Mets Chat Room: Game #145; Parnell gets the ball.



Hi guys and gals. I hope you caught my earlier post on Bobby Parnell. If you’ve got something to add, do it here. Would love to talk with you.

Anyway, he gets the ball tonight with no promises from his manager he’ll get it again if he struggles. That’s the last thing he needs. When Jerry Manuel says stuff like that about a young player it can only add to the pressure. When he says it about a veteran, he can handle it better because he knows the ropes.

Anyway, I think Parnell should keep getting the ball because that’s the only way he can improve. Like I said earlier, Manuel’s waffling damages his confidence more than anything the Braves will do tonight.

Here’s the line-up:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Josh Thole, C
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Jeremy Reed, LF
Wilson Valdez, SS
Bobby Parnell, RP

212 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Game #145; Parnell gets the ball.

  1. 1. JD, not for the first time. Too bad, I really like what he brings to the table. Can you imagine how many bonehead plays would be made with a starting lineup that had pagan, Murphy and Reyes in it?

  2. 6. There ain’t a person in the world who knows what this manager wants. He wants aggressiveness but he wants you to be smart. Well, if you push the aggressiveness button you make mistakes, bonehead mistakes. You also get some things that you shouldn’t normally get. But Jerry only talks about his players failures. He seems to love to do that daily in public. He loves to threaten thier job in public. He loves to talk about their failures in public. Maybe Jwerry vcan talk about his millions of failures this year. Nah, everything is on the players. Pinvh hitting Beltran down three with one guy on was in his words done on purpose because he wanted Beltran to bat with a guy on. No matter there was no power to bat if Beltran got on. If it wasn’t a mistake Jerry Omar should have fired youy on the spot for being the worlds stupidest manager. Jerry never mentions his meaningless and useless pitching changes, he never mentions his total failure at giving a role to most of his players, his inability to get them to un derstand his idiotic decisions, his inabilities to successfully explain how hois word is useless the second he is done speaking.

  3. Jerry being Randolphs bench coach reminds me of a parable about the blind leading the blind. They both fell in a ditch.

  4. Detroit Tigers honored Ernie Harwell before tonight’s game. Cincinnati honored write Hal McCoy.

    On a different note, is another college football bowl game really necessary?

  5. so the Metsies are gonna have a pretty high draft pic next year. Anyone think the Metsies would give an amateur 15 million like the Nats gave Strasburg this year?

  6. Should I root for anybody at this point? Is there a point to watching baseball at all for the next year and a half? I’m thinking of selling my fan loyalty on eBay.

  7. Livan pitching another good game. Says it all when a guy is happy to escape the Mets to be on the Nats.

  8. Dan (13): Ernie is a true gentleman. Say is Hal. I know both of them. I’ll have an Ernie story for you tomorrow. … No, in fact, they could stand to lose about 15 bowl games.-JD

  9. Good things come to those who wait. With the Snakes blowing a two run lead and losing in extra innings, a Mets victory will give them the 13th best record in the National League. You have to find excitement in anything you can.

  10. 13th best record! That’s great! I remember when the Mets always finished in Last Place! Of course, there were only 9 or 10 teams in the league then…

  11. 12. JD It depends. If as many things go right for the Mets next year they could be in contention. Even though our pitching was pretty god awful this year, Pelf, Maine and Ollie have all had success in the past and are all still young. Health will be the determining factor, as usual.

  12. 14. Chiti, It figures when they finally have a high pick, Wilpons broke. That 16 year old phenom is going to be out there too.

  13. Ray (26/27): A lot has to happen. We’re talking about getting four more reliable starters. … And, a dramatic increase in power and staying healthy. It could happen.

  14. I’m glad Darling agrees with me in keeping Parnell in the rotation. Ojeda also agrees that Manuel waffling is bad. Both those guys know a hell of a lot more about pitching than I do.-JD

  15. I have a copy of “The year the Mets lost last place”. It’s a minute by minute account of 3 mid1969 series with the Cubs (Seaver’s imperfect game), Expos and Cubs (Al Weis hits 2 home runs). Very good, readable. Dick Schaap and Paul Zimmerman.

