METS CHAT ROOM: Game #140; Trying to avoid Fish sweep.



A lot of bad things have happened to the Mets this season. Being swept at home by a National League team is not one of the them. The Mets with Bobby Parnell will attempt the Marlins from sweeping them out of Citi Field tonight.

Parnell (3-7, 5.25) is coming off a no-decision last Friday night in a start against the Chicago Cubs, giving up five hits over seven scoreless innings with seven strikeouts. Parnell, who opened the season in the bullpen, was shifted to the rotation because of injuries to Johan Santana and Oliver Perez.

PARNELL: The audition continues.

PARNELL: The audition continues.

Parnell should get at least three more starts this season, and with more showings like he had against the Cubs it should give the Mets a sense of comfort for spring training.

Of all the Mets’ make-shift starters, a list that includes Pat Misch, Nelson Figeuroa and Tim Redding, Parnell is the most likely to stay in the rotation for next year. Misch, a lefty, has a chance as a long man. Both Figueroa and Redding have only long-relief possibilities, barring surgery setbacks by Santana and Perez, and an inability to pick up a quality starter in the off-season.

Another question is John Maine, who is scheduled to pitch the second game of a day-night double-header Sunday against Philadelphia.

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  1. That half-inning is making me wonder what time kickoff is for the NFL. And I seldom watch football. I had to think for an hour today on what two teams played in the super bowl 7 months ago.

  2. I would like to see Parnell close the door from here on in, and for the offense to show some signs of life. The Mets slept walked through the first two games of the series. … Let’s show some life.-JD

  3. 6/ Agree, especially on the Green part. It was very difficult for Omar to find a guy who made us yearn for the return of Aaron Heilman…. but…. success.

  4. 9. If you had a bunch of kids playing, at least they’d hustle to try to show something, but there’s only two kids and Jerry benched them both.

  5. Gary Cohen trying to psycho analyze Wright’s problems. Maybe Wright should talk to Ernie Banks and find out how one excels on crap teams every year.

  6. Only way Jerry’s job is in trouble is if this team quits and it appears they have – this is the Marlins they burnt us two years in a row and this is all we can come up with

  7. 12. lots of folks here… there just ain’t too much to say anymore. Delcos had to talk about the Yankees monument park last night to stir things up!!!!!!

  8. What can you say? Just sit back and watch the train wreck happen.
    So much for Parnell shutting them down.

  9. 16. What’s the difference what Manuel says. He wither doesn’t remember what he says or he changes his mind every two or three seconds.

  10. One thing all Met pitchers have in common. They are all afraid of throwing a strike. I wonder who has failed to convince them that they have Major league stuff? Dan Warthen you really need to be somewhere outside of Queeens next year.

  11. This is a sloppy team and fundamentals have nothing to do with inexperience – sloppy falls back on a lack of discipline which reflects on a mgr. – I can live with inexperience or poor fundamentals from a player learning a new position but sloppy is intolerable

  12. I am in a agreement this is one of the poorest teams I have covered when it comes down to fundamentals. On the both sides of the ball. Just poor. You can blame injuries all you’d like, but theirs a right way and wrong way to play the game.-JD

  13. For all the people who want to get rid of Jose…. Just think how great this team can be with Anderson Hernandez playing 145 games a year at short.

    PS: Adam Dunn just hit # 36. I’m sure the Nats were his very first choice weren’t they Omar?

  14. The Good news is the Phillies are losing 8-2.
    The bad news is that it is Livan Hernandez who is pitching for the Gnats. When is Tim Redding’s next start?

  15. By the way prince David, Dan the man Uggla has hit 2 HRs in Citi Field this year. He hit only one in Shea Stadium in 28 games. So much for another one of the excuses.

  16. (25) I feel the same way i see another highlight of ibanez who wanted to be a Met but we had dan Murphy

  17. Hojo talking before the game about adjusting Wright’s swing for the park he should be fired for that alone

  18. 29. Look close at Ibanez. Amnother old guy who has played hurt and sucked the second half. A good no sign by Omar.

  19. Ibanez has 30 HR and 29 2B – he could have taken the second half off and lead our team in Slg. pct by double digits – younger isnt always better

  20. Our highest home run total is 10 and he’s done for a season – your saying we dont need 30 hrs

  21. No I’m not saying we didn’t need 30m HRs. I’m saying Ibanez was a smart no sign for 3 years. He’s done little dsecond half , plays in a band box and the Pjhils have turned him into a platooon player for the most part the second half. If your boy Wright wasn’t such a wuss, he’d have 30 HRs and Beltran was on the verge of his best year ever before going down he would have had 30 HRs and Delgado would have had 30 HRs. Based on your David Wright logic Ibaniez would have 8-10 HRs in daunting citydumpfield.

