METS CHAT ROOM: Game #146; Wrapping up the Braves.



The Braves are still kicking and need a sweep of the Mets tonight to keep their slim playoff aspirations alive. The Mets’ season has long since died.

Nelson Figueroa comes off a decent start against the Phillies – two runs in 5 1/3 innings last Friday – to face the Braves. Those are decent numbers that could have been worse as he gave up nine hits and five walks. Figueroa has given up eight earned runs in his last four starts (23 1/3 innings), but because of the Mets’ anemic hitting is 1-3 in that span.

After last night, just how could things get worse for the Mets? We could find out tonight.

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  1. Since Jerry had his tteam meeting to tell his troops to be proud and finish strong they’ve won one whole ball game. Jerry lost his team. Jerry wants to be a shrink but he’s practicing without a degree.

  2. OT — I was touched that Brian Williams devoted a few minutes at the end of his broadcast tonight to Mary Travers, the classy alto of Peter, Paul and Mary. Thanks Brian and Godspeed to Mary from this alto who loved her work.

  3. 3. Annie, usually I dont like to comment about non- baseball issues here, but something happened when I was in NYC for a visit 2 weeks ago that makes this story interesting for me. I was at the W4 st. station after a stop in the village after the game at Shea on a friday night. A young girl was playing leaving on a jet plane for dollars and coins at the platform. I bet Mary and her band played the village more than a few times in the 60’s. I didnt even know she was ill. That song is a timeless classic.

  4. Ray (3) You make me think of a cosmic moment or something like that. I didn’t know about her illness either.

    If I have a favorite it’s “Where have all the Flowers Gone”, but I truly love them all.

  5. Here’s a thought …. assuming next year the Mets are healthy, which includes Maine and Perez, is that enough for them to compete. It will put them over .500, but I don’t think that’s enough.-JD

  6. I’m doing the Times Crossword and looking to see if Mary and the Boys are on my IPod. Also checking out my Yale ID to see what access I still have.

  7. 10. Same team healthy? I agree , don’t win. Santana and 4 mediocrities and a bullpen that except for Feliciano isn’t any better than 07/08… The Phillies will have a much better rotation, more offense and an equally crappy pen. The fish will have year development from thier pitchers as will the Nats and the Braves. This team had better find ways to improve or there won’t be any excuses in ’10.

  8. 12. You should try if you want to see any videos of your favorite group. they have them all.

  9. 14, Speaking of libs, where have all the Gils gone? Too bad he ran away when Chiti abused him.

  10. Ray (16) Thanks Ray – I have so many music ‘favorites’, there isn’t just one group or singer.

  11. Is there any predicted starting time for tonight’s game yet?
    Jets playing patriots (good seats still available!) reminds me I just got done reading an oral history of the AFL called “Going Long”. One interesting thing is after the 1968 season the Patriots decided to fire their head coach and hire someone from the winning Super Bowl team. The Jets won and they hired offensive Clive Rush, despite the fact that Joe Namath called all his own plays. Clive Rush was an absolute disaster, lost 17 out of 22 games, and was a very strange man too. Who would have the Patriots hired if the Colts won it? Chuck Noll.
    If everyone (or almost everyone) is healthy in 2010, the Mets will win 87-90 games. I’d be curious to see how the Yankees, Dodgers or Bosox would have done with 19 major injuries. Which does not excuse the very poor job the Meyts do with diagnosing injuries..that must be fixed.

  12. John (11) How many Mets Classic games are there? What’s the date of the one you’re watching?

  13. From the Peter, Paul and Mary web site:
    “Mary Travers passed away on September 16th. After successful recovery from leukemia through a bone marrow/stem cell transplant, Mary succumbed to the side effects of one of the
    chemotherapy treatments.

  14. Harry (22) Wow, no wonder we all thought this was sudden – what does that tell us about ‘modern medicine’?

  15. 18. Gil ain’t a lib Sadecki. I’m a lib. He’s something else. He showed up for a sec the other day to tell us all that the Met sked was out. I was nice to Delcos and ignored him for the nothing that he is.

    See the Mets are so frekin bad I can’t even fight with anyone. Its all Omars fault and Jerry.

  16. John (25) Kris Benson, with Seaver broadcasting – and what does Tom Terrific have to say about Benson’s pitching?

  17. John (27) No – no agendas with the puzzles – many of them written by my sister-in-law Diane Cleveland Baldwin who has very little interest in politics, but is the Queen of the Crosswords in America according to my brother.

