The key issues remaining for the Mets

The Mets have made it clear they are thinking toward next season with their decisions to activate Carlos Beltran and John Maine from the disabled list. As this disappointing year draws to a close these are some of the key issues remaining that need to be addressed.

1) John Maine proving he’s healthy over the next three starts?
My take: This is a key domino because it dictates in large part what the team does in the off-season.

MAINE: Needs to close strong.

MAINE: Needs to close strong.

2) Jose Reyes being activated from the disabled list?
My take: With how long it has taken him and talk of surgery, Reyes playing can only lead to bad things.

3) Carlos Delgado being activated from the disabled list?
My take: I don’t think he’s coming back, so no, especially if they are still high on Daniel Murphy at first base.

4) Mike Pelfrey putting several consistently good starts together?
My take: It would be good for his self-confidence, which right now has to be close to rock bottom.

5) David Wright regaining his power stroke?
My take: I think Philadelphia was a start. He’s had such a streaky season. I’d like to see him go long at Citi Field to get that out of his head.

6) Francisco Rodriguez being healthy and not making every save an adventure?
My take: He hasn’t pitched to expectations, especially after that game at Yankee Stadium when Luis Castillo dropped the pop-up. Something isn’t right with him.

7) Angel Pagan getting a clue on the bases?
My take: If it hasn’t happened now, it won’t the rest of the way. If he’s to contend for the left job next year he has to be smarter, both in the field and on the bases.

8) Daniel Murphy improving at first base?
My take: Important, because if they are confident in Murphy that’s one less thing on their plate this winter.

24 thoughts on “The key issues remaining for the Mets

  1. 1) i would not take anything as a given. they need 2 sp because their rotation sucks. the problem is the free agent class is weak and they have no money.

    2) why hasnt he had surgery already? i am worried.

    3) what for? if the team is smart they dont resign this guy. with that assumption murphy should play every day.

    4) He needs work. locate his fastball and gain confidence in his other pitches. he needs winter ball. a stint in AAA wouldnt hurt but we need him.

    5) hitting something over the wall in a stadium the size of a walk in closet does not inspire confidence.

    6) Wags II

    7) He is a bench player. If he walks into May as a starter we have problems.

    8) See #3. He is a platoon player right now. His glove has always been a problem and he doesnt hit for power. He is not a shortstop or a 2b. A player without a position. I know you like him and you may be right one day. Right now he is a bench player or platoon material.

  2. 1) All those staerrets would prove the same thing spring training proced, which was….. nothing.
    2) I agree with dave on this one.
    3) Playing Delgado worst thing Mets can do. Remember Alou…. finished hot and Omar jumps to bring him back.
    4) How does a couple good games in eaningless situations improve his self confidence. He’s always good when it doesn’t count. Trade him.
    5) Streaky season? He’s hit like Castillo all year ecept for one freakin game.
    6) Only Mariano Rivera is Mariano rivera…. Everyone else is a lesser closer.
    7) Mets answered the Murphy question. when you platoon a kid with Tatis in September you’ve said what you think of him.
    8) You didnb’t say it.. but catcher… Omar thinks Tholeeeee is going to win batting title next year based on his 19 ABs.

  3. Its been a lost season for the Mets. There are many more question marks now than the beginning of the season. Besides all the injurys on the Major league team, It was a lost season for Fmart and Niese the two most advanced players in the system. If they dont bring back Delgado, they need to find another power source.

  4. Dave (1) Your take on Murphy is nearly word for word what Francesa said this afternoon. So either you were listening or you think exactly alike. Anyway, you’re both probably right. But Francesa seems to have confidence in Pagan in left, and I don’t know if I do.

  5. Jeff (9)

    I dont watch francesa. what i know of him is on these blogs. what i read on this blog is that i dont like him.

    thanks for the put down.

  6. jeff(9)

    I have said the same thing about Murphy since about June.

    So perhaps that guy is trolling John’s blog looking for ideas.

