Mets Chat Room: Game #144; Nothing to play for edition.



Fred Wilpon’s goal when hiring Omar Minaya was for the Mets to play meaningful games in September. That ended with Sunday’s double-header loss at Philadelphia. The Mets are playing for answers and pride, and that’s about it. Some individuals have statistical motivations, and, of course, the Mets are playing to sell more hot dogs and T-shirts.

The Mets (63-81) need to run the table to finish at .500. Guess what?

The Mets are in Atlanta tonight to face the Braves, who are 7.5 games with 19 remaining, are close to seeing their season end. What’s working against Atlanta is that the Mets aren’t in first place. Cruel, but a degree of truth.

Turner Field has not been kind to the Mets recently, as they’ve lost 11 of their last 15 games there, with the Braves hitting .337 in the victories.

Pat Misch (1-2, 3.86) will start tonight for the Mets. Misch is looking to rebound from a horrid start against Florida in which he gave up five runs in six innings, including two homers. Misch has a 3.00 ERA in four relief appearances against Atlanta.

NOTEBOOK: Francisco Rodriguez is not be available tonight due to the birth of his twins in New York.

80 thoughts on “Mets Chat Room: Game #144; Nothing to play for edition.

  1. Good for Krod

    Why do you say these are not meaningful games?

    These are very meaningful to Thole.

    That’s about it though. This season was over shortly after the all star break.

  2. Whoa!! Omar, how come the bravos can bring up a kid pitcher and he can go 9-3 and have an ERA under 3. Maybe he doesn’t have jerks like Warthen and Manuel screwing him up eh?

  3. OOh they are nasty to the Metsies everywhere. Bravo announcer intros the Metsies by saying they have a bix X before their name in the standings.

  4. dave (1): There were a lot of moments this season where I said to myself, “they aren’t going to do it.” …. The 5-run lead they blew to Pittsburgh. … the Castillo pop-up … the Church not touching third. … Beltran’s injury.-JD

  5. Harry (2): Part of the answer to your question is a weak farm and scouting system. You have to have the talent to develop, or in the case you mentioned, screw it up.-JD

  6. 7. Hey Annie; No football tonite…. Did you watch the tennis. Surprise winners in men and women. Did Howie put this season in the book yet?

  7. Thanks John – I’m over the bronchitis now, I did read the blog though and I was one of those who really wanted Pedro…_

  8. Harry (9) How soon you forget, I loathe football. Yes, I did watch the tennis and the golf and Derek Jeter. I saw Howie working with Tim McCarver during one game – what’s up with that?

  9. Hanson doesn’t throw as hard as Pelfrey but his speed differential is almost 20. First time I’ve seen him.

  10. 12. Fox needed a fill in for Joe Buck who was prepping for the NFL. I don’t know howe Howie got the gig.

  11. 15. Annie, I wanted Pedro too. Very frustrated the other night. I wonder if Omar would have tried if the team was in contention. Doubt it, though.

  12. Harry (14) I was hoping that Howie was the replacement for Joe somehow. I love Tim McCarver and he and Howie have done well together at times.

  13. Ray (15) I still want Pedro, but the Mets have no more chances with him. Pedro is a proud guy and Sunday was his chance to show the MLB world that he is BACK. Good for him.

  14. Ray (15) I still want Pedro, but the Mets have no more chances to get him. Pedro is a proud guy and Sunday was his chance to show the MLB world that he is BACK. Good for him.

  15. 18. John, Do you think Omar holds a grudge against Pedro for not living up to his contract, or was it just business?

  16. OOps =- John please get rid of that duplication – I’ve forgotten how this blog works.. sorry.

  17. 20. Annie, you are right about that. He is never going to wear a Mets uni again. I just hope its not a Philly one the rest of his career. This is the worst thing that could have happened.

  18. Ray (22) I believe that Pedro’s father was ill and died during that time as well. Anyway, it seemed strange to me that he went with the Phillies although, why not?

  19. 26. I bet a buch of contenders are yelling at the GM about not getting him now. Give the Phils credit. They go after pitching every chance they get. First they added Moyer mid season, then last year Blanton and this year Pedro and Lee. Despite all their power they know what wins trophies.

  20. Yeah, Pedro is done with the Mets. Of course, to stick it to the Mets he could sign with the Yankees. You never know. … Yes, revenge is why Favre is with the Vikings. … Pedro went with the Phillies because they offered the best deal. There weren’t a lot of people banging down his door.-JD

  21. Chiti, My response was to Annies 25 not 26. I think Omar was ordered to spend no money at all this year from the time the Madoff story came out. Its going to be a bleak off season, I think.

  22. John – When Pedro gets into the HOF (with your vote, I hope) what team’s hat is he wearing?

  23. Annie (30): The Mets were convinced he would break down, and he had several times. … He told me his father’s death impacted him last season and he wanted to come back. Still, the Mets thought he was done. He’s not what he used to be, but on Sunday night he was as good as ever.-JD

  24. 31. If they get Halladay they’d have two aces and a possible future ace, plus Happ as 4 man. Blanton 5 man that’s a pretty scary rotation when you have an offense to along.

