METS CHAT ROOM: Game #148; Losing streak at six.



Good afternoon folks. It’s such a beautiful afternoon and with two such ugly teams, I imagine things could be quiet this afternoon. I’ll still check in to see if there’s a pulse.

Tim Redding, stopper, pitches today for the Mets in an effort to snap their losing streak at six games. Whether he does or doesn’t, it really doesn’t matter anymore. Kind of sad, actually. I would rather have them lose it the last week than go through the motions.

Here’s the line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, LF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Wilson Valdez, SS
Josh Thole, C
Tim Redding (2-6, 5.52 ERA), RP

30 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #148; Losing streak at six.

  1. I know there have been injuries, but one thing I don’t understand is the inconsistency of the batting order. Thole has been here a few weeks and he’s already hit in three or four different spots. Murphy has been all over the place. … It’s like the driver ahead of you on the freeway who keeps changes lanes. Pick a lane, any lane! Damn, how aggravating.-JD

  2. remember murphys line? ” Im Daniel Murphy, I bat third” I guess hes not using that line anymore.

  3. 3. I liked the idea of Thole hitting second. The problem is there are too many players on this team that are good second hitters. They need some real middle of the lineup players. How many 3 run homers have they hit this year? Last night was a good example of what happens when all you can hit are singles.

  4. john

    the offseason had you banging the drums for dunn

    i wish we listened to you. he is going to end with 40r/100rbi

  5. I see Ike Davis is still hitting ball over in Europe. Im looking forward to seeing him in the AFL and hopefully next year at Pitifield. Has anybody heard if FMart is playing winter ball?

  6. 7. you guessed it.
    8. JD was right on that one. Francesca didnt want him. That should have been a clue.

  7. Dunn has been good for 40/100 every year over the past five. He strikes out a lot, yes. But, he also has a high OB percentage and scores 100 runs. … They could have had him at a bargain price and he would have been the ideal replacement for Delgado.-JD

  8. John (12) No – it would have to be a group record, but someone should drive in a run or 2, or 3. This team needs to win a few before the end of the season.

  9. 11. But everybody thought Murphy could handle LF and Delgado Was on track for 100 RBI before he got hurt. Another passed ball by Thole gives him 3 on the year so far.

  10. Ray (15): Understandable. He doesn’t know how some pitches break. He’ll get better. He’s been a positive. They just can’t overestimate him like they did Murphy.-JD

  11. What kind of contract are the Mets going to give Redding over the winter claiming they “fixed him”?

  12. 22. Dan, Green is the pitchers equivilant of Pagan and Murphy. Great talent, but is prone to mistakes, usually at the worst possible time.
    17, I dont know, It would just figure for this organization to bring up a catcher who can hit but not catch.

  13. The Mets Win – 3 to 2. Tune in tomorrow to see if they can do it again. Same Time, Same teams.

  14. I heard from the 6th inning on in the car. It was a nice job by Redding, though it was miraculous that they actually held onto the lead after he was pulled.

    If Sean Green is on this team next year, they should dismantle City Field, sell all the pieces to the scrap dealers across the street, and let the Mets play on the diamond that’s left. Nobody will be coming to see them anyway, and they can use the proceeds from the sale to … ah, forget it.

  15. Jeff (29) I will never understand why today’s managers always want to remove the pitcher who has done well, but is in late innings. I’m with Nolan Ryan on this.

    “Dirty Dancing” was shown on the Family Channel last night with some updates and a special message for the Swayze family. Still charming, and the best role I ever saw him in.

    If you haven’t seen Mark Teixeira at work at first base for ‘the other NY team’ do so now. He’s made them all better – article about them in the Daily News today.