METS CHAT ROOM: Game #143; Big sports day.



A lot of things happening today and hopefully we can talk about a lot of them. Of course, we’ve got the Mets and Phillies. Twice. What’s important about today for the Mets is the same thing that has been important for the last two months – a positive sign in this negative season.

Today, we get a chance to look at John Maine for the first time since June. His results aren’t as important as his health. If Maine shows he can get through today – he’ll get about 60 pitches – and a few more starts, it would go a long way toward the Mets’ off-season thinking. If Maine can pitch without pain, the Mets would probably tender him a contract. My feeling is they’ll probably do it anyway because they are so short on pitching and the FA market is thin that it wouldn’t hurt any. Better to sign him and hope for the best rather than let him go and watch him recover elsewhere.

It might just turn out Maine might be better suited for the bullpen, and there’s nothing wrong with learning that this month. Let’s not forget, Maine was once a 15-game winner before things went south for him last season. He’s still young enough to where the Mets shouldn’t give up the ghost on him.

MAINE: Can he come back?

MAINE: Can he come back?

Maine (5-4, 4.52 ERA) last pitched in Washington, June 6, and gave up seven runs in 4 1/3 innings. He was placed on the disabled list following that start.

Yesterday was supposed to be about Mike Pelfrey taking another step. Too bad it was backwards. Pelfrey gave up eight runs, including three homers, in six innings.

“I thought I made some big mistakes – mistakes over the middle part of the plate…I’m disappointed, but we came back and won,” Pelfrey said. “That takes some of it away.”

Actually, it doesn’t. Not with the season already lost. If the Mets were in a race, maybe so, because the victory would have been needed. However, at this stage, it’s about individuals being accountable and Pelfrey is a big part of the Mets’ future. For him to pitch so poorly is alarming. He is 25, and at an age when he should be making progress, after a 5-2 start through June 16, he is 10-10 with a 5.09 ERA. For his career he is 28-30 with a 4.59 ERA.

Pelfrey began the season as the No. 2 starter, but he’s performed like a back-end rotation arm.

On a bright note, David Wright hit two homers yesterday. I would like to see him finish with a flourish to get a positive feeling heading into next year. Wright changed his approach this season thinking he wouldn’t hit for power at Citi Field. It turned out he was right, but how much of that was him talking himself out of it? Wright is now tied with Gary Sheffield for the team lead with 10 homers. For his average, which is around .320, it wasn’t worth the sacrifice.

If you get frustrated with the Mets, and that’s easy to do, we could always talk some football if you’d like. If there’s interest, I don’t mind doing a football blog. I do plan on blogging the baseball postseason. There were some good conversations last fall even though the Mets were at home.

Here’s the line-up for the today’s first game in Philly:

Angel Pagan, CF
Anderson Hernandez, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Cory Sullivan, LF
Josh Thole, C
Wilson Valdez, SS
John Maine, RP

85 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #143; Big sports day.

  1. Pagan leads off. He’s had decent offensive numbers, enough to where he could contend for the starting LF job next season. However, he must think better on the bases and with this throwing. Not fundamentally sound in those areas.-JD

  2. I guess David Wright isnt mailing it in. Homers in the 8th and 9th inning to give the Mets the victory. Pedro pitching in the nightcap says he feels sorry for us Mets fans. I feel sorry for us too.

  3. I dont know if theres enough time to answer the questions about Maine this year. Its good that some players are coming back though.

  4. Jeff (15): It seems like forever since the Met played a game that mattered. … Thole is having a great game. Looks like one question could be answered for next year. …. Then again, we said that about Murphy.-JD

  5. Nice of Charlie Manuel to give the Mets a chance by putting in Brad Lidge. Mark is the best Sanchez since Duaner. No late night food runs, though.

  6. It was interesting watching Sanchez … looking forward to watching the Giants this afternoon. … It is also interesting to see this ninth inning. … Phillies BP is hugely suspect heading into the playoffs. I believe St. Louis is the team to beat in the NL.-JD

  7. Better way to spend a Sunday: Watching a Rich Kotite press conference (“I have no idea what happened”) or watching Joe Walton pick his nose?

  8. In the mid 1970s the Mets were great at losing both ends of a doubleheader. They also were in the early 1960s but that was to be expected. Let’s see if we can avoid a 70s flashback today

  9. I wonder how many people in 1965 bought Jets tickets not because the Jets signed Joe Namath but because they sign the Heisman Trophy winner, John Huarte, out of Notre Dame.
    I don’t think Huarte ever got into a game for the Jets. Having to play in that stupid College AllStar vs NFL champion game didn’t help him either. Lots of Heisman trophy QBs really stink in the NFL

  10. My details may be a little wrong but the Bruce Coslet era started out in great form. They lost a close game against Cincinnati with the big play being some Jets substitute runner being stopped at the goal line. After the game some Bengals players said they had been partying with the Jets scrub a couple days earlier and when they were ragging him, he said “Just you wait for Sunday and I’ll show you what I can do”. When he came in, the Bengals knew he was getting the ball.

