Doc back in baseball

There was a time when the nickname said it all. When you said “Doc,” everybody knew exactly who you were talking about. Dwight Gooden and the “K” corner was the best there was for several magical seasons at Shea Stadium.

Drugs took it all away, but he saved enough magic for one more night: A no-hitter while with the Yankees in 2006. The Mets’ franchise has never thrown one.

GOODEN: There was a time when he was special.

GOODEN: There was a time when he was special.

After bouncing around the Yankees and Mets in goodwill fashion the past few years, Gooden will now serve as a senior vice president of the Newark Bears, an Atlantic League franchise. Gooden will be the Bears’ community ambassador and work with youth baseball camps and leagues.


It is hoped Gooden’s story will sink in with more than a few kids.

I saw Gooden pitch several times and the feeling was always electric. The fastball sizzled and the curve fell off the table and there was always the feeling of utter domination.

Now is a good time to share some Doc moments.

3 thoughts on “Doc back in baseball

  1. September 6th, 1985 at Dodger stadium. Gooden pitches 9 shutout innings, Fernando Valenuala pitches 11. Mets win in 13

    His first year in 1984 he pitches a one hit shutout against the Cubs striking out 11. 5 days later another shutout against Pittsburgh, 5 hits but strikes out 16.

    The no-hitter with the Yankees was in 1996, not 2006.

  2. i used to love watching the mets pitch.

    when doc was on the mound we could look forward to many k’s, many bewildered men standing at home with the bat on their shoulder, they were beat before the pitch was thrown.

    i didnt know what happened, but his fastball became hittable. it flattened out. did not move. i didnt know drugs were a factor. i thought the coaches did something to him