METS CHAT ROOM: Game #139; Misch tries to keep roll going.



The Mets’ decimated pitching rotation in tatters, it continues to be Mike Pelfrey and The Cast of Thousands, trying to see who that day can make it through five innings, or to touch the unimaginable — six innings.

Tonight’s starter, Pat Misch, Nelson Figueroa, Tim Redding and Bobby Parnell have all flashed positive signs that gives one pause to think, “maybe, must maybe, we have something here.”

Then it all goes a way in a flurry or walks and home runs, a reminder why these pitchers are journeymen to begin with. Of the four, Parnell has the best stuff and is the youngest. He has the best chance. He also needs experience. This year the Mets kept him to work out of the bullpen, then turned to him out of necessity. Next spring they should make a decision and stick with it, and that decision should be as a starter.

MISCH: Starts tonight vs.Fish

MISCH: Starts tonight vs.Fish

The others? Well, if Misch, Figueroa or Redding were in next year’s rotation, it would mean Omar Minaya didn’t have a good winter, somebody is still hurt, and count on another long year for the Mets.

Misch, Figueroa and Redding have shown enough positives to where they should be invited to spring training to compete for a long man role. Misch (1-1, 3.25) earned his first major league win Thursday at Colorado, giving up two runs (two solo homers) on four hits in seven innings of an 8-3 victory.

“The key was I minimized the traffic on the bases,” Misch said. “There wasn’t any one on when they got the home runs.”

The Mets will have Carlos Beltran in the line-up again tonight. Beltran was activated from the disabled list Wednesday and went 1-for-4 in his first game since June 21.

“It will probably take him a few games to really find his rhythm at the plate,” manager Jerry Manuel said of Beltran. “I think once that starts he will get on track, so to speak. He looked pretty good.”

48 thoughts on “METS CHAT ROOM: Game #139; Misch tries to keep roll going.

  1. Jose Reyes let loose today he’s frustrated in not being able to come back, with a twinge of anger at criticism he’s not doing enough to rehab is hamstring.-JD

  2. 1. Good for Jose. Everybody who doesn’t have a clue as to what is his problem is on his butt.

  3. No Gary Cohen? Did he fall ill eating his free hot dog? I learned too much about new fishfry field to give that team 2 nites in a row!

  4. Well, Gary is lucky he’s off!!!! Tough luck Misch. They’re all earned in the books but you should have been in the dugout clean.

  5. I don’t think Reyes is dogging with the injury. He’s always had hamstring problems. Hammys are always tricky because you never know when to test it. And, when they do they aggravate the thing again.-JD

  6. Murphy has gotten better. Once he learns the league better and gets stronger he’ll hit for more power. If he hits 15 next year, that’s a big step.-JD

  7. Can you imagine Jose Reyes hitting .360? What a player that would be. … Reyes still strikes out too much, and doesn’t walk or bunt as much as he should.-JD

  8. Harry (13): Power can make a lot of things better. If they had a couple of guys hitting 20 things would be entirely different. Sheffield leads with 10. Amazing.-JD

  9. Those Baltimore teams had a lot of power. Brooks and Frank Robinson, Boog Powell. Don Buford had some pop. But, it was all those 20-game winners that made them as good as they were.-JD

  10. Yes, an incredible team those O’s were. Yet they lost to us in 69 and to the Buccos in 71. But they outpitched the Dodgers in 66 who were supposed to have an invincible staff.

  11. With Brett Meyers back, if Happ isn’t hurt bad and is healthy in the playoffs I flip a coin between StL and Phi.

  12. I remember bits of the 66 World Series. Davey Johnson got the last hit off Sandy Koufax. … Didn’t Willie Davis three errors in one inning. … Moe Drabowsky came out the pen and struck out 11. …. Great baseball cards that year.-JD

  13. All this talk about Maine, they have to tender him a contract if his arm is still attached to his body. They don’t exactly have loads of options. …. If Maine makes it out of the season sound, they might have to consider the bullpen for him.-JD

  14. Yeah … Koufax could say here’s my fastball, try to hit it. He also had a nasty curve. … I liked it back then. Most every team had a stud ace.-JD

  15. I wonder which world series pitching record will be broken first. A starter like Gibson’s 17 strikeouts or a reliever’s (Drabowsky) 11.

  16. Lord knows if I ever caught a ball at a game I would not throw it back. Even if it was by Chipper Jones.

  17. 30/32 Drabowski came in the game in the 3rd. Today it would take 7 releivers to finish the game. More amazing about that series is the Dodgers never scored another run after Drabowski came in and he came in in game 1. Palmer complete game shut out in game 2, Bunker complete game shut out in game 3 and then McNally a complete game shut out in game 4.

  18. My goodness the season is so bad we’re talking monument park. I’d put Rivera in the best ever list. Even when he got the big L in the D Back series it was such a puny hit…. the guy is by far and away the best modern releiver.
    O’Neill??? how long was he on the Yankees?

  19. The Fish should pay Wright’s salary for these last two games. He has been their best player on offense and defense both games!

  20. The Wilpons need to build a monument park. They can put in Reese, and Koufax and Snyder etc…. See ya!