  11. A loss in the second game will eliminate the Mets from the pennant races. No meaningful games in September for the Wilpons-the goal when they hired Minaya.

    If the Wilpons ever sell the team, it will no doubt to someone as inept as Daniel Snyder of the Redskins.

  12. Dan (32): There needs to be a lot of changes to have meaningful games in September next season. It was about this time the last two seasons when the Mets started to collapse. … Ouch, Daniel Snyder is pretty bad.-JD

  13. 34.The Giants won. Tom is a very conservative guy with the lead. Drives you nuts but they’ve made the playoffs 3 years in a row.

    33.They are going to blame the injuries, ignore the fact that the rotation is very below average, the bullpen is very below average, and tell us everyone is going to have career years because they are well restred from all the injuries.

  14. Harry (37): The injuries will be the story of the season, but you’re right, even with this lousy line-up if their pitching was good they’d still be alive.-JD

  15. 38. Yup….. Remember the 69 Mets weren’t exactly murderers row. Great pitching and great bullpen kept them in game after game.

  16. I dont know if there was anybody here besides me who wanted Pedro back. Has anybody changed thier mind? He will be a FA this winter.

  17. Mets or ladies finals? I don’t like Sunday nite football. After my team is done I’m done for the day. Did you see Serena’s melt down last night?

  18. 41. I’d rather have Pedro than Redding, Fiueroa, or any of the other bums Omar brings in every year for this role.

  19. 44. Move on all you want. Pedro has a lot more wins in that arm. Stupid Wilpons. Stupid Omar. Give 16 mil a year to loser perez though.

  20. I bet Pedro gets more wins that Ollie in the remainder of their carrers despite the age diff.

  21. 49. Loser comes on here opening day after pedro retires and Ollie gets cut and admits they are know nothing wieners. OK?

  22. Ray … Just to clarify. Are you saying Pedro will have more career wins than Perez, or that beginning from tonight to until he retires Martinez will have more wins?_JD

  23. I think you should start a football blog and see where it goes.

    Me I am a giant fan. dont care much for the jets.

    I think Pagan is exactly what he is. A bench player.

    I read an article recently where his coach said some crap about taking things private and teaching his players as long as they come to play when they make mistakes of which Pagan has had his share. In the article it points out he made the same mistakes with the cubs as here, so he hasnt learned much. I think he is a nice bench player. not a starter.

    As for jerry. he is full of crap. he spent 10 minutes publicly berrating a player he didnt like. even though he came to play every day and was the second best defensive OF we had. I am speaking of Church. Church missed 3rd, which of course he should not.

    My point is Jerry plays favorites and is full of it. Not sure why he likes some players and why he doesnt. I do not think he has done a good job and would like to show him the door.

  24. Dumb ass murphy makes the third out at third base to help Pedro make through eight innings of shutout ball. Stupid Mets, but give credit to Pedro. Who else on this staff could do what he did tonight?

  25. dave (66): I would like to see an upgrade in left. And, you’re right about Manuel and Church. Manuel never warmed to Church and I’m not sure why. Church always busted his tail. More than some other guys.-JD

  26. Just a thought, but in all this talk about Pedro’s pitch count, let us not forget how little he’s pitched this season. He has to be strong. It’s like it is May for him.-JD

  27. Just found out this game is still going.

    So Pedro pitched 8? I am sure he is loving every minute of it. Sticking it to his former team that did not believe in him.

    I think we made the right decision. Not giving 5 million to a player who has not been healthy in years. Too bad we were not as smart about our decision on the starting pitching we signed this past off season.

  28. 71. Whatever. Did you hear that stadium roaring for him? He’s the leader that the Mets don’t have. Their bullpen in the toilet, he throws 130.

  29. 72. Makes you wonder about the abilities of the Mets front office staff. They got Pedro wrong, they got OP wrong, they got Delgado wrong, they got Redding wrong, they got Putz/Green wrong,they got Dunn/Abreu wrong. But they ain’t changin the front office.

  30. they play the blues brothers to end it with pedro walking onto the field.

    there is a joke in there someplace.

  31. 77 Delcos. what do you have to smirk about? you agreed with the Mets moves. You are no smarter than they are. Move on to pedro, lets get pat the bat you said before moving on to Dunn.

  32. Kim Clijsters Wins U.S. Open Women’s Title

    Kim Clijsters of Belgium, who won the U.S. Open women’s title
    in 2005 before taking a sabbatical from tennis, defeated
    Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark, 7-5, 6-3, in the women’s final
    on Sunday night to reclaim the title.

    Belgium?? Denmark?? Pedro Martinez back from the dead?? What strange world is this?

    Hey, is it true there’s free admission to Citi Field for the rest of the season? You know, so they get more people to the concession stands. It works for a lot of carnivals.

  33. (78) Which Blues Brothers song was it? If it was their intro music (during which Elwood introduces them), it’s worth noting the title of that song is, “I Can’t Turn You Loose.”

  34. lenny is selling his WS ring.

    it is reported he owes 31 million.

    i guess he took his own advice on options.