  22. First great play of the NFL season. Palamalau with a great INT. Pretty soon Eli and the Giants hit the field. Hope somebody can catch the ball.

  23. (37) i will bet Ibanez will out produce Murphy over the next three years whether he’s a platoon partner and fades each year in the second half … he was a late bloomer and doesnt have the mileage of most at 37 plus we were sold a bill of goods on murphy by the snake oil salesmen

  24. 35. So you think all those Yankees would have 20+ HRs if they played in citydumpfield? The Yankee bandbvox the place where even Anderson Hernandez hit a HR.

  25. 39 Ed
    You do know if the Mets had signed Ibanez they would not have had their 2nd round pick to sign Steven Matz.

    Free agents always cost more than money.

  26. My logic on Wright is that he a youngster who was never relied upon to carry an offense and had a hitting coach get in his head about the size of a park, allowing the coach to change his swing both are a result of inexperience and most mental ( this park and season is in his head – he change his swing and pressed resulting in an unpresidented power outage) how does that apply to a proven role playing vertan

  27. 39 you can bet all you want, but the fsct is Murphy is already a better run producer than prince david. The fact is that you don’t want to see is Murphy learning how to pull the ball and reach the right field porch while the prince continues to hit like Luis Castillo and take his batting into the field and giving awway game after game. Put Murphy in the Philly bandbox and he’d have Ibanez’ numbers plus unlike Ibanez he’s improving.

  28. 43
    If that is how you feel please do not ever complain about having no talent in the farm system.

  29. Your logic on Wright is baloney. You blast Murphy for eveyittle thing while Murphy is younger, is less experienced and has been thrown into new position toice at the major league level. Wright has been treated like a prima donna. His fielding woes are ignored, hisa hitting woes are ignored, he is afte rthe face of this hapless organization. If you defend Wright for his age and his inexpereince in new situations you damn wel;l better stop knocking Murphy and thole for their problems.

  30. Murphy cant field a single position and hit .240 with no power for most of the season – i do see murphy for what he is

  31. Wright is hitting .320 with no power and has throwing issues which may force him to 1B at some point in his career. If he produces another season with limited power again then its a troubling sign but he gets a muligan this season on past prefromance. He’s already the most accomplished 3B in Mets history. By his second season he had 27 HRs a .300 average and 100 RBIs

  32. The Mets have so many problems to fix this off season it may not be possible to be better than the Phillies next year.

    It is possible to still contend for the Wild Card next year but the Mets should be playing Murphy and Thole next year to see if they are part of the future.

    The Mets probably will not do this but it would be the right way to go.

  33. You know that announcer-less thing the Mets did the other night? Wish the NFL would do it with Al Michaels. Don’t mind Collinsworth, but Michaels drives me crazy.-JD

  34. Murphy pales to compare to Wright in any manner – 4 seasons of 100 RBIs, 25 or more homeruns- career BA .310 4 time all star – 2 time silver slugger – 2 time gold glover – he’s 26 y/o already in his 6th season – no matter what the reason this is his worst season and he’s hitting .318 with a .455 slg

  35. Scott (49): I don’t have any problems with what you’re saying. Play both Murphy and Thole. The Mets are so far behind the Phillies. I’n not seeing the playoffs next year, either.-JD

  36. 48. Hate to break it to you, but a season is 162 games. If you only want to see Murphy as a 240 hitter than you just want to see him fail. You are definitely blind ytto anything but failure by all young Mets.
    Wright gets a mulligan. that is total bull. Unless you can show that he played this year hurt he has been the biggest failure on thios team. Bums drive in 475-80 runs., He has been a disaster in the 3/4/5 holes all year. a muligan for a the face of the franchise. No way. And to say he is the most accomplished 3B in Met history means absolutely nothing. Did we have any Scmidts or Brooks Robinsons ever play there.

  37. I never knocked thole – i said he was too inexperience to be the full time back-up next year – Murphy just isnt a starter – Wright has his flaws but there is absolutely no way you can compare Murphy to Wright

  38. 53 Ed
    I think you are missing my point.

    If all the Mets players got healthy and played up to their past level the Mets at best would win the Wild Card.

    The Phillies without making any changes will still be a better team next year.

  39. 49. Too bad you ain’t managing Scott. Its great seeing Tatis the future of the frnchise playing. Why is Evans playing? Forgot he was on the team he’s rotted so long.

  40. John: it’s the Mets. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. The same applies to the Islanders, Jets and Knicks.

