two teams along with the NFL at large?
3) Do I keep it commentary and in-game, or do a do something like MetsBlog with football and link to newspapers?

If you have some ideas, shoot them my way.

Thank you.-JD

6 thoughts on “First things first, a lunch of crow ….

  1. John – one site to cover both.

    And I really hope the papers hold on on the SB stories. They did it last year so early, and look how that turned out.

    Then again, Favre isn’t here this year, so maybe…

    I’ve seen a Mets WS win (well, 2, but I was 4 days old in 1969).
    I’ve seen the Islanders win 4 Stanley Cups.

    I want a Jets SB win. soon.

  2. Another site which I will not name, because they suck had a good idea. They have a main mets page, a minor league page, a page for other sports and a page to talk politics or religion or whatever. Another suggestion. You may want to have some of your posters write some stories.

  3. I am flattered just to have my name immortalized in your original post, so whatever you do is fine with me.

  4. 4. thats right, you are immortal. that means you never have to see a doctor for the rest of your long, long life. Dont make delcos look bad by going to a physician, no matter how sick you feel.

  5. A football blog site to cover both NJ teams is just fine.

    The only true NY team is way up north and I don’t follow them.

    Since you fancy yourself a reporter and not a fan you can have your cake..

    You may have issues with the Jets/Jints thing but hey you are just putting your flag in the ground so to speak.