  7. Dave (11) That’s probably it. But beware: I’ve always found Francesa to be consistently wrong. So if he’s copying you, it’s not a good sign.

  8. 1.) Our pitching has a long way to go.
    2.) once again the jedi master omar minaya has deemed that there is no injury here. why our players arent taken care of medically is an effing mystery! people with concussions are taken good care of then they are traded instead of given a fair chance.
    3.) you all know my views on Delgaddago.
    4.) he has the making of a great pitcher. But like every young player for some reason the Met’s dont know how to get them over the hurdle. he has the stuff. I think its the pitch count and knowing that no matter how good you do you will be out. and the minute you make one bad play you are out. Pitching was never like this..
    5.) He will get his stuff back and least he hit and got RBIs more than the rest of the team so get off his back everyone. when delgado had his 2 bad years you protected the crap out of him but wright you want him gone over one poor outing yet he still helped us rally more so than other players.
    6.) i see KRod and think Benitez. I need him gone.
    7.) his fielding has been good. but wtf?! if any other player did that on base running once let alone 3 times in a game a manager would have railed him at the steps of the dugout.
    8.) I like Murphy at first. He’s no Keith but he is far better than anyone else. At least he doesnt stand there while the ball dribbles by. He is too slow for the outfield. dave i have to disagree, I think he can be a real first baseman. Even keith likes him there.. People are over criticizing his power because right now we have no power hitters. Look at his plays better than the previous players at that spot.

    Now to go back to what i said all season. Though we may not like what happens, the mets should have done what the marlins always do sell and rebuild. But with young players not swan song players.

  9. sweet jeebus, tough crowd.

    K-Rod compared to Wagner and Benitez?

    Ever think that maybe, just maybe a combination of Jerry abusing him early in the season, and then not getting any work regularly may have impacted him?

    Even the best closers have bad stretches. Even the sainted Mariano.

    Heck, Papelbon, who has won a championship and is considered a top closer, gave up a home run to that overrated minor league lifer Omir Santos.
    Nathan in Minnesota blows saves as well.

    Nobody is perfect.
    Well, Brad Lidge was last year, and take a look at him this year. Back to being crappy.

    Pagan is a bench player. Murphy needs another season in AAA to learn how to adjust to the slider (which eats him alive). And yes, power is a concern. Odds are they are not adding a big bat in the outfield this offseason, so it may be easier to resign Delgado CHEAP, and let Murphy play more first in AAA.

    Reyes should have the surgery today.

    Wright will be fine once HoJo is fired. They screwed up his swing in ST, and have not made the proper in season adjustments to correct it. I blame Jerry’s “going the other way drills”.
    Why they changed thing before playing a single game in CitiField is beyond me.
    That and the fact that David had power to right center, which is now HUGE. So the drill was counter-productive, since it had him focus on going the other way. He should be peppering the left field wall with doubles, and some of those would wind up going out.

    Pelfrey needs a gameplan that does not call for him to throw 95% fastballs. ML hitters can hit a fastball if they aren’t worried about an offspeed pitch.
    I disagree that it’s the pitch count. Jerry has let Mike throw over 100 pitches many times. The problem is that he is hitting that number in the 5th inning.
    For all the comp’s to Seaver et al, they threw 120 pitches over 9 innings. They rarely hit 100 after 5. And for every Seaver, who had a long and glorious career, there are 4 other guys who burned out because they threw too much. Need I remind many of Gooden? Yeah, the drugs didn’t help. but he also logged lots of innings and pitches early in his career.

    Want to fix the pitching, Warthen needs to go. The number of walks given up, particularly to pitchers and with the bases loaded, is ridiculous.

  10. 14 Ed
    Please post more often.
    Good to have another voice.

    Spot on about Warthen.
    He needs to go.
    The Tigers are a great example.
    Tigers had some talented pitchers who were
    underachieving. They replaced the pitching coach and pitchers improved.
    Now Tigers are best team in AL Central.