  16. 29. JD, They need Maine and Ollie to pitch like they did in 07 and Pelf to pitch like he did the second half of next year. These three will be here next year, so thats all we can hope for. They must sign a number two and push these three back.

  17. I like Thole … nice hit. … Almost a base running blunder by Castillo. …What was he doing looking back at right field. He has to know the throw is coming to the plate.-JD

  18. Ray (35) I like your handling of the space-time continuum: “They need Maine and Ollie to pitch like they did in 07 and Pelf to pitch like he did the second half of next year.” Yes, that kind of time travel ability may be the Mets only hope — especially with their teenage minor leaguers. “They need [name] to be able to hit home runs like he did in 2012.” We may have something here!

  19. John – OT – on the way home I heard on the radio that Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary died tonight at Danbury Hospital. Sad.

  20. (47) Frank Graddock? Who could forget him?

    Perhaps my favorite part was when Ed Kranepool suggested it would be great to go to Wrigley for the final two games of the season with a three-game lead and say to Ernie Banks, “Hey, Ernie, it’s great day — let’s play two.”

  21. Tiffany (50): I sure hope you have the book in front of you. If you don’t that’s positively scary. …. I remember the Kranepool line now that you mention it.-JD

  22. I liked when they were translating the French words for baseball and said Gene Mauch earned his managerial spurs “a Philadelphie” which means the hard way.

  23. Or when Ed Kranepool gets the game winning hit, Howard Cosell gets him on the nightly news. Before the show the go into a bar, the bartenders clap when they recognize Kranepool and Cosell nods his head thinking the applause are for him (pre-MNF).

  24. How’s the construction on 7, south of the mall and around the mountain? Always lost the cell and the satellite radio around that bend.

  25. With the Mets it’s not a question of it they will lose a multi-run lead, but when. But we screamed to see the young kids….

  26. Dan (58): Yes we did. I know I did today. … No regrets…. Really, if they lose tonight, what difference does it make? … Maybe Parnell will learn something tonight.-JD

  27. Annie (49) I just heard that too. They said she had leukemia. Didn’t even know she lived in Danbury. That’s tragic — Laura Nyro also died of cancer about 10 years ago and lived in Danbury.

  28. Jeff (64) I didn’t know about the leukemia either – that’s a tough one, lost my husband to that disease.

  29. Tiffany (57) The construction is actually progressing fairly well, though of course traffic still gets backed up when everybody has to merge. I was there yesterday. Unlike JD, I live about 20 minutes away on the NY side of the border.

  30. JD (69) That’s a SWELL idea. We could rent out the still-empty Filene’s in the Danbury Fair Mall. (I remember when that was an actual fairgrounds — with stock car racing.)

  31. 60. Jeff If I did have control of space and time I would send you to krakatoa right before the big blow.

  32. Ray (82): I know Annie will hate this, but Howie is dead wrong here. … they need to find out more about him. This is valuable learning time. … Wins don’t matter now.-JD

  33. Annie (75) Thanks for asking. My daughter keeps making the President’s List. She’s obviously nothing like me.

  34. I have no clue what Manuel is thinking now. Who cares how many games the Mets win this year. … With the Mets eliminated, Manuel’s responsibility, as long as he has this job, is to make the Mets better for next year.-JD

  35. 82. They say he is wearing down the bullpen and the players in the field. I agree with them to keep sending him out there to get pounded is doing nobody any good, especially Parnell. He needs more weapons.

  36. If Jerry is thinking about his number of wins on his record, it’s all moot now. If the Mets run the table from here on out, they’ll still finish below .500. … I’m not at all pleased with how Jerry is handling this. And, I know Chiti agrees with me, which always makes me feel better.-JD

  37. Ray (93) He wouldn’t be wearing down the bullpen if Jerry would just leave him in! As for wearing down the players in the field — they need the practice!

  38. Annie (92): Stop being an apologist for him. He’s wrong here. … and Ray, who gives a damn about wearing down the bullpen. The crappy starting pitching did that months ago. … Yes, he needs more weapons. But he’ll develop them on the mound, not on the bench. And, he probably won’t learn them from Warthen.-JD

  39. Annie (95) She’s archeology/anthropology. Me? I obviously majored in being a smartass. (Though I did later get a Master’s in Library Science that I’ve basically never used.)