  18. 6/11/05…. Was that the game Marlon Anderson hit the inside the parker vs KROD in the 9th to tie the game?

  19. 30. Annie, if your sister is so good with puzzles, please ask her why Reyes is still getting leg massages after all this time?

  20. Ray (32) Lots of puzzles have cropped up around Citi Field this year. My brother is a long time Ripken admirer – maybe he knows :)

  21. John (4) Speaking of mysteries, how about the hidden implications of that “Puff the Magic Dragon Song”?

  22. 34. Gil loves nobody but Gil. Gil is the lunatic fringe on the left just as bad as the lunatic fringe on the right. Neither is of value and neither would have a voice anywhere but in the US. And of course neother fringe understands and appreciates this. If it weren’t for Ted Turner creating a g-d 24/7 news channel, none of them would be heard today.

  23. Is it really raining in Atlanta or are they paying people to go to the park so they outdraw the fish?

  24. Going to bed with the score still tied was the best decision I could have made last night.

    Going to watch Fringe now instead of checking in on the rain delay is probably a close second.

  25. on the mlb network Billy Wagner is getting ready for the post season by giving up the go ahead run in the 9th.

  26. 48. this room has been much too quiet. lets talk about religion. never mind has anybody been to the movies lately? I am torn between Inglorious basterds and Gamer.

  27. John (48) I’m playing solitaire and hoping that Figueroa can have a few more no run innings.

  28. If the Mets do honor Brian Schneider, they should have Mike Glavine give the award. But knowing Minaya, he’ll give him a three year contract saying he’s working on his short stroke.

  29. John (55) Movies? I haven’t seen a new one in a while but I often watch the old favorites that I already own. Most recently I reran “For Love of the Game” and “Out of Africa”. Thinking of replaying “Dirty Dancing” in memory of Patrick Swayze.

  30. Judging from the scintillating conversation here, I get the feeling putting the game on now would not be a good idea.

  31. Hi Jeff (60) game is tied at 2 all 4th inning, but not that exciting – we’ve already covered a whole bunch of stuff while you were resting – feel better?

  32. Figueroa is pitching well. But, he could pitch a no-hitter and still not be in the rotation next year. If he is, the Mets will be in trouble. Ditto Redding.-JD

  33. Annie (63) I went to the dentist. What I thought was a sore inside my cheek turned out to be swollen and infected tissue around a wisdom tooth that had never given me any problems before. So now I’m on antibiotics and salt water rinses every couple of hours. If it’s no better by Tuesday they will yank the tooth. I’m too old for this!

    Still, it’s a pleasant diversion from the Mets.

  34. John (68) Let’s not knock Figgy now and spoil his nice games…I’m sure he won’t be around next year.

  35. John (71) Why would the Russians be invading now? Didn’t anybody tell whoever made that movie that the Soviet Union collapsed years ago?

  36. Jeff (70) Dental problems a pleasant diversion from the Mets – amazing – wonder if the Wilpons know this??

  37. When I think of air invasion, I think of 9/11 – not pleasant. However, I would like to see the invasion with the 1956 Chevys.

  38. John (80) As you know I’m currently in disagreement with my Dentist as to some work to be done. Maybe we’d all do better at Citi Field Office.
    Fuzzy Dice – now you’re really back in time.

  39. You confused me when you said it was “present day.” I don’t think of 1984 as the present.

    Speaking of 1984, if you’re bored, you could go back and read the memories I posted on the This Day In Baseball History thread. They’re not about ’84, but they are about ’86 and ’85.

  40. Me, I’ve been going thru some of the odder flicks on my Netflix queue. “Prix de Beaute” with Louise Brooks (ultimate 1920s Flapper girl) and “Slogan” with 1960s beauty Jane Birkin (who later inspired the $5,000 “Birkin Bag” that was a plot device in an episode of “Sex and the City” with Samantha and guest star Lucy Liu).

  41. You know, a root canal booth at Citi Field isn’t a bad idea. They can do it without drugs, because the pain of watching the Mets would drown out the pain of the procedure.

  42. So Manuel is at least going to let Figuerora try to work thru a tough spot? A change from last night.

  43. Guess Figgy will be in a new line of work next year… I’m sure he’ll be fine with that Brandeis degree.

  44. Actually, now that I look at my movies in the bookcase – I think I’m back in the ’80s, too — and even the ’70s with the Godfathers (I, II not III)

  45. Changing the subject a bit – I hope that the city of New Haven, and Yale calm down now that they’ve got the perp in the Big House in Suffield. Just imagine – he’s 24 and his life is over.

