8 thoughts on “Tonight’s line-up: Mets at Atlanta

  1. I posted this on another site, but I think it’s worth repeating:

    “Since his recall on August 25th, Nick Evans has had 18 AB’s in 19 games, of which he started only three of them. Look I mean…it’s doubtful he has much of a future, but shouldn’t the Mets have at least seen a little bit more than this?”

    I mean, let’s see more of Cory Sullivan and Tatis in left because we have no idea of what they are capable of doing.

  2. In tonight’s action the Mets will be looking to win so they aren’t guaranteed a sub .500 record with their 82nd loss.
    Meanwhile only 202 days before the Mets open the 2010 campaign at Citi against the Florida Marlins. Of course the Minaya men will be playing October baseball in 2010 because the close the season at home against the pesky Gnats. That season-ending series is sure to have heavy implications in the NL East.

  3. Steve (1): I agree with you 100 percent. … We know all about Sullivan and Tatis, and not all of it is good. … With nothing to play for, what’s wrong with learning more about Evans.-JD

  4. Dan (2): They do play Philly in two series next September which is an improvement from this season. Of course, it won’t matter if they lose three out of four in each series.-JD

  5. 1. Steve O… Right on….. But they lied to him in Spring Training he reacted badly and went really bad. So I guess they figured since he went downhill and it was very possibly the fault of Minaya and Co that they would give him some service time but let him know he ain’t a Minaya/Manuel type of guy.

    Notice also how Jerry the mouthe that never stops saying anything has totally forgotten who is super ideal # 2 man in the order is .. Why Jerry did you forget its Murphy. The man you batted 2nd so Castillo could bat 8th and be totally useless. Wonder how that one quietly slipped awy from you Jerry. Jerry Manuel, the manager that makes Met fans long for the reutrn of Torborg, Frazier Harrelson Howe etc.