METS CHAT ROOM: Game #142; Twenty games left.



The Mets (62-79) continue their four-game series with the Phillies (80-59) today at Philadelphia, with Mike Pelfrey (10-10, 4.83) going against Jamie Moyer (12-9, 4.98).

Including today, there are 20 games left in this dismal season. The Mets are 19 games behind the Phillies in the NL East and 19.5 games behind Colorado for a wild card. I’m just being official when I say do the math.

Pelfrey is 3-0 with a 3.70 ERA in four starts against the Phillies this season. He is coming off one of his rare good starts, when he gave up one run on five hits through a a season-high eight innings last weekend against the Cubs.

The following is yet another line-up for the Mets:

Luis Castillo, 2B
Fernando Tatis, LF
David Wright, 3B
Carlos Beltran, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Omir Santos, C
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Wilson Valdez, SS
Mike Pelfrey, RP

44 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #142; Twenty games left.

  1. Small sample size dept: Since coming back from a concussion, David Wright is hitting .200 (7 for 35) with one extra base hit, 5 rbi and 13 strikeouts (courtesy of Bart Hubbuch). Just saying.

    One thing I was thinking about and I’ll throw it out to the massive indifference it will no doubt generate. Let’s assume you decide not to bring Carlos Delgado bac(which I agree with) and doctors clear him to play with about two weeks left. Do you continue to play Murphy or should you make a nice gesture to Delgado and play him so he can showcase his talents for another team? Would the latter help the Mets build goodwill to other players in case they are looking to sign somebody (a useful reserve) and the money is about the same?

  2. Dan (2): Interesting question you propose regarding Delgado. It would simply be a goodwill gesture, unless they have thoughts about bringing him back. … I think they should cut the ties and move on.-JD

  3. 1 Since Murphy was benched for 2 day to keep the great Tatis in the lineup, why wouldn’t you bench him for another guy who isn’t in your plans?
    4-0 Mets, Moyer needs to be retired!

  4. We’ve seen the Mets have good innings early before only to fall asleep for the rest of the game. We’ll see. … This is a time when Pelfrey needs a quick inning, too. Don’t give back the momentum.-JD

  5. Jamie Moyer may see the 2009 Mets as his Barry Lyons. For any youngsters who don’t get the joke, in 1987 with injuries on the pitching staff, the Mets talked to Tom Seaver about coming back. Seaver pitched to some Mets farmhands and minor league catcher Barry Lyons hit him pretty good. Seaver announced his retirement and when reporters asked him who was the toughest batter he ever faced, he jokingly replied “Barry Lyons”
    Jamie Moyer has been pitching effectively (or was lucky) since the All Star game- 4-3, 3.00 era in 48 innings.

  6. Actually, we haven’t seen seen the Mets have many good starts, finishes or middles for a few months.

  7. Dan (7): Thanks for the history lesson. I hadn’t heard that story. … Before it is over, and maybe in October, Moyer will have another good moment.-JD

  8. They just said Pelfrey missed only one start this year. They brought somebody up to make a spot start. I forget who, but in order to make room for him they had to DFA Darren O’Day, a reliever they could have used. All this because Pelfrey didn’t want to go on the DL and the front office let him dictate that.-JD

  9. Having to listen to that horrid ex Met broadcaster McCarthy and his sidekick Wheeler, whose most atute comment is a giggle or a yeah, they also have the Sarge Gary Mathews some innings, who actually tries to analyze the Sarge claimed that he noticed Wright is flinching now, somethong he didn’t do before being beaned. He also tried to explain to that Met hatin McCarthy that the Mets wouldn’t suck without all the injuries but McCarthy would not hear of it.

  10. Here we go again with the lack of grit argument. Just get some pitching. If there’s a lack of grit, it is with the pitching. Guys like Pelfrey and Perez aren’t tough mentally.-JD

  11. Just looking through baseball-ref. Tommy Hutton was famous for hitting Seaver well and he did: 975 OPS in 62 plate appearances. Among the guys with at least 100 PAs the best was Rick Monday with a 1247 OPS. Looking down the list with fewer plate appearances and later in Seaver’s career, Art Howe lit up Seaver as he lit up a room with a 1171. Did anyone else other than the Wilpons ever describe Art Howe as lighting up a room???

  12. Wright is really struggling. Would it be surprising to see him finish below .300? … Eight in a row by Moyer. Remember what I said earlier about the offense calling it a night after the first.-JD

  13. So after the 4 run 5 hit outburst in the first, we are left to ponder if the Mets will get another hit, let alone another run, the rest of the game.

  14. 22. No McCarthy today!!! Game on Fox with Rose and timmy.

    Watching Pelfrey is truly painful. He’s become the righthanded Oliver Perez. Warthen has made absolutely no positive impact on either of them on Parnell etc. This guy really needs to go away.

  15. Didn’t hear Jordan’s HOF speech. I know in the ESPN classic “you can’t blame Michael Jordan for playing minor league baseball” one of his minor league teammates said when he first met Jordan in spring training, Jordan immediately said “how you doing, Jany”. When Janiowiezc (or whatever his name was) asked Jordan how did he know his name, Jordan said he had gotten a team photo in order to learn his teammates names.
    Ground hog day-2009 Mets. I think there are two versions. Either do nothing all day or do something in the first and then do nothing while the other team starts chipping away, then tying, and then pulling away.

  16. He made it but is stealing third base when you are down by four runs really wise? Murphy must have figured there was no way he was scoring from second with one out.

  17. I have to go now. If Moyer and the Phils hang on to win (do they try to get Lidge straigntened out pitching against the Mets), it will be his 259th career win, one behind Ted Lyons for 40th on the all-time list.

  18. So, Jerry, do you see the impact your stupid meaningless team meeting had? It had no impact. You have come up with so much baloney this year that there is nobody on the bench listening. You’ll be back next year but you should be gone. You didn’t hurt these guys but you sure didn;t do what was necessarry to insure fundamental baseball was played by anyone. You have been about as bad as any Met manager including Joe Frazier and maybe even Torborg the horrible.

  19. You know Jerry, maybe if you have woken up and taken out Pelfrey after maybe 5 or even just 6 runs, you wouldn’t be losing now…. Maybe your top notch pitching coach told you he was just about to find his stuff, eh?

  20. Wish I’d seen this game… didn’t realize when they were playing. Is it possible Wright will reach double digits in home runs before the season ends? It’s a miracle, I tells ya, a miracle.