METS CHAT ROOM: Game #147; Delgado officially done.



Not that this is a surprise to anyone, but Carlos Delgado is done for the year. Several setbacks with his back, said Jerry Manuel. I don’t see him ever wearing a Mets uniform again.

The Mets open a three game series against Washington tonight. Here’s the line-up that will try to overcome Mike Pelfrey’s inconsistencies:

Angel Pagan, LF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Brian Schneider, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
Mike Pelfrey (10-10, 5.09 ERA), RP

29 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #147; Delgado officially done.

  1. Lets just hope that its the SI story of pitchers going too many innings from the year before. They desperatly need this guy.

  2. 3. another example of Jerry being delusional. Schneider in the lineup? Maybe he’s just asking to be fired and Omar keeps saying No.

  3. 3. Chiti, I know you are a prospect loving weenie. Schneider is in there tonight to try and get Pelf all the help he can get.

  4. Harry (3) Eddie Coleman reporting that Santos had a death in the family, and Schneider got into the lineup that way.

  5. 5. Well then Schneider is a total failure Sadecki. This hapless Nat team went 3 games in the band box in Philadelphia and hit ZERO HRs. Good job Schneider. It only took you one third of an inning to keep Pelfrey on the road to oblivion.
    I was watching the Oriole pre-game and Brooks Robinson was on woth Palmer. Palmer said that the biggest thing Brooks taught him was to never bad mouth a teammate. i guess Jerry, and KROD didn’t hear him.

  6. Harry (9) Nice quote and that sounds like a conversation between Jim and Brooks. Wish they were both still young and playing.

  7. Dave (11) I’ve come to believe that David Wright has just had a bad year, and that he is now and will be next year the best third baseman playing for the Mets.

  8. annie

    I only see zim when we play. it is a small sample, but i would swap straight up.

    dave is no longer young. his fielding can be very good. the problem is he cant find 1st. i have seen him not come thru at the plate many times over the past few years. this year with a 300+ avg he is hitting south of 200 with men on 2nd or third.

  9. Harry (9): K-Rod is an idiot. … He’s not pitched to the contract and I don’t think he ever will. He’ll be hurt before its over. And, he could’ve been thrown under the bus several times.-JD

  10. Dave (14) stats aside, the Mets are not going to trade David Wright – he is the face – and often the voice – of this franchise, much like Derek Jeter is for the Yankees.

  11. John (18) I doubt that David will be lured by money, I think he likes being in NY and as you said last night, this year was not indicative of his talents.

    Dave (14) You said ‘dave is no longer young’ – for heaven’s sake he’s only 27!!! and he’s spent all those years here with the Mets.

  12. John – When does the search for the Mets new first baseman start, or is it going to be Daniel Murphy?

  13. 9. chiti, i guess annie threw me under the bus this time. Anyway, I understand warthog is calling all the pitches anyway. I guess its a nite off for thole.

  14. Ray (24) Please come out from under the bus – I was just repeating some info from the radio guys.

  15. 25. It was just a joke annie, with so many under the bus stories going around. Its not like I have a line to jerry.

  16. sorry guys steppped out for a while

    come back to c david have a good at bat, the team show some fight but lose in the end

  17. found this on the web

    C – Omir Santos – $400K
    C – Josh Thole – $400K
    1B – Daniel Murphy – $401K
    2B – Luis Castillo – $6MM
    SS – Jose Reyes – $9MM
    3B – David Wright – $10MM
    IF – Anderson Hernandez – $400K
    LF – Angel Pagan – $575K+
    CF – Carlos Beltran – $18.5MM
    RF – Jeff Francoeur – $3.375MM+
    OF – Cory Sullivan – $600K+
    OF – Jeremy Reed – $925K+
    1B/LF – Nick Evans – $403K or OF – Fernando Martinez – $400K

    SP – Johan Santana – $21MM
    SP – John Maine – $2.6MM+
    SP – Mike Pelfrey – $1.3125MM
    SP – Oliver Perez – $12MM
    SP – Jon Niese – $400K

    Other candidates: Fernando Nieve – $414K, Tim Redding – $2.25MM+

    RP – Francisco Rodriguez – $11.5MM
    RP – Pedro Feliciano – $1.6125MM+
    RP – Sean Green – $471K+
    RP – Pat Misch – $402K
    RP – Bobby Parnell – $400K
    RP – Brian Stokes – $410K
    RP – Carlos Muniz – $402K

    Other commitments: J.J. Putz – $1MM buyout