Delgado in 2010?

Jerry Manuel hasn’t closed the door for a return of Carlos Delgado to the Mets for next season. What had been a foregone conclusion might not happen.

“I think it depends a lot on the makeup of the rest of the team, if you have excess in another area – say, speed, then that balances that out,” Manuel said. “If we gear in that direction, it has to be excess if we don’t have any power to balance the team out.”

DELGADO: Do you want him back?

DELGADO: Do you want him back?

An assumption is the Mets would have more power next season with Carlos Beltran available, Jeff Francoeur there for the entire season, and the hoped-for return of David Wright’s power numbers. Given that, the need for Delgado would be lessened.

Of course, none of the above are guaranteed. Then again, neither is Delgado returning to his second-half 2008 form.

Delgado does not help the Mets get younger, faster, more athletic and cheaper. The Mets have to weigh whether Delgado is closer to being the player he was in the second half last season or the first half and most of 2007.

He also has an injury history, and age and his contract are factors. I’d rather leave first base to Daniel Murphy and use the money elsewhere, preferably pitching. The Mets are rapidly making the transition from being the team that had the World Series door slammed in their faces in 2006, and Delgado is holding onto the past.

Agree or not?

4 thoughts on “Delgado in 2010?

  1. agreed. I’m not sold on Murphy but he has a chance to get better. At least give Ike Davis another year to ripen on the farm.

  2. 3. Jerry the mouth that roars sweet nothings. Remember last month he said he wanted Sheffield back causing a fight between Sheffield and Minaya about a new deal that wasn’t forthcoming. Omar ain’t a very good GM but Jerry would be much worse. Take anything this mouth says with many grains of salt.
    If the Mets are going to after a one year FA like LaRoche, then bring back Delgado. The # 1 choice for one more year is Murphy. and then Murphy can become Wiggingon the second.

  3. i would bring delgado back at 3mil

    yes i agree. delgado is always hurt and so taking a spot and increasing the payroll where we need at least 2 middle of the rotation types is a lot of money for not much gain.