  40. First Parnell lost his no decision. Now he lost his loss and got the no decision back. Eventful night in less than three innings.

  41. It likes like the whole board vs. Me, and the radio boys. relievers are valuable too. Parnell was doing fine there. How is the constant losing going to affect his psyche? Not every player can handle it. Losing every game is tough on the team psyche too.

  42. Ray (103): The Mets’ collective psyche was lost months ago. … A lot of good pitchers took their lumps early in their careers. But, they learned by staying out there. What hurts Parnell’s confidence even more is to have his manager yank him around.-JD

  43. This is the only problem with giving these young guys game experience — they learn from the veterans on the team. Thole has now perfected the Mets’ Ground-Ball-Out-With-the-Bases-Loaded signature play.

  44. 106. I guess we will disagree. I think giving him an inning here and there from the pen will boost his confidence. That is if he pitches from there like did early in the year, but here I am time traveling again.

  45. John – I keep thinking about Santana – is he still around or has he gone away for the winter to heal up?

  46. 117. yep. 118. At least I have them to root against this offseason. Last year was a total waste.

  47. JD (111) I’ve heard Francesa expressing a lot of concern lately about the state of the Yankees’ starting rotation, to the point of saying they may be in trouble in a first round short series. Of course, if his past accuracy is any indication, that means they’ll probably cruise through to the WS.

  48. John (111) Not really – did you see the brawl last night where Posada is going get at least 5 days? It was very un-Yankee-like – even Girardi has some battle wounds on his face. And, as of today, they have only one reliable pitcher – CC – now that Pettitte has that stiffness again. But yes, they do have a home field advantage, and they did turn it around for a while, but have not looked good this week.

  49. Ray (119): They always have trouble against the Angels. There’s always the Red Sox. … They haven’t gotten past the first round since 2004, when they had a monumental collapse. Blowing a 3-0 series lead is even rarer than the Mets’ collapse in 2007.-JD

  50. Jeff (120): Yeah, I worry about that, too. As if the Mets didn’t have enough problems, to watch the Yankees win the World Series would be painful. … I will, by the way, blog the postseason.-JD

  51. Annie (121): The Yankees have had their share of brawls. That’s not an organization of angels. There was their drag out fight with the Orioles in 1998 (that wasn’t their fault, but that ass Benitez). … They had one last spring training with the Rays. … And, of course, too many against the Red Sox to count.-JD

  52. John (124) I will be surprised if the Yankees get very far into the post season. And, I will be shocked if they win. And, that’s the truth.
    But I am happy to know you will blog the postseason. Thanks.
    And, did I read during my illness that you might entertain some non sports subjects for a one day a week special blog during the off season?

  53. #120 What paper was Francesa reading when he expressed concern about the Yankees starting pitching? I tried to watch him one day last week..turned on the TV, looked at him and said “let’s see what’s on the History International channel”.

  54. Dan (128) I’ve never seen Francesa’s show, as I don’t get YES — just hear him on the radio. The only time I’ve seen him is on his weekly WNBC-TV “Mike’d Up” show at 11:30 Sunday — which I rarely watch, and which he seems to be even more rarely on (he appears to be on vacation more than he’s there).

  55. Jeff(120) Dan (128) Believe me guys when I say that the Yankee starting pitching is shaky, except for CC.

    (I’m not sure that Francesa ever reads any particular paper – because of course, he knows everything anyway.)

  56. 132 Annie. Cheeseburger hasnt been great in the postseason. Joba-want to talk about flip flopping a guy, delcos.

  57. I look when i can.

    It would be nice to post something around 10-12.

    but you know me i pop in and out.

    you used to have polls where we could contribute. that was kinda cool.

  58. i read today that the yanks are hosting some college football something or other and will split the money with the teams.

    why dont the mets do something like that or is it that everyone knows the yanks and no one cares about flushing?

  59. Jeff (131) I have the reverse – I get YES, but not channel 4 from NY. Mike never misses a Sunday Night during the NFL season, but takes off from the show after the Super Bowl. He’s a creature of habit – has now spent 22 years at WFAN. Where he does a Sunday Morning NFL radio show from 9-12 in addition to his regular afternoons, during the NFL season.