    Warthen needs to be on the same bus out of town with HoJo.

  11. 14. Thanks for bringing back the great other way drill. totally forogot about it. It impacted Wright and Church who did nothing but hit soft singles to left before he left.
    14/15. Agree totally that Warthen needs to go. He has brought nothing to the mix. Walks, walks walks, and every pitcher seems to pitch to every 230 hitter like he’s Pujols or Utley. These guys won’t go after anybody even the other pitcher.

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  13. 1.) Maine: Health is masking the bigger problem, which is economy of pitches (or lack thereof). When healthy, Maine has been plagued by foul balls running up his pitch counts. While I love the idea that this guy once won 15 games when he was 26, I have doubts as to whether he’ll ever do it again. As for tendering him a contract, it’s not the money that’s going to hurt — it’s the idea that Omar will be relying upon him. I’d probably offer him a contract, but I wouldn’t be counting on him to win 15 again.

    2. Reyes: It’s instructive to note that, when he was first sidelined by leg injuries earlier in his career, both players and management suspected a mental block was keeping him from returning. At one point, when all other options had been exhausted, they stopped his minor-league rehab and had him in uniform, sitting on a big-league bench. He hadn’t been activated, mind you — they just thought he needed to get some feedback from his big-league teammates.

    3.) Delgado: I think they’re going to re-sign him to a one-year, incentive-laden deal. A clean-up hitter is just too hard to replace right now, especially with all the other items on their shopping list.

    4.) Pelfrey: Get rid of Dan Warthen.

    5.) Wright: I wonder whether he’s outgrown his once-useful relationship with Hojo. Didn’t we see something similar happen between Maz and Joe Torre in the late 70s?

    6.) KRod: Looks injured. Is largely using his fastball as a show-me pitch — a pitch that isn’t hitting the mid-90s any more. It will take some transition, but I think KRod can succeed without a dominating fastball — he certainly has other dominant pitches. Still concerned about the velocity loss, though.

    7.) Pagan: A good starter for a team 20 games under .500. I can’t see him starting for a contender, though, brainfarts or no brainfarts.

    8.) Murphy: I’d let him earn his ABs next year. He was given them this year and he certainly did not earn them.

  14. Anyone wondering about K-Rod I guess hasn’t been watching his career. His MO coming into this season was that he gets himself in and out of trouble constantly, so this is nothing new. He still hasn’t blown the “huge” save yet (not that he’s had the opportunity,) so it is very unfair to compare him to Wagner/Benitez.

    I don’t want Pagan anywhere near this team next year. A base running mistake every game, a poor route on a fly ball, a wrong base thrown to. The Mets can keep Sullivan in the 4th OF role as far as i’m concerned.

    Let’s face it, this team has serious holes in Left Field, Catcher, First base, and worst of all…Starting pitching. Pelfrey’s regression has been the most single baseball field related horror story this year, IMO. I have no faith in Omar to fix this mess either which is another big problem too.

    As far as Maine goes, I don’t think the next few starts are going to make much of a difference to the Met offseasn plans. They are in serious need of starting pitching whether Maine is healthy or not, because Maine hasn’t proven to have an out pitch which is why he has become a 5 inning pitcher recently.

  15. Funny thing about Pelfrey and Dan Warthen, but didn’t Pelfrey basically take off last year when they made the switch between Peterson and Warthen?

  16. SteveC

    We will have to disagree on Murphy. I am not all that sold on him. He has his moments and I am not saying to get rid of him. I am saying that if you want to contend like the Phillies rather than play like the Nats, he cannot be your everyday starting 1B.

  17. I have read that KRod is a heartattack in waiting. I think it is his delivery. He is all over the mound. That probably is also his effectiveness.

    You have all this stuff coming at you from the mound which I am sure makes it hard to pick up.

    It also means you don’t have the consistency. Now he is the record holder in saves so he must be doing something right.

    We shall see. He has 2 more years I think, but from this year I am not that impressed. Good, yes.

    The best? we shall see.