  41. Murphy is hitting .259 with 54 RBIs and 9 Hrs

    Wright is hitting .318 with 59 RBIs and 8 Hrs

    Wright has throwing errors Murphy has changed four postions so far in his career because they cant find a position he can properly field

  42. Holy crap… a blocked field Goal. The Steelers have been totally outplayed but are tied at ZERO.
    The Mets catch up? Never mind I see the score.

  43. (58) if every one is healthy you definately have a playoff team is what im saying especially after the francoeur trade…

    Reyes, Castillo, Beltran, Delgado, Wright, Francoeur, Pagan, Santos, Pitcher

    Johan, Pelfrey, Maine, Ollie, Niese

    K-Rod, JJ

    thats playoff caliber they were picked to win the NL

  44. I would add this in talking about Wright and Murphy. We’ve seen Wright theoretically at his best. If Wright puts up the numbers he did the last two seasons for the rest of his career, we’d probably take it. We have not seen the best from Murphy.-JD

  45. 56. Wrong. You blamed him for Redding giving up a 2 run HR because he didn’t make a good throw on a steal. How about the crap throw Wright made last night in the first followed by a 3 run blast. Who’s fault was that? Luis Alicea’s? No the prince gets a pass because he is having a mulligan year.

  46. I think when you have a core of Wright, Reyes, Beltran, Francoeur, Santana, Pelfrey, K-Rod you have the core to build a playoff team with very few additions needed to be made…. were not as bad as we look right now

  47. 68. I do believe in miracles. Mets over O’s….Giants over Pats….Knicks over Lakers with a crippled Willis.

  48. (67) thats complaining about a particular play … I think every fan moans about a bad play — i get nervous everytime Wright double clutches as well – Murphy in my opinion is a bench player at best – he’s an alex cora

  49. ed (65): Just playing devils’ advocate here, but … if Delgado stayed healthy they probably wouldn’t have made the Francoeur trade. … And, if the Mets had Delgado we wouldn’t even be having these discussions about Murphy. He eventually would have been pulled from left field and languished on the bench or sent to the minors. …. Delgado’s injury gave Murphy a chance, and I believe Murphy has shown enough to warrant playing next year at first base.-JD

  50. Maybe when I wake up in the morning I will look online and see “Mets released Sean Green”. That’s what my baseball wishes have been reduced to.

  51. Francoer!!!!! i heard all the Church false propoganda for a year and a half and its suddenly transferred to Francoer. Lets see if he regresses or not next year. He is as far from a given as OP Pelfrey Maine When Bobby Cox wants you gone usually there is good reason.

  52. When Murphy has two seasons of 30/30 – a lifetime .300 average – four all-star appearances – MVP voting in every season including his second season ( which Murphy is in) two silver slugger awards – Ill give him a muligan for running all over the field

  53. Im sure he will he’s a number 6 hitter at best a nice complimentary player but its one less complimentary player you have to find

  54. 63 JD
    The thing is how do you sell the fan base it makes no sense to over spend to keep patching the leaky ship the Mets are at this moment.

    The Mets need figure out away to show the fans that 2010 may be a little rocky but things could be much better in 2011 with a little patience.

    With prospects like Holt, Davis, F-Mart, Havens and Jenry Mejia. Maybe not all of them will be stars but as a group they will have an impact.

    Knowing the Mets I am dreaming to believe they will go in this direction.

  55. (72) I think Church would have been moved no matter what maybe not for Francoeur but he was on his way out here – whether that was right or wrong

  56. Hey guys, I’d like to bounce an idea off you. What do you think of changing the blog a bit in the off-season so we do a chat room on the national NFL game of the week? I’m thinking of things to do in the offseason.-JD

  57. 84. church was pure Omar hype. a platoon player on horrible teams, is a platoon player because he sucks. Omar thought he could talk the guy into being a star. As soon as he leaves he is rightfully made a platoon player again by a much smarter org than we have.

  58. (79) you sign a big bat and big arm and hope everybody returns healhty to there pre- this season production levels- i truly dont think this team is that dismal

  59. ed (72): If the Mets were playing poorly with that line-up, then yes, I can see them dealing Church. But, if they had been contending and Church was playing well he would have been kept. … Then again, with his relationship with Manuel, who really knows?-JD

  60. 86. Make it New York Winter sports during the off season. I know there’s Ranger fans here. There mught even still be a Knick fan somewhere.

  61. I like the idea of doing something in the winter and will if you guys think you’d follow it. The only downside I can see is having to watch the Knicks.-JD

  62. (79) scott i get more frustrated with how we draft – i really dont understand the whole slotting thing – but it just seems odd that Omar and Co. have had this team for five years and aall our prospects have always been so young why are they all teenagers in A ball that are five years away there has to be a better way to draft … teams without first round picks are drafting college level guys who dont take five years to come up

  63. Half time tied. Titans should be way ahead.

    Phillies have come from 8-2 down to make it 8-7. Stairs with grand salami.