  25. 34. The Mets are super at getting it wrong in player evaluation aren’t they?
    32. I hope you are wrong but I would bet you are right.

  26. Harry (35): Slightly better than the Mets, wouldn’t you think? The Blue Jays will try to move him, and the Phillies have the prospects to make a deal. … I can’t see the Jays trading him within the division or even the AL if they can help it.-JD

  27. Harry (37) After this season, I’m convinced the Mets are getting it wrong in a lot of areas, not only player evaluation. It’s three years in a row now –

  28. I’m an advocate of keeping Parnell in the rotation to see what he can do. … C’mon, it’s common sense. They can’t seriously be thinking about Figueroa, Misch and Redding for next year.-JD

  29. Halladay is 3 to 2 ahead of the Yankees who announced this afternoon that Pettitte has ‘back issues’.

  30. 43. Well Annie I used to love it when McEnroe would start yelling but she went the extra bad mile waving her racquet at the ref. She should be suspended. The girls in the finals were both very class acts. The loser was about as great as you can be after losing.

  31. The luckiest man in baseball is Willie Randolph. He didn’t have to manage the 2009 NY Mets.

  32. Harry (45) When will some of these people realize that rules are rules – Particularly in the individual sports like tennis and golf?

    I was glad that Kim won and that she had that adorable little girl with her.

    I was also surprised that Federer lost.

  33. Harry (47) I didn’t realize that anyone was managing this team – I thought that Jerry was just baby-sitting them.

  34. The best FA pitcher is John Lackey, but he also has an injury history. The rest of the FA list includes Rich Harden, Randy Wolf, Jarrod Washburn, Jason Marquis and Joel Pineiro. You can also add Pedro Martinez, Doug Davis, Jon Garland, John Smoltz, Brad Penny, Erik Bedard, Ben Sheets. … Who should the Mets target?-JD

  35. Dave (49) I’m OK with Figueroa and of course, Santana – the others are still trial and error.

  36. 51. I thought once they made the wrong decision to keep him after the collapse he should have stayed for the whole 08.
    52. Wolf for sure. We need Sadecki to be the head of the Wolf pack.

  37. 55. Not this time, Chiti. I wanted Wolf for the fourth spot. This team is in dire need of a two. I want Lackey.

  38. I’m always messing up those damn #s. It must be the magic hat beer, The last of the Odd Notion Summer 09.

    Bad vibes for the G man this weekend. Don’t like them opennng the Jerry Jones stadium.

  39. I’m just checking here – when was the last time the Mets scored a run? Sunday afternoon?

  40. I don’t mean to be critical, but has the whole team had a melt down? Wright? Castillo? Beltran? Francoeur? Don’t they have any pride?

  41. 59. John, I remember last year alot of people who wanted Perez brought up how he never gets hurt. Lackey hasnt missed much time with his injuries, and his last 10 games have been very strong. He is one of the best pitchers in the AL and weve all seen how AL pitchers thrive when they come to the NL. The only question is will Wilpon spend the money to get him.

  42. I really like the totally meaningless pitching change by Jerry the bad. Is he getting paid by the advertisers?

  43. Howie has put this meaningless game ‘in the books’ but there’s nothing to read – the Mets haven’t scored a run since Sunday afternoon.

    Final Score: Braves 6, Mets 0

    Next Game: Wednesday night 7PM Turner Field.

  44. I hope an inexperienced kid like Pelfrey was paying attention to that veteran Hanson tonite.

  45. I would take Lackey.

    Just looked at his numbers and they are pretty solid the last few years. he is the consensus #1 and who am i to go against common wisdom?

    however i dont think we will get him because in the dictionary when they look for a definition of ‘kick me’ there is a picture of the metropolitans. that and this team will not spend this year means we go for all the lesser talents.

    that said i do not want pedro, penny, smoltz or anyone else who is old, infirm and injured.

    we will have to gamble because we will not pay to get the right team. this gm wants to be smarter than everyone else so we will pony up to the roulette table and play spin the wheel.

  46. Oh, rats — I missed the return of Annie! Sorry, Annie.

    John — your comment about Pelfrey (74) is a classic. Can Topps add it to his baseball card? (Does Topps still make baseball cards?)

  47. (41) If you fear your prospect has certain limitations, the last thing you want to do is expose said limitations. Compare Daniel Murphy’s market value last September with what it is right now. They’re doing the same thing by running Parnell out there every five days in a starting role.

  48. If you want to do yourselves a real favor fellow Met fans, congregate back again in 2011. Next year is going to be an awful ride with the starting pitching they have, and no help either in free agency or the trade route coming. This ship is rudderless to boot.