  60. dave (137): We will have them again. … I’ll try to have something up early. … It was easier to get stuff when I was around the team all the time.-JD

  61. 134. It will be hard enough for you to find enough to write about at gametime at this point. Its good that you are more active now though. No more rip van delcos.

  62. When do I first look? When I get home from work at 5AM or when I get up at 2PM

    From my experience for those who don’t get YES and miss it’s “Rich McKinney Yankeeography”, Francesa does have the tabloids in front of him regularly. Not as much as before when he had Dawg prattle on and he could read the racing form.

  63. the joba rules is a farce.

    if he aint ready to be a starting pitcher he should be in AAA.

    if you want him to pitch, pitch.

    protect your investment. what kind of investment is spending 5 years on a 3 inning rule?

    waste of time and money.

    pitch him or bench him.

  64. I’m feeling under the weather (must have caught it from Annie) so I’m going to call it a night — even though I would like to hang around and see the end of this exciting game as much as those stands full of Atlanta fans. Keep the faith, guys. See you yesterday, Ray.

  65. John (134) around 7-8 AM.

    Note: the Joba rules are now coming from Tampa, no one in NY has any idea what they are.

  66. really? didnt know that.

    i have not seen/heard of football in the city that did not involve columbia. and who cares about that?

  67. dave (147): Oh, I know that. You’ve always been great to me in your suggestions. I appreciate it. … There are other things I could be doing. … I’ll be honest, this wasn’t a great summer in a lot of ways. I’ll be more aggressive next summer. The only way I won’t do this is if I move somewhere out of the area.-JD

  68. dave (150): The Yankees had Grambling a lot. … They also hosted Army when it was a power. … In fact, the Knute Rockne, “Win one for the Gipper” speech was at Yankee Stadium.-JD

  69. The Yankees were also more aggressive in courting the NHL “Winter Classic” (ie play a game outside and hope no one breaks their leg due to bad ice). This year they lost out to Boston. Never hear the Mets do that. Or when the Yankees reopened it in 1976 they tried an Ali vs Norton heavyweight fight. Don’t think they ever had any after that so they couldn’t revive what happened regularly in the 1930s (Louis vs Schmeling).

  70. #163 especially in November/December. The Mets lease said they could prevent football games being played before baseball ended and M Donald Grant enforced it. Jets would play first 6 games of a 14 game season on the road.

  71. John (170) I believe it was more than one season, but I’m not sure – the Bowl has been recently renovated and looks terrific – it opened in 1914. Ask Ronnie about the Yale Athletic facilities, they are top notch – he played 4 or 5 sports when he was here.

  72. Annie (180): The only game I saw at Yale was a Harvard game. I forget the year. Late 1980s, I think. I heard it was a big deal. It was fun, but it wasn’t Ohio State-MIchigan.-JD

  73. Glancing thru Jets seasons in wikipedia, 1973 was the only season the Jets played the first six games on the road. But it was pretty consistent until 1978 the Jets would start on the road.
    1967 thru 1977: 2,3,5,3,4,3,6,4,2,4,2

  74. JOhn (182) I used to play touch football in the Yale Bowl with my Dad and my brother and some of the neighbors when we lived in Westville. Yale/Harvard is only a big deal in the Ivy League of course. They still use the bowl for some concerts etc in the summer, but they are not lucrative. My favorite athletic facility at Yale is the hockey arena The Yale Whale and the Payne Whitney Gym was also recently renovated and is a terrific place.

    (I worked in the Yale Facilities Office and we handled all this stuff)
    Hope they’ve caught that idiot who killed the girl over on the Med School side. I’ve been reading the Yale Daily News online during this latest crisis. I’ll email you tomorrow’s paper if you want it.

  75. John (189) This is the second killing in 11 years – I was there in 1998 when a senior girl student was knifed a dozen times and left to die on a street corner near the Divinity School. The killer was never found. This time they seem to be doing better – of course now the New England Headquarters of the FBI is in town across the street from where my office was, and even the normal police procedures are better to say nothing of all the computer data, swipe cards etc which can be programmed.
    I think this ‘person of interest’ is not finished with the authorities, they are just being very, very careful. No matter what happens at Yale it is always a very big deal when students are involved. New freshman just arrived a week ago.