  46. Manuel is an idiot. Parnell out of the rotation, but he’ll work as a starter in winter ball. He should get two or three starts up here. … But, we get to see Redding and Figgie and Misch. Oh boy!!!!!-JD

  47. Mets down by five. Anybody give them a chance in hell to come back? They couldn’t rally from this in April. No chance with the season all but over.-JD

  48. John (95) You think he wants to continue? (96) Agreed, but the Public Defenders will move heaven and earth to keep him alive and the public will be paying for his ‘room and board’ for a long time.

  49. Didn’t Atlanta used to be the House of Horrors? Well, of course, it still is, but Citi is too. Actually, for the Mets, just about everyplace is.

    OOH, Murphy gets the Mets “a little closer”! To what?

  50. Dan Murphy cares enough to pad his stats! Why is it that I have the computer hooked up to get the Anaheim Ducks vs Vancouver Canucks pre-season game?

  51. Jeff (110): The Mets are getting closer to winter. That’s about it. … By the way, I’m betting Pats and Cowboys this weekend against the NY teams.-JD

  52. For one of the few times on this website, I am. Steve Carroll and Dan Wood on the call. Advertising for the largest RV mall in Irvine, CA

  53. Just reading the cast of Red Dawn at the IMDB. Jennifer Grey from ‘Flashdance’ was also in the movie. Good cast.

  54. JD (113) I don’t give a hoot about football, but I still think the Jets will beat the Pats.

    Mets are coming to bat in the 9th down 7-3. We’re all waiting for the big comeback. Breathlessly.

  55. Assuming their listing s are correct, tomorrow evening the NHL network will have a Detroit vs Chicago playoff game from 1965. Recently I rented “NHL greatest game 7’s”. From the 1965 all they had on video was the third period and the locker room celebration. Would you believe that no one in the Montreal locker room sprayed champagne and at 6’3″ Jean Beliveau towered over eveyone else?

  56. Annie, I just found something truly scary on IMDB. Apparently there’s a REMAKE of Red Dawn currently in production. The plot summary:

    A group of teenagers look to save their town from an invasion of Chinese and Russian soldiers.

    Hm… wonder if there’ll be a LOT OF EXPLOSIONS in this one? Ya think?

  57. Chinese and Russian? I guess no one told these film makers those two countries don’t like each other much. There are some world strategists who feel a war could happen over Siberia. The Chinese need resources and they have never been happy about the czar annexing the area in the 19th century.

  58. I hope Pagan touched all three bases. It would be Marv Throneberryesque if he missed one and the game ended.

  59. Howie has put this game ‘in the books’, but don’t bother to read it, they still aren’t winning.

    Final Score; Braves 7, Mets 3

    Tomorrow: Nationals at Citi Field: 7:10PM

  60. I’m just thinking on the number of Yankee-Cowboy fans I know and how that writes the book for arrogance.
    Mets lose and fall one game behind Arizona for the 13th best record. But cheer up.Mets return home to face the even-worse-than-us (for now) Gnats while the Snakes play the wild card leading Rockies. By Monday morning we could be in 1th. But knowing our luck, we’ll get swept.

  61. Mets are hoping there’s an invasion of Citi Field to distract everyone from the remaining games. Could be by battalions of oral surgeons. Hey, as long as it has a lot of huge, noisy explosions, could be big at the box office.

  62. wow, just checking back, this thread is so depressing. What is the reason to post here? nobody wants to talk about the Mets anymore. Maybe john should change it to a political or movie blog. Baseball is supposed to be an escape hatch from the real world, but this year with madoff and the rest, it is not much of a relief.

  63. Jeff (120) You’ve got to be kidding – Cuba is replaced by China and still the Russians. Hard to believe. I’m thinking bombs, too. Doesn’t sound like a Box Office Bonanza to me.
    Need sleep.

  64. Dan (119) Don’t know how I missed this post last night – anyway this is my little NHL story.

    Years ago, I was invited by Clarence Campbell to a dinner party in Montreal on a Hockey Night in Canada. After dinner we all went to a game in the old forum. Frankly, I don’t even remember who played or the outcome of the game. What I do remember is that after the game, Clarence took me into the teams locker rooom so that I could meet Jean Believeau. Believe me, I’ve never forgotten him – great player, and a gentleman.