  64. #86 If you mean the Sunday night game (or Monday) be advised I will be working then. Or hope to be. But I work for the government, we are as tough to get rid of as cockroaches.
    Sunday 1PM games are best for me.

  65. Howard hits into a game ending DP. Thanks to the Mets, the fish are still in the hunt. Maybe the Phils will make us forget 07 and 08.

  66. 93 Ed
    Major league baseball has suggested amounts for signing bonus’s for all players drafted.

    Some teams follow the rules strictly others don’t care.

    The Mets follow the rules very stictly for the most part.

    The thing is the Marlins and Dodgers also follow the rules closely and have very good farm systems.

    The slotting system is just an excuse.

    Constantly signing Type A free agents is the real cause of the Mets not having a deep farm system.

    Does not matter who the GM is or will be you do need your farm system to win.

  67. Question on MNF.

    Do any of you still watch every week.

    I just find the games end way too late.

  68. 104. I’m for it but I have to go to bars to watch giant games most weeks because this is Steeler country. The Fox games are usually the Eagles. So I’ll be there when I can watch at home.

  69. For all Giant fans.

    Carl Banks is usually on FAN Mon and Fri on the midday show during football season.

    Banks always has something good to say.

  70. (105) how does that explain teams like the Yankees, Boston, Angels, Dodgers who are always signing free agents and drafting college players who are ready in 2-3 years

  71. 112. Look at the Sox. Lots of home grown talent. Youk, Pedroia, the closer, the centerfielder, Lester, Burkholtz, and they make big trades, Beckett, Lowell, Bay by trades not FAs. Their FA signings haven’t been exceptional. JD Drew pretty crummy, Penny, smoltz terrible.

  72. 112
    The Yankees are the Yankees.
    The Red Sox have Theo Epstein
    the best GM in baseball
    The Angels have the best manager in baseball and
    have had an amazing run, but their farm system is now barren. Their AA farm team was just a bad as Binghamton this year.
    The Dodgers have the best farm director in baseball Logan White who has been with them for years. The Dodgers draft a lot of high school kids.

    The Mets need to get better.

  73. WE lost three straight to help out the Marlins. Now let’s go to WC Field’s hometown and tighten it either further by beating those Fillies.

  74. 117
    If that is a question.
    You may see Ike Davis but I think 2011 is more realistic.
    The best of AAA is F-Mart and Niese.
    If healthy by mid season next year both should be contributors.

    Mets just have way too many question right now and not enough answers.

  75. (116) you know who always seems to have a never ending supply of prospects to bring up and use in trade is the braves over the last three years they have been one of the more active trading teams and have players coming up … same can be said for the cardinals

  76. 120 Ed
    good point
    Both teams have had long term continuity in management.

    This helps

    everyone have a good night

  77. #116 the main thread is all these organizations have is brains. Even the Yankees have some: somebody came up with Jeter, Rivera and Posada who are contributing after almost 15 years together. And figured out how to turn the franhise into a virtual ATM when 35 years ago the Mets were clearly the more popular team. I don’t think Minaya and the Wilpons are real sharp in baseball. They have some good moments. But not many.

  78. hate to say it but Wright and Reyes are the last home growns and they came up under Phillips- pelfrey is omars best home grown

  79. –I’m not into football, but if you want to do an NFL blog why wait until the season is over? Seems like the season is over already.

    –How many first-inning runs have Mets pitchers given up this season? It seems to me like it’s got to be an astronomical number.

    –The one thing the Wilpons have done well is their broadcasting choices. Are there any teams with better on-air crews than Gary, Ron and Keith on TV or Howie (and even Wayne, though I’m still not thrilled with him) on radio? Didn’t they set up the whole SNY thing? Maybe they’re just in the wrong business. Stick to broadcasting and turn management of the team over to someone else.

  80. 125. Announcer quality is in the eyes of the fan of the team. Living outside NY, I can tell you when friends are here and hear Gary Cohen they basically think he is a very arrogant biased announcer who looks for every chance to belittle the other team’s players.. They like Keith and Ron but not Cohen. And as for the SNY, all they, the Wilpons, did was imitate the creative thought process of Steinbrenner and YES, and other teams have their own station as well. The O’s and the Nats co-own their stations of MASN/MASN2. I’m sure there are others.

  81. Parnell deserves a shot next year. He still needs a lot to learn and perhaps being in AAA as a starter will help.

    But if Niese is not ready I would let him be #5.

    I am afraid that the others you list in your post will also be in the rotation next year because this year when we had good pitchers to choose from and the money to beat out most other teams we returned the same starting 5 ( or their surrogates ) and look what happened.