  76. Cowboys really haven’t been any good since Jimmy Johnson left. Alright, they won a Super Bowl under Switzer but Johnson built that team. It’s a close vote but the Cowboys historically are even more arrogant and obnoxious than the Yankees.

  77. Dan was commenting on this post, which I deleted to correct a mistake and reinstated after his comment. Sorry.

    Just saw a Toyota commercial with Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez. I don’t have a good feeling about either NY football team this weekend. Who can’t see both the Cowboys beating the Giants and the Pats beating the Jets?-JD

  78. Dan (192): No kidding. America’s Team. … Truth be told, the Yankees are America’s team….Speaking of obnoxious, it’s a toss-up between the Yankees and Red Sox fans. Both irritating for different reasons.-JD

  79. Of course! With Ryan Church hitting, Murphy channels Bill Buckner. No 13th place for the the Minayans

  80. Howie has put this game in the books = and it’s not good for the Mets but at least they scored.

    Final Score: Braves 6, Mets 5

    Next Game: Thursday 7PM Turner Field

  81. I wonder if Murphy gets benched after that play. … If he’s your first baseman for next season, he needs to be out there. You can’t play this game in fear. If he’s afraid of being benched for a mistake, then he can’t play with a clear head.-JD

  82. This is the most brutal mets team ever. I saw a post on a blog saying the 78 mets were better then this bunch and he is right. they couldnt score, but at least they could pitch and play defense.

  83. Gotta agree with Sadecki’s blogger. Montanez (1b), Flynn (2b), and Maddox (rf) we all terrific. Mazzili in center could catch but not throw. Tim Foli made the plays at short. Stearns catching was decent. Randle and
    Henderson were not great but the team didn’t beat itself. Other teams beat them 96 times.

  84. Dan (206): They lost tonight for a lot of reasons, not the least of which were all the runners they left on base. …. Yes, Parnell wasn’t good, but he’s adapting to a new role. … So is Murphy, too, for that matter. … If you’re going to have players play out of position and learn on the job, this stuff happens. … I don’t think there’s a plan. Either they are playing to evaluate for next year or win games now.-JD

  85. 207. John, people will not pay outlandish prices to watch this kind of baseball. The three main core players contracts will expire soon. If players who are supposed to be able to execute simple plays still cannot, send them to winter ball. If they dont improve, send them to the minors. They have to go for it now. They are wasting Santanas prime and Krods too. as well as the aforementioned three. Its time to sheet or get off the pot. They better bring in Lackey and a professional leftfielder and first baseman next year or they are going to start feeling it where it hurts. Stub tix are starting at a dollar now.

  86. 94. Its about time my ramblings sunk in. Remember the Goodby Allie chants at ol old Yankee Stadium. Even Allie sherman didn’t run a team as poorly as the clown running the Mets today.

  87. Unless I am mistaken Randolph was let go for no less of a bad year. Why is Manuel still in it? Is it knee pads or pictures or both?

    The players were not rewarded ever for giving a good outing. They were benched for whatever reason after great games. Pitchers were not rewarded during a good and winning outing they were relieved only to watch their game lost. This style of managing needs to stop. How many bad running plays did Pagan make before Manuel finally took him out? Church was treated crueler. along with other players.
    Manuel was given his shot and more he lulled us into a false sense of a different and fairer managing style. BULL!
    Where’s Bobby V? at least he was loyal to the players when they earned it!

  88. 210. Pretty fair evaluation of Jerry as a manager. What happened to the celebration of Metsie fans happy to have the post-game clown rule vice poor grumpy Willie?
    Where’s Bobby V you ask? He’s finishing up in Japan as he won’t be re-hired there. Rumors abound in DC that he’s going there. Will he come to NY? Will the Wilpons and Omar ask and pay?

  89. Steve (210) and Harry (211)
    Let’s hope that Bobby’s ties to the NYC area will bring him back here. The Mets should jump at the chance to have him back – yet, recent events in the Mets ownership/management seem to indicate that they are refusing to spend a nickel to improve this team. And